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Processing, packaging, sourcing - demands are hotting up to ensure all of this is sustainable. Governments, consumers and NGOs are making tough calls and industry continues to inject efforts into making changes across all levels of business and in some instances communicate this.


Sexy, cheap and eco-friendly: What retailers snack on

Retailer demands are tough. They want quality, competitive prices and now, more than ever, to work with eco-friendly brands.


Far from rubbish? Food waste R&D simmers with snack packaging hope

Researchers across the globe are exploring the use of food by-products in packaging materials - and snack products are not being left out of simmering developments.

Using certified sustainable palm oil no longer good enough, says WWF

Using palm oil certified as sustainable under the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) is no longer enough to ensure companies are acting responsibly, claims the WWF following the adoption...

‘Loyal consumers see brands as a reflection of themselves’: Kellogg

Consumers want to invest in a product that aligns with their values - and they do care about corporate responsibility, says Kellogg.

Oxfam thanks food industry for ‘bland’ and ‘complacent’ response to damning CSR report

Oxfam will step up its campaign to improve the treatment of people and resources that form part of the supply chain of the world’s biggest food conglomerates, after it cast...

Unilever & Nestlé tell Oxfam to bring other stakeholders to food ethics table

Unilever and Nestlé say Oxfam missed an opportunity for a wider and more comprehensive debate about food ethics after the NGO published a damning report on the supply chains of...

ABF calls Oxfam food ethics attack ‘ridiculous’

Associated British Foods – worst-in-class in an Oxfam report critical of 10 food giants for essentially operating under a corporate social responsibility (CSR) “veil of secrecy” – has hit back, slamming the...

ABA Energy Guide: Light Savings

American Bakers Association sheds light on energy savings

The American Bakers Association (ABA) has produced a guide to energy saving for industrial bakers that says costs can be significantly cut by making the right lighting choices.

Barry Callebaut targets authenticity with single origin cocoa and chocolate

Barry Callebaut has unveiled new cocoa and chocolate products at ISM in Cologne, including Cameroon origin cocoa for baked goods, and single origin chocolate from Cameroon and Java.

Large scale solar food processing under investigation

Large scale solar food processing remains under-exploited, especially in hot countries, according to a study that is due to be published in the Journal of Food Science and Technology.

Clarkson teams with Italian firm to boost organic soy lecithin supplies

Clarkson Soy Products has moved to alleviate the pressure on organic soy lecithin supplies by entering into a relationship with an Italian supplier, the company announced yesterday.

Could a corn by-product provide industry with new ‘stealth health’ ingredient?

Dried distillers grain, produced during ethanol processing has until now only found use in animal feed. But that could soon change after US researchers developed a way to turn this...

Zambian breakfast cereal to aid health, farmers and conservation

A Zambian company has launched a fortified breakfast cereal; the profits of which will secure business for poverty-stricken farmers and aid conservation work in the Luangwa Valley.

RAN urges Cargill to take stronger action on palm oil sustainability

The Rainforest Action Network (RAN) has urged Cargill to take clear, decisive action to ensure its palm oil suppliers commit to sustainable production, while Cargill has said that RAN allegations...

Greenpeace urges food companies to check palm oil suppliers' sustainability score

Greenpeace has published a scorecard rating palm oil producers’ sustainability efforts, in order to provide food and other consumer goods companies with better information about how their palm oil is...

Nutritional value is the key, ‘sustainability not a game-changer’: Bakery survey identifies 10 mega-trends for future success

Modern consumers want the best of all worlds when it comes to bakery and chocolate products, with quality & price, local & global, tradition & innovation, and pleasures & health...

Innovia’s BOPP packaging film trumps biodegradable option for shelf-life of granola, finds study

Innovia Films’ regular biaxially orientated polypropylene (BOPP) film promoted better shelf-life in granola cereal than its renewable and compostable film, a study finds.

Big Interview: Dave McLaughlin, World Wildlife Fund

WWF: Industry should buy into GreenPalm today, or it will struggle to source fully traceable sustainable palm oil tomorrow

Food manufacturers are beginning to realize that buying more GreenPalm certificates now might be the only way to stimulate enough production of sustainable palm oil to make fully traceable products...

How close is Walmart to meeting its 2015 sustainable palm oil deadline?

Walmart says it is confident it will reach its goal of using sustainably sourced palm oil for all of its private label products by the end of 2015, although it...

Exclusive interview

Bosch: demand grows for sustainability and automation

Pressure is mounting for food manufacturers to move further into sustainable packaging and automation, according to Friedbert Klefenz, president of Bosch Packaging Technology.

Dispatches from IBA 2012

Sustainability disconnect: The challenge of quantifying green bakery efforts

Sustainability is nothing new for the bakery industry; the challenge is quantifying efforts and translating these to consumers in a comprehensive way, says AB Mauri.

News in brief

CAOBISCO working towards hazelnut sustainability

The association of chocolate, biscuit and confectionery industries of Europe (CAOBISCO) has been discussing a multi-stakeholder approach to improving working conditions in hazelnut orchards in Turkey and boosting supply.

Antimicrobial packaging will reduce food waste - LINPAC

Linpac Packaging has unveiled a range of trays and films that can use additives to make the product inside last longer.

Sourcing affordable segregated sustainable palm oil remains ‘extremely difficult’ in the US, says Cargill

The US is starting to catch up with Europe in the sustainable palm oil stakes, but cost remains a major hurdle, says Cargill.

Unilever open innovation platform targets sustainable packaging

Sustainable packaging has been highlighted as a key priority for Unilever as it launched an online innovation platform in a bid to uncover a raft of technical solutions to boost growth...

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