Software collects historical data from multiple plants

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New software is designed to gather operating data from plants in
multiple countries and collect it at headquarters.

Citect said its Ampla v3.1 is a manufacturing execution system that can display data invariantly, such as local date and currency formats. As the globalisation occurs companies are turning to software as an automated way of capturing real-time performance data at manufacturing sites. The captured data is then used for planning strategy and for improving operations. The software features historical processing features, with time-stamps to track events as they occur. The software presents data in graphic form and is available in multiple languages, the company said. Historical data processing (HDP) allows data to be processed even if communications networks between the server and the shop-floor are interrupted. As data is processed with the correct time the event occurred, it is handled by the software in exact sequence once communications are re-established. "Ampla now enables both local execution and global visibility,"​ the company stated in releasing the software to market. "Manufacturing headquarters can benchmark their operations in a consistent real-time view without the issues of time zone and/or regional differences." ​ Ampla V3.1 can also provide data on production costs, presenting data in graphic form.

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