Compostable plastic containers launched to meet demand

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A new range of compostable plastic containers is designed for
ready-to-eat foods.

InnoWare said its Eco-Line brand of compostable containers are made of Cereplast, a bio-based resin made from plants such as corn. "This new product launch comes in response to the ever-increasing restaurant and consumer demand for environmentally-friendly packaging along with our company's own commitment to conducting business in an environmentally-responsible manner,"​ said Annika Randrup, InnoWare's vice president of marketing. Over the past five years packaging suppliers have been introducing various forms of biodegradable plastics made from a variety of plants, in the main corn, based on projections that consumers and recycling regulations will drive demand for environmentally-friendly packaging . Some companies predict that the market will grow by about 20 per cent a year, as an alternative to petroleum-based packaging such as the widely-used polyethylene terephthalate (PET). The bio-resin used for the InnoWare thermoformed packaging is made by Cereplast, which will manufacture the new line for the company. Cereplast resin is certified as "compostable" by the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI). In order to achieve certification, a plastic product must decompose within 60 to 180 days. Unlike materials designated as biodegradable, those certified as compostable are designed to compost quickly without releasing any toxic residues. The containers also feature the ability to withstand heat up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. This heat resistance is important to maintaining the integrity of the packaging during transport and storage. The two-piece, square, plastic food container is available in three sizes with both solid and clear embossed lids. Customers can build brand awareness by having their logo embossed on either of the two lid styles.

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