Consumers noticing food packaging reductions – FDF

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Reductions in food packaging are being noticed by consumers, according to the Food and Drink Federation (FDF).

The representative of UK food and drink groups conducted the survey of 1,100 people earlier this year.

They found half of those surveyed noticed a change around food manufacturers’ attempts to reduce packaging around products where this can be done without compromising quality of the product.

Two-thirds of consumers claimed to have noticed manufacturers using packing that can be recycled, reused or biodegraded, said the FDF.

FDF director of sustainability and competitiveness Andrew Kuyk said: “Following WRAP's progress report showing that there has been a reduction of 5.1% in packaging over the period 2009-10 this is further evidence that the industry is making steady progress towards the 10% target by the end of 2012​”.

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