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Dutch waffles and cheese biscuits recalled for mineral oil contamination

By Jenny Eagle+

Last updated on 15-Mar-2017 at 14:25 GMT2017-03-15T14:25:50Z

Verduijn’s cheese biscuits have been recalled. Picture: AFSCA.
Verduijn’s cheese biscuits have been recalled. Picture: AFSCA.

The Belgian Food Authority (FASFC) has recalled several Dutch waffles and cheese biscuits due to mineral oil contamination.

The products in question relate to Verduijn’s fine cheese biscuits and Delhaize dry waffles in a variety of flavors; pesto, cheddar, tomato-basilic, cheese, Paprika and honey-mustard.


The products were sold in 75g packs in several outlets in Belgium. Various outlets have already been informed and the items have been withdrawn from sale.
Mineral oils are derived from crude oil and coal and are indigestible, while some can be carcinogenic.

There are two types of mineral oil hydrocarbons: MOSH (Mineral Oil Saturated Hydrocarbon) and MOAH (Mineral Oil Aromatic Hydrocarbon).

The European Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed alerted FASFC of the presence of mineral oils claiming it found MOAH up to 190 ppm in the cheese ingredient and MOSH >1000 mg/kg – ppm in cheese biscuits from the Netherlands, with raw material from Ireland.

The Dutch Food Safety Authority (NVWA) is advising anyone who has eaten the products and feels ill should consult a doctor.
The FASFC is an executive body and has jurisdiction over the entire territory. In accordance with its legal obligations it is responsible for laying down, implementing and enforcing measures related to food safety, animal health and plant protection.

The following products have been recalled:

1. Plastic packaging:- Trade name: Verduijn's fine biscuits- Weight: 75g sachets

Lot # Product DDM (Minimum Durability Date)
L-16243 Paprika wafers 05-05-17
L-16228 Waffle cheese 10-03-17
L-16228 Waffles pesto 10-03-17
L-16241 Paprika wafers 15-03-17
L-16235 Waffles cheese 15-03-17
L-16235 Waffles pesto 15-03-17
L-16262 Waffles pesto 28-03-17
L-16269 Paprika wafers 28-03-17
L-16262 Waffles cheese 28-03-17
L-16280 Waffles cheese 20-04-17
L-16293 Waffles pesto 20-04-17
L-16283 Paprika wafers 20-04-17
L-16283 Honey-mustard waffles 20-04-17
L-16300 Honey-mustard waffles 10-05-17
L-16308 Waffles pesto 10-05-17
L-16333 Waffles cheese 10-06-17
L-16335 Waffles pesto 10-06-17
L-16335 Paprika wafers 10-06-17
L-16336 Honey-mustard waffles 10-06-17
L-16341 Waffles pesto 15-06-17
L-16341 Paprika waffles 15-06-17
L-16341 Honey-mustard waffles 15-06-17
L-16347 Waffles cheese 15-06-17

2. Cardboard packaging- Trade name: Verduijn's fine biscuits- Weight: 75g

Lot # Product DDM (Minimum Durability Date)
L-16230 Tomato-basil waffles 05-09-17
L-16229 Waffles cheese 05-09-17
L-16235 Waffles pesto 05-09-17
L-16243 Cheddar cheese waffles 05-09-17
L-16306 Waffles pesto 10-11-17
L-16306 Tomato-basil waffles 10-11-17
L-16306 Waffles pesto 10-11-17
L-16304 Cheese waffles 10-11-17
L-16304 Cheese-cheese wafers 10-11-17
L-16332 Tomato-basil waffles 10-12-17
L-16335 Cheese waffles 10-12-17
L-16332 Waffles pesto 10-12-17
L-16334 Cheddar cheese waffles 10-12-17

3. Packaging Delhaize- Trademark: Delhaize- Weight: 75g

Lot # Product DDM (Minimum Durability Date)
L-16199 Cheese Waffles 04-17
L-16229 Waffles cheese 05-17
L-16235 Waffles cheese 05-17
L-16236 Waffles cheese 05-17
L-16244 Waffles cheese 05-17
L-16252 Cheese Waffles 06-17
L-16259 Cheese Waffles 06-17
L-16262 Waffles cheese 06-17
L-16276 Waffles cheese 07-17
L-16283 Waffles cheese 07-17
L-16283 Waffles cheese 07-17
L-16283 Waffles cheese 08-17
L-16304 Cheese Waffles 08-17
L-16311 Cheese Waffles 08-17
L-16318 Waffles cheese 08-17
L-16322 Cheese Waffles 08-17
L-16326 Cheese waffles 08-17
L-16339 Waffles cheese 09-17
L-16346 Waffles cheese 09-17
L-16346 Waffles cheese 09-17
L-17012 Cheese Waffles 10-17

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