Going green – The snack packaging quest

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BakeryandSnacks has delved into lots of issues around sustainable snack packaging
BakeryandSnacks has delved into lots of issues around sustainable snack packaging

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Call it what you will – going green, more sustainable or eco-friendly – is at the forefront of everyone’s minds, including snack makers.

The evermore powerful retailer has lots of agendas, including the environment. But what are the demands on snack makers?

Snack makers haven’t rested on their laurels when it comes to the environment. Efforts have, and continue to be made. But to what extent?

A host of suitable ‘sustainable’ materials are out there for snack manufacturers to use. But when faced with such choice – what should be considered the best option?

New and niche research on converting food waste into viable snack packaging options is on the horizon. Scientists and industry however say there are hurdles to jump.

The increasingly complex consumer wants a lot from a snack product. But do they care if the packaging is good for the environment?

BakeryandSnacks.com has busied away to delve into all these areas and answer these burning questions for you.

We’ve munched our way through numerous packets of chips along the way… just for fuel …   


Kacey Culliney, site editor

Here's what the 'going green' special edition contains:

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Shhhh! Sustainable snack packaging is a covert operation. But why?

Sustainable snack pack materials: What's out there?

Far from rubbish? Food waste R&D simmers with snack packaging hope

Do consumers care about sustainable packaging?

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