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US-based Klöckner Pentaplast will unwrap its new line of Pentafood
anti-fog vinyl films at the upcoming Expo Pack in Mexico City.

The anti-fog vinyl is designed for packaging refrigerated foods where clarity is essential to the sale of the products. The film's anti-fog agents inhibit the formation of condensation inside the food package once it has been sealed, the company said. The anti-fog films also are rigid enough to help eliminate the problem of film stretching on the production line, the company said in a press release. The films are heat sealable and are radio frequencysealable. Link: Klöckner Pentaplast New machine wraps deli style Ulma Packaging has launched its latest machine for wrapping delicatessen packs of meat, fish and cheese. The Optima Skin wraps packages on a rigid base, giving a tight seal to prevent the food from slipping, the company said in a press release. The method of sealing the packages also allows retailers to display packs in an upright position, allowing customers to see clearly what they are buying. "A key benefit of the system is that the machine will run a number of film types from various suppliers, which in turn can offer huge savings, driving down the pack cost, thus enhancing the payback period," the company said. The system is part of Ulma Packaging's Optima range of thermoforming equipment. "The Optima Skin is a machine which gets great results for deli style packaging which is becoming very popular now," the company said. Ulma Packaging is based in northern Spain. Food weigher handles sticky products Ishida has launched its Fresh Food Weigher, a machine specifically designed to handle sticky fresh products such as marinated fish and vegetables, meat, poultry or fresh pasta. The machine features stainless steel or plastic hoppers with anti-stick scraper gates to help move the food through the weigher. The machine is waterproof to allow for the easy cleaning of all contact surfaces. "Using Ishida's proven multihead weighing technology, the computer selects the combination of hoppers that most closely matches the target weight," the company said in a press release. "A set of booster hoppers under the weigh hoppers holds product not initially selected by the computer. This frees up the weigh hoppers to accept more product and thus generate additional weight combinations, which further increases speed and accuracy." The machine combines multihead weighing with a design that allows food to be fed manually onto the belt feeders of the weigher. Instead of product being distributed to the weigh hoppers via vibratory feeders, an operator directs the mix along a set of linear belt feeders. Diamant Film ready to ship first order Diamant Film is ready ship its first substantial commercial order of its new food wrap film to Victory Packaging (, as part of a five-year distribution agreement for North America, said Diamant Art Corp, the company's parent. Under the deal, Victory Packaging has agreed to buy 41 million meters of Diamant polystyrene film in the first year and about 1.28 billion meters in total. "We are extremely pleased to be in a position to fulfil our first substantial commercial order, but more importantly, the completion of this product processing will allow the c company to generate its first significant revenues," said Diamant Film chief executive officer Stefan Gudmundsson. "We look forward to continuing the order flow with Victory Packaging as well as several other customers in the weeks and months to follow." The plastic film is based on polystyrene he said in a press release. The film received the ECO logo certified by the Environmental Choice Program in the US.

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