Three new plastics target frozen, chilled food markets

By Ahmed ElAmin

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Nova Chemicals has launched three new plastics for food packaging,
aimed at products targeting the growing consumer demand for fresh,
healthy and convenient products.

The new resins can be used on faster packing production lines and can form seals quicker that other competing products, the company claims. Nova's Dylark FG 2500 product is a styrenic copolmer designed for microwavable frozen foods. The plastic wrapping will remain rigid under high temperatures to to prevent the distortion of microwavecontainers and also has cold-temperature toughness for freezer protection, the company said in an announcement yesterday. "Food containers made with Dylark FG 2500 provide enhanced toughness in the freezer and superior stiffness at high temperatures - reducing the danger of leakage or spillage when hot food isremoved from the microwave or brought home in the car," the company stated in a press release. Dylark FG plastics can be used to design basic or intricate parts for brand owners and food processors. It can be manufactured as tinted, clear or foamed containers. "Dylark FG resins offer converters several processing advantages, such as faster cycle times, enhanced sealability, excellent printability and higher material yields," Nova stated. Dylark FG resins can be processed on existing polystyrene or polyethylene terephthalate (PET) equipment, allowing processors to use the same machinery to launch new products targeted at themicrowavable frozen foods market. Meanwhile, the company's new Zylar EX 720 product is targeted at the ready-to-eat convenience market. The resin is made of acrylic copolymer, giving it clarity, shatter-resistance andlow-temperature toughness. The plastic packaging material can be used for fresh fruit and produce containers, salad bowls and lids, cold beverage containers, deli trays and frozen desserts. "The clarity of Zylar EX 720 enables consumers to see the quality of the food they purchase, while its toughness protects food in the freezer or refrigerator," the company said. Zylar EX can be use on fast production lines and has reduced part weight. The material can be processed on existing styrenics equipment. The third new material is the company's Surpass IFs932-R, made of polyethylene. The material is designed for lids and closures and enables better seals and improved flexibility in package design,keeping products such as ice cream and coffee fresh longer, the company claims. External links to companies or organisations mentioned in this story: Nova Chemicals

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