Ulma Packaging targets UK's medium-sized market

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Ulma Packaging, based in Spain, is attempting to hit the UK's
medium-sized food processing market by releasing a number of new
packing units in the country, including a modular thermo-forming
machine, a modified atmosphere unit for meats, and a traysealer.

Amongst the new machines being introduced will be TF Supra, a mid-range thermo-forming machine built for medium volume production in tight spaces. The TF Supra can handle flexible or rigidbase film of up to a 700 microns.

The machine is designed as a modular unit. This allows businesses to add on to the TF Supra as their production grows. A longer loading area, additional cutting stations and pre heaters can beadded if required.

The machine is suitable for a wide range of food production packaging, Ulma stated in an announcment.

Ulma​ is also releasing its Artic modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) machine for the first time in the UK. The machine is designed to packfresh food products.

The MAP method works by replacing the air with a mixture of inert gases such as carbon dioxide and nitrogen. The package is then heat sealed. The low-oxygen mix extends the shelf-life of the meat,vegetables and other perishable foods by up to 15 days from the normal five days, a big plus at a time when the market is working to ensure food safety and extend their markets.

The Artic can pack fresh or processed meat, poultry, pizza, fish, pasta or cheese. The machine uses what Ulma calls a "long dwell" sealing head for hermetic seals at high productionspeeds. The machine makes three weldings in order to ensure the tightness of the seal.

The stainless steel machine takes barrier retractable film to make the package leak free.

The electronics has a memory storage for up to 30 products. It comes with a gas analyser module with automatic flow regulation to monitor the desired gas concentration in film bags independently ofpacking speed. This system allows users to considerably reduce gas consumption, Ulma claims.

One of Ulma's latest traysealer, the Smart 300, will also be launched at Process and Packaging Machinery Association (PPMA) exhibition 27-29 September in Birmingham.

The Smart is a thermosealing machine for food packing using MAP. Processors can adapt the Smart to a wide range of films and trays made of simple, complex or stretched materials according to therequirements of each product.

Smart takes trays with product into a mould housing unit, after which the complete packing cycle is made automatically, with the simultaneous activation of two start pushers.

Optional vacuum packing and gas injection processes can be done before the tray is covered with film sealing. During mould output, trays are slightly lifted on their housing in order to ease theiroutput. The time can be adjusted to suit the needs of processors.

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