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The UK is 'unsurprisingly' chomping down snacks, driving sales growth 5% higher than the overall food and beverage sector

IRI F&B DATA: Part II on snacks

Snacks scatter UK top 20 F&B showing sturdy growth


Two major snack brands have made it into the UK’s top 20 best-selling food and beverage list with above-market growth, according to IRI data.

Kingsmill, Warburtons and Hovis made the top 20 with white bread products, but every brand saw sales drop between 10-15%

IRI F&B DATA: Part I on bread

White bread chomps into UK top 20 F&B but sales plummet


Three major white bread brands have made it into the UK’s top 20 best-selling food and beverage list, according to IRI data, but every single one has seen sales plummet.

“This decision has opened a new doors for us, for example the supplement market as for example the chia seeds can’t be included in dietary supplements,” said Aurelie Vromaine, product manager at Ingredia.

Benexia chia oil wins EU novel foods approval

By Anna Bonar

The European Commission has approved Benexia chia oil as a novel food for use in food supplements and in place of other plant fats and oils in foods and drink applications.

David Livingston says developing a winter-hardy oat variety, however, is a complex task that will require further research

Imaging technique could help develop hardier oat varieties

By Anna Bonar

Oat growers should be able to better understand freezing in oats and develop hardier varieties thanks to a novel imaging technique, says its developer David Livingston from the US Department of Agriculture (USDA).

More than 2,000 tonnes of EU quinoa will be marketed in 2015 - a scale-up driven by a need to cater to demand, says Wageningen UR

EU quinoa plays catch-up with demand

By Nicola Cottam

European growers are ramping up quinoa production as demand in the region outstrips supply from traditional South American sources.