All news articles for October 2014

Kellogg CEO on Special K: 'We really need to move that to a weight wellness discussion, really away from reduced calories to the food itself which has tremendous nutrient benefits'

Special K global rebrand set for 2015


Kellogg will overhaul Special K next year to pull the failing brand away from its weight management focus, the company CEO says.

AMI Directory film extrusion Europe

Germany takes the lead for film extrusion in AMI Directory

By Jenny EAGLE

AMI Plastics (Applied Market Information) has published the 10th edition of its Directory of Polyethylene Film Extruders in Europe, including 100 additional production sites, which it claims is a sign the industry is recovering from the financial crisis.

Kamut International CEO Trevor Blyth on Kashi's Cocoa Coconut Kamut Wheat Granola joining Target's exclusive Made To Matter collection:

Kamut for the masses!

By Maggie Hennessy

When the nation’s largest cereal manufacturers and mass merchants say they want to use your ancient wheat as a primary ingredient in a granola line as part of a “better for you” brand collection, you say yes. Even if it’s on very short notice.

'For muffins you need to use milk – it’s an essential ingredient- but instead of milk they’re using yogurt,' says Datamonitor Consumer


Yogurt muffins: A protein punch with a twist


Baking muffins with yogurt can add a functional and nutritional punch while tapping into an explosive global trend, says a Datamonitor researcher.

Mars Food NA president Apu Mody announces Greenville facility renovation plan. Photo by Mississippi Development Authority.

News in brief

Mars $31m Mississippi plant renovation

By Heidi Parsons

Mars Food North America will invest $31m in renovating its Greenville, Mississippi processing plant. Expected to begin next year, the project will create a research and development application center and will add 25 jobs upon completion.