Gas oven designed to achieve flame-broiled flavour

By Ahmed ElAmin

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A gas oven is designed to give high-temperature processed red meats
a flame-broiled flavour.

The oven could help provide that more authentic flavour to products such as frozen cooked chicken wings, burgers, and sausages. High-temperature processing allows meats to be cooked rapidly, killing pathogens while helping to maintain flavour. FMC FoodTech said it now has one its JSO III direct gas jet stream ovens available for testing various products at its centre in Sandusky, Ohio. The open-flame oven has a low initial cost, a simple design and impingement airflow, making it ideal for high-temperature processing and products requiring a unique, flame-broiled flavor profile, the company claimed. The JSO III is a continuous-process, high-intensity impingement oven that uses a vertical airflow to deliver fast cooking while browning the product browning. Dual burners and dual fans provide high-heat-intensity power to deliver the required product colour and flavor profiles. The gas burners and direct-spark ignition in the JSO III oven eliminate the need for maintaining a pilot light, lowering the cost of ownership, the company claimed. The oven is designed with explosion doors to increase safety, while a floor-cooling mechanism prevents the burning of product remnants on the floor. The oven's plug fans also offer better air circulation, FMC FoodTech stated. In addition to the cost savings, the oven's expanded temperature range adds to its attractiveness, stated Ramesh Gunawardena, FMC FoodTech's manager of technology and process development. The adjustable impingement nozzles are designed to cook products from two to six inches high. Modular 40- and 48-inch-wide belts are available in a variety of designs from standard flat-flex to chain-edged mesh, allowing processors to add cooking capacity when required. Processors also have the option to cook meat products in a high-humidity environment first, followed by a combination of steam and heated air at temperatures up to 500 F (260 C). An automatic steam control technology complements containment mechanisms that include a water seal between the tank and hood to maintain high moisture content in the oven box at high fan speeds. This technology ensures less than + 2 F (1 C) cross-belt air temperature variation, the company claimed. "Processors receive a higher production yield and throughput with the JSO III oven,"​ FMC FoodTech claimed. A fully automated clean-in-place (CIP) system in the JSO III oven helps maintains hygiene and sanitation. A continuous belt wash system and clam-shell hood design is designed to permits easy inspection and secondary cleaning of internal components.

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