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Kellogg sues flexible packaging supplier over tainted cereal liners

Kellogg Company has launched legal action against a Canadian firm over allegations its tainted packaging cost the food giant millions of dollars and forced it to issue a nationwide recall...

Industry and regulators taking steps to tackle mineral oil risk from packaging

The paper and packaging industries are taking a hands-on role in exploring ways to curb the presence of mineral oils in the manufacture of their products, said a leading trade...

Food companies changing packaging on mineral oil migration risk

Major food manufacturers are revamping their packaging amid concerns over the long term health hazards posed by mineral oils leaching from recycled cardboard into foods.

New polymer modifier could drive greater PLA take up in packaging - DuPont

An advanced polymer modifier that tackles a host of limitations linked with polylactic acid (PLA) could boost its take up in packaging, said DuPont Packaging & Industrial Polymers.

Linpac launches protective packaging for bakery products

Linpac has launched a new transport tray for bakery goods which reduces the risk of damage and storage problems during transit, claims the company.

UB aims to drive snack growth with packaging revamp and saturated fat reduction

Britain's biggest biscuit producer, United Biscuits, is aiming to drive growth across the biscuit and cake categories in 2011 through reformulation of products for a stronger health positioning as well...

Stretchable paper could revolutionise thermoformed packaging

A new stretchable paper may signal the beginning of the end for thermoform plastic trays, Billerud told at the Emballage show in Paris last week.

Dispatches from Emballage in Paris

Prototype system promises significant energy savings in packaging process

Sustainability and energy saving are two of the major trends driving current development in packaging and processing technology.

PepsiCo aims to convert potato waste into crisp packaging

PepsiCo UK is researching the feasibility of converting potato peel waste into crisp packaging and estimates a two year timeframe before market introduction.

New sealing system to significantly cut packaging and costs - company

An innovative sealing technology for flexible packaging could save food processors thousands of tonnes of film annually, provide greater seal integrity, increase product shelf life and cut operating costs,...

Biodegradable and compostable food packaging overview

Shifting opinions on sustainability means that biodegradable and compostable plastics are no longer seen as destined to replace all traditional packaging – but are now viewed as one option among...


Let’s hear it for the sound of compostable packaging

The world’s first 100 percent biodegradable chip packet attracted a lot of noise last week, but not the buzz that SunChips’ maker FritoLay had been hoping for.

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Upgrade to eco-packaging measurement tool

An upgraded version of a computer programme that measures the carbon footprint of packaging has been released.

Bosch unveils flexible and integrated packaging system on market demand

Increasing customer demand for integrated and flexible systems were the drivers behind developing new vertical flat pouch equipment for packing a range of free-flowing goods including granulates and powders, said...

New eco-coating to replace plastic packaging films

Developers of an eco-friendly packaging coating made from starch and clay designed to replace plastic films are seeking partners for commercialisation of the innovation.

'Virtually unlimited applications' for unique packaging design - Mondi

Convenience and versatility are two benefits of a “unique” easy-to-open and resealable packaging design for use across a range of materials and sectors, said Mondi Consumer Bags and Films.

Inventor seeks partner to commercialise novel packaging concept

An inventor behind a novel packaging concept that would enable food manufacturers to package multiple snack bars, coffee granules and other products at up to 12 times the speed of...

Oxo-bio bread packaging is biodegradable – ads body

Oxo-bio company Symphony has hailed a ruling by the South African Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) that bread bags made with its d2w additive can be advertised as biodegradable.


Active and intelligent packaging regs - evolution and innovation

New active and intelligent packaging rules and guidelines introduced last year across Europe should bring much-needed clarity to the sector and pave the way for innovation, said one expert as...

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Spotlight on new packaging regulation at Foodex

Foodex this year sees a series of seminars on the latest regulation pertaining to third party inspection certification and packaging aswell as new food hygiene initiatives, research and innovation developments...

New peelable packaging standard on horizon

A German research institute is seeking heat sealed packaging formats including confectionery wrapping from packaging producers or food manufactures for a round robin test to develop a standardized testing method...

Free advice on clean design in packaging

Packaging and product designers are to be offered free advice on how to adopt cleaner design principles, become more eco-literate, and avoid charges of greenwashing.

Bemis sees upturn in flexible packaging demand

Bemis said a gradual improvement in demand for flexible packaging, especially for shelf-life extension products, was a major factor in it posting better than expected Q4 and year end results.

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Nestle joins group to sponsor bioplastics research for food packaging

Nestle has signed up to a joint venture to sponsor research into bioplastics with the aim of developing materials adapted to the food packaging segment on a large scale

Companies urged to do more as UK unveils new packaging strategy

A major reduction in food packaging, a rethink on how it is measured and a call for greater investment by packing companies to increase recycling are part of a strategy...

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