All news articles for July 22, 2013

Star Refrigeration is launching its low-ammonia cold-storage systems in the US.

Low-ammonia cold front to hit US

By Jenni Spinner

Star Refrigeration is poised to bring its eco-friendly low-ammonia chillers and freezers to US food firms.

Blue lupin kernel fiber may boost colon health: RCT

Blue lupin kernel fiber may boost colon health: RCT


Fibers from the blue lupin kernel may improve the function of the colon and potential reduce the risk of colon cancer, says a new study from Friedrich Schiller University of Jena in Germany.

Gluten-free taste improvements spur market growth

Gluten-free taste improvements spur market growth


The gluten-free foods market has continued to grow as new ingredients and technologies have significantly improved the taste of products, according to experts at the Institute of Food Technologists’ annual meeting.

Picture credit: Globefish

Salmon production hit by poor sanitation

By Jenny EAGLE

Chilean Atlantic salmon production is expected to increase by more than 20% in 2013, but its growth will fall due to challenges in production, sanitation and finance.

The McGregor Company will construct two rail spur segments for delivery of more bulk commidities (Photo Credit: Extra Zebra/flickr)

$32.5m food processing expansion creates 45 jobs

By Fiona Barry

Food processors, Foods in Season, The McGregor Company and Darigold will invest $32.5m expanding their production facilities in Washington State, creating 45 new jobs.

Dough Weeks event as part of WP BAKERYGROUP's attempts to push new online platform

WP Bakery Group: Solving dough problems

By Annie-Rose Harrison-Dunn

Baking industry professionals have an opportunity to solve some pressing dough related issues, such as gluten-free and cleaning efficiency at WP Bakery Group's "Dough Weeks" event.

Moon Cheese snacks

Enwave to sell Moon Cheese snacks

By Jenny EAGLE

EnWave has partnered with Lucid Capital Management, a holding company of ex-Brookside Foods' chairman, Hugh Wiebe, to sell Moon Cheese, dried cheese snack.

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