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Spider web nano-machine could spin new packaging opportunities

Electrospinning, an emerging technology that forms a mat of fine fibres, could deliver new packaging materials, potentially produced from waste streams, for bakers and snacks makers.

Saimo aims for less of the same in European sweet packaging

A China-based manufacturer of weighing and packaging products is looking for greater collaboration with confectioners and other food manufacturers to establish itself on the European market.

Low cost texture analyser can measure food and packaging, says firm

A new easy-to-operate texture tool is a cost effective way for processors to measure the texture of food products as well as their packaging, says developer Brookfield Engineering.

Cinnamon-based packaging could prevent food spoilage

Active paper packaging containing a cinnamon-based coating inhibits black bread mould on white bread, claims a new study.

Biodegradable packaging makes UK cereal debut

A new compostable laminate is making its UK market debut with the re-launch of a popular cereal brand.

New technology launched for delicate product packaging

Packaging firm Bosch has designed a new range of packaging and processing solutions designed specifically for handling delicate products such as tray baked goods, biscuits and chocolate confectionery.

Heinz uses Sealed Air vertical packaging in Russia

Vertical packaging technology from Sealed Air has helped Heinz's Russian operation meet increasing demand for packaged goods, the firm has said.

Secure cake packaging launched

A new packaging box for muffins and cupcakes features a unique insert tray to hold the cakes in a secure position, and help reduce the risk of damage during transportation,...

Packaging mark to authenticate Chinese food

A new mark required on the packaging of Chinese food exports from next month will allow importers to tell certified products from fakes, according to food safety officials.

Final stages of Bradman Lake's new packaging machinery facility

The finishing touches are being added to the new Bradman Lake Group's packaging machinery facility in Norwich, Norfolk, as the company continues on its global expansion plan.

Packaging alliance cuts sourcing times

Packaging firm tna has joined forces with potato snack processing group Kiremko to broaden the remit of both firms and turn the businesses into a single processing and packaging powerhouse...

EU funds nano packaging research

UK supermarket chain Sainsbury's is part of an EU-funded project to develop biodegradable packaging using nanotechnology.

Gas sensor speeds up packaging tests

A modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) sensor just introduced in the UK market speeds up the process of testing that the correct mix of gasses have been used in a product.

Coatings protect bake-in packaging

US based packaging firm Michelman is set to unveil a raft of bake-in coating solutions for the bakery industry at trade fairs this year.

Project aims to tear strips off packaging problems

The effectiveness of tear strips used in cardboard packaging is being tested as part of a new project, which aims to market the findings later this year.

New easy open seals close packaging dilemma

Two different packaging seals offer easier opening with security -- while one is designed for industrial and commercial use, the other meets increasing consumer demand, the manufacturer claims.

Pizza flowrapper reduces packaging size and costs

A new modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) system for pizzas reduces the need for two machines.

Nano project aims to reduce packaging waste

Danone, the French food and beverage giant, is taking part in a research project into nanotechnology that could result in stronger plastic packing that also reduces waste.

Double wall packaging extends bakery shelf-life

A French inventor has developed an innovative new way to ensure bread is kept fresher for longer, while safeguarding quality and taste.

Pizza packaging prolongs shelf-life

European firm Sealed Air Cryovac has developed a new shelf-life extending overwrap packaging system for manufacturers of pizza and pasta.

MAP packaging ensures fresh bread

A new Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) system has been developed by Italian firm PFM to prolong bread freshness.

Vertical wrapper upgrades packaging technology

BG Pack has modified its line of packaging equipment to incorporate sealing and pocket bagging technology such as modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) suitable for a range of fresh bakery products.

Packaging system cuts costs and time

A new packaging system which can process up to 1,000 cereal bars per minute and cut changeover times in half has been launched by packaging firm Bradman Lake.

Machine wraps up bakery packaging

A new operator-friendly flow-wrapper has been launched by packaging firm PFM - providing bakers with an easy-to-use system for producing pillow-style packs.

New Tetra Pak cereal packaging could boost product appeal

Ready-to-pour cereal products in packaging that has until now been associated with juice cartons could be the new way to improve the appeal of products and add consumer value, according...

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