Key Technology launches new sealer for fresh-cut processors

By Linda Rano

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Key Technology is introducing a redesigned AV sealer designed for
fresh-cut produce packagers.

Key Technology maintains that this semi-automatic packaging machine heat seals a variety of bag sizes with or without a vacuum. Bags up to 470mm wide can be sealed at the rate of four to six bags per minute, it claims. The system, which has an optional gas flush cycle, offers adjustable user programmes that set the vacuum pressure, the gas flush, the heat sealing temperature and the seal time. "The heater control logic assures consistent sealing under variable conditions,"​ said Key Technology. The system can be switched over to handle different products and different bag sizes "in seconds with no tools, changeparts, or mechanical adjustments".​ In addition, the company noted that bags and controls are ergonomically placed for easy operator access, without the need to lift a cover, lid or sealing bar. Special order rack-mounted floor stands are also available from the company for one, two or four machine heads or a single bench configuration. The company promises "years of trouble-free operation"​ of its new system, due to fewer moving parts than competitive sealers and a low maintenance vacuum system. The sealer is said to be relatively simple to clean. It is small, weighing only 33kg and includes an open design that is "easier to clean than traditional closed-chamber heat sealers". ​ The company says that this open design also improves the quality and safety of the packaged produce by eliminating liquid collecting inside the chamber and affecting the outside of the bags. The AV Sealer is made from stainless steel and anodized aluminium which improves sanitation. The company also says that the vacuum parts are easy to take apart and clean. According to Key Technology, the redesigned AV Sealer packages a wide range of products from wet and dry lettuce to cut vegetables, fruit and fresh herbs. Teri Johnson, Fresh-Cut Industry Marketing Manager at Key Technology said: "The fresh-cut produce industry is a very important strategic market to Key. We are reenergizing our existing products to be sure they deliver the greatest value to our customers moving forward. The redesigned AV Sealer is one in a series of developments designed for fresh-cut processors." ​ Key Technology has headquarters in Washington State, USA and Beusichem in the Netherlands.

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