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Bakery Reformulation 2014

Bakery Reformulation 2014

Consumers love to indulge but they won’t compromise on health. On the surface, this is bad news for the bakery sector – loved for its sugar icing, butter pastry layers and salty savory bites.

But dig deeper and there are plenty of innovative ingredients, processing tricks and new studies that empower manufacturers to slash fat, sugar and sodium in their bakery products.

Healthy reformulation can be a growth tool. It can spark new business and drive a company deeper into health-conscious markets, particularly as global obesity concerns grow.

With new government recommendations and legislation and consumer activist groups rallying for change, manufacturers are acting to realign their products.

But how low can you go? How do you manage the balance between taste, texture and health?

This free-to-attend event from will tackle tough questions like ‘is self-regulation enough?’, and discover how manufacturers can overcome formulation challenges when cutting out the bad.

It will provide a forum for industry to engage on business opportunities and strategies as well as give a platform to high profile speakers from across the globe.

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The Roundtable -‘Is self-regulation sufficient?’

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