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EnWave Corp., speak to us at IFT 2013

dispatches from IFT 2013

EnWave highlights dehydration tech at IFT 2013

By Jenni Spinner

EnWave Corp. sat down with at IFT 2013 to discuss the evolution of dried foods and how they meet changing consumer demands.

Why there is great urgency for sustainability in palm oil


Why there is great urgency for sustainability in palm oil

By Darrel Webber, secretary general of Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil

Increasing global consumption of palm oil poses serious sustainability challenges and raises questions about leading consumer nations’ responsibility in managing the footprint of its global supply chain. 

The peanut industry has spent $9m on peanut allergy research and education efforts

Peanuts prevail amid allergen anxieties

By Annie-Rose Harrison-Dunn

Anxiety surrounding peanut allergies has created the impression of an epidemic in the US but industry has remained resilient with sales showing 'excellent growth', the president of the American Peanut Council says.

A potato with two defects; too much peel (blue), sugar ends (red), healthy flesh (green).

Newcomer signs 'win-win' potato defect deal

By Jenny EAGLE

Key Technology has signed a licensing agreement with EVK and Insort to deploy a CIT (Chemical Imaging Technology) to improve product quality on potato processors.