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Processing and packaging sectors urged to tap £15m innovation fund

Projects aimed at boosting operational efficiency and sustainability in the food processing and packaging sectors are being urged to apply for a share of a £15m (€18m) fund by the...

Active and intelligent packaging public database launches

The first public version of a new database for active and intelligent packaging (AIP) innovations that aims to give small and medium enterprises (SME) free access to the groundbreaking technology...

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Peninsula Packaging snaps up thermoforming division

US Bakery packaging provider Peninsula Packaging has acquired the agricultural thermoforming division of Packaging Plus, previously held by Berkley Operations.

Moisture-absorbing microwave packaging will boost industry standard - developer

A grease and moisture absorbing flexible packaging will give new food applications access to the microwave market and ‘extend’ the industry standard, said its developer.

High-speed bread packaging machine enters Russia and Americas

Canadian-based packaging firm Technopac International has secured distribution rights to North, Central and South America and Russia for a high speed bread packaging machine it say can improve productivity by...

Flexible packaging – demand, growth and corporate trends unpicked

The global market for flexible packaging is projected to be worth more than US$71bn with worldwide consumption set for annual growth of more than 4 per cent to reach almost...

Interactive packaging brings Kellogg closer to the customer, says technology supplier

Over the next year Kellogg and US-based Augme Technologies will be working on optimising interactive packaging technology with the aim of acquiring data about the cereal maker’s customer base.

Bio-partnerships boosting ‘compatible layers’ in flexible packaging - Innovia

While flexible packaging has always scored highly on lightweighting in terms of green metrics, its use of incompatible laminate layers has presented problems in terms of end of life disposability,...

Nordson to buy Verbruggen to tap global flexible packaging potential

Nordson Corp has reached an agreement to buy Belgian company Verbruggen as part of a strategy to enter the flexible packaging sector.

Packaging revamp set to help Slavyanka grab shelf space from multinationals

In a bid to stave off the competition from Nestle and other confectionery giants, Russian biscuit, cake and jelly maker Slavyanka has engaged a UK agency to revitalize its packaging...

Active packaging tops MAP for gluten-free bread’s shelf life, study

Cinnamon-based active packaging is a suitable alternative to modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) for gluten-free bread on both a microbiological and sensory basis, finds new research.

PMMI highlights key US processing and packaging trends caught up with Tom Egan, of PMMI, at the recent Interpack trade show to discuss key trends in the North American sector.

Exclusive interview

Active and intelligent packaging: the future

What role will active and intelligent components play in future food and drink packaging? We caught up with Chip Tonkin, director of the US based Sonoco Institute of Packaging Design...


Biopackaging breaking new ground, claims Innovia Films

Collaboration with other biopolymer producers on material development has resulted in bioplastics that can compare to conventional packaging materials in terms of barrier properties and functionality, said Innovia Films.

New coatings provide effective solution to mineral oil migration in packaging - BASF

BASF has unveiled a range of barrier coatings which it said offers a highly effective solution to the migration of mineral oil residues from all packaging types into foods.

Special Edition: Dry Food Packaging

Innovation in dry food packaging

A flour product adapted especially for its resealable plastic flour pouch and a vacuum packed chocolate bar are two products that stand out above the raft of new dry food...

Abar uses robot to load shelf ready packaging

Abar Automation has launched a new robotic loading system for shelf ready food packaging lines that the company claims offers greater flexibility.

General Mills falls short of energy goals, sets packaging targets

Breakfast cereal manufacturer, General Mills, admits it fell far short of goals for 2010 in terms of reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) but has flagged up a...

Kellogg sues flexible packaging supplier over tainted cereal liners

Kellogg Company has launched legal action against a Canadian firm over allegations its tainted packaging cost the food giant millions of dollars and forced it to issue a nationwide recall...

Industry and regulators taking steps to tackle mineral oil risk from packaging

The paper and packaging industries are taking a hands-on role in exploring ways to curb the presence of mineral oils in the manufacture of their products, said a leading trade...

Food companies changing packaging on mineral oil migration risk

Major food manufacturers are revamping their packaging amid concerns over the long term health hazards posed by mineral oils leaching from recycled cardboard into foods.

New polymer modifier could drive greater PLA take up in packaging - DuPont

An advanced polymer modifier that tackles a host of limitations linked with polylactic acid (PLA) could boost its take up in packaging, said DuPont Packaging & Industrial Polymers.

Linpac launches protective packaging for bakery products

Linpac has launched a new transport tray for bakery goods which reduces the risk of damage and storage problems during transit, claims the company.

UB aims to drive snack growth with packaging revamp and saturated fat reduction

Britain's biggest biscuit producer, United Biscuits, is aiming to drive growth across the biscuit and cake categories in 2011 through reformulation of products for a stronger health positioning as well...

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