All news articles for June 2014

'You can’t fault them for it, but you have to wonder if cutting costs is the salvation,' says business strategy consultant

Can a $40m cost-cutting program bolster General Mills?


Amid “disappointing” fiscal 2014 results, General Mills has kick-started a cost-cutting plan to boost efficiency and support growth – a move that can’t be faulted but isn’t necessarily a ticket to success, a consultant says.

'Long-term sustainable high crop yields require integrated management practices, including the application of K fertilizers,' say researchers

Potassium holds promise for maize in China

By Nicola Cottam

 Alleviating potassium (K) deficits in China requires an integrated approach of K fertilization and re-planting potassium-rich maize stover, researchers say.

Snyder's-Lance's Eric Van De Wal:

Portable and adventurous: Snyder’s-Lance on what’s next in snacks

By Maggie Hennessy

Snacking is becoming more of a lifestyle than simply a between-meal indulgence for time-strapped US consumers, which means more opportunity to innovate in flavor, nutrition and delivery formats for snack food manufacturers like Snyder’s-Lance Inc.