All news articles for January 2015

Wheat in Montana (Photo: Todd Klassy/Flickr)


General Mills packs wholegrain punch, Kellogg files micro-bran patent


What could be more fun on a Friday than a healthy baking special edition?! Here’s our 2015 cream of the crop to date – as General Mills packs a punch with whole grain pancakes and Kellogg files a patent for versatile micro-bran...

Amcor Sunshine printing technology

‘Greater luminosity and shiny-ness’ in comparison to gravure printing

Amcor expands ‘breakthrough’ Sunshine printing technology

By Jenny EAGLE

Amcor’s folding carton business, a division of Amcor Group, is expanding its ‘breakthrough’ Sunshine printing technology for folding cartons. 

Sealed Air's Darfresh vacuum skin packaging extends shelf life up to 5 extra days.

Dispatches from IPPE 2015

Sealed Air gives the face of retail meat packaging a makeover

By Heidi Parsons

At the 2015 International Production & Processing Expo in Atlanta, Georgia, this week, Sealed Air did not so much display new technologies as it did provide clear value and sustainability propositions for existing systems.

ARS engineer: Farmers close to Lake Erie are being very efficient in phosphorus use from a production standpoint, but environmentally there remain concerns

Farmers must better manage phosphorus run-off, says USDA


Farmers working close to North America’s Lake Erie must better manage phosphorus run-off to minimize drinking water contamination, say researchers from the United States Department of Agriculture’s Agriculture Research Service.

Swedish packaging industry grows 1% faster than GDP

Packbridge celebrates 5th anniversary this year

Swedish packaging industry grows 1% faster than GDP

By Jenny EAGLE

The Swedish packaging industry is growing 1% faster than GDP, according to packaging organization, Packbridge which celebrates its fifth anniversary this year and has seen membership rise from 40 to 250 registrants.