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Baker Perkins

 With more than 2,000 high output installations in 50 countries, Baker Perkins has built an unparalleled reputation as the largest supplier of industrial bakery equipment in the world. Production systems have been developed, designed and manufactured for virtually every conceivable product and production layout including hundreds of bread and roll varieties, cake, pizza, pastries and specialist products such as tortilla. 
 A complete range of equipment from fermentation systems through the baking process to product handling, enables Baker Perkins to engineer complete systems or supply best-in-class unit machines. 
 Cereals and Snacks 
 Baker Perkins' world-class cereal cookers, flaking rolls and toasters make it the preferred partner of market-leading manufacturers of high value cereal products. Every type of breakfast cereal is produced as well as health and breakfast bars and cereal based baby foods. Baker Perkins is also a global leader in twin-screw cooker extrusion technology together with dies, injection systems, and crimping and cutting devices. The company has also pioneered end-product development and process technology to meet the expanding and rapidly changing needs of the snacks market with a portfolio including 3D filled pillows, fried multigrain chips, stackable potato chips, bake not fried potato chips, mini crackers and filled mini crackers.

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