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Natural antioxidant offers shelf-life boost for extruded cereals

By Elaine WATSON , 19-Sep-2012
Last updated on 19-Sep-2012 at 16:54 GMT2012-09-19T16:54:28Z

Rosemary extracts can deliver a significant reduction in the formation of hexanal - a marker for oxidation in foods - without the bitter off-flavors associated with other natural antioxidants, tests by natural extract specialist Kalsec have revealed.

“Synthetic antioxidants are still the primary choice to be added to the lining of the cereal box to prevent oxidation", executive director, market development, Gary Augustine, told FoodNavigator-USA.

However, Kalsec rosemary extracts “allow for addition directly into the cereal and provide performance without contributing the bitter, off flavors associated with other natural antioxidants”, he added.

Most natural antioxidants would not be able to provide these results without contributing a bitter, or off-note to the cereal  

Tests on an extruded cereal containing 5% milled flax seed showed that Kalsec’s HERBALOX rosemary extracts provided a 79% reduction in the formation of hexanal, he said.

“Most natural antioxidants would not be able to provide the results achieved without contributing a bitter, or off-note to the cereal at these addition levels.

“Reducing the development of oxidation results in significantly improved shelf life for extruded cereals.

"Kalsec sensory panelists confirmed the improvement of the organoleptic quality of the cereals in the study, even within the shelf life window.”

Click here to watch our video interview with Gary Augustine at the IFT show.

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