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Nestlé targets coconut water frenzy with new frozen snack

Nestlé says its newly launched coconut water-based frozen snacks will hold great appeal among US consumers.


Demand for fat, sodium and sugar testing in snacks mounts, specialist

There is more demand from snack makers to quantify ingredients with a bad name given new labeling requirements like front-of-pack nutrition panels, says a testing specialist.

Innovation and new markets: How snack firms can ride the recessionary wave

Snack makers must continue to innovate and develop new markets to succeed in a tough and increasingly competitive marketplace, says the president of the Snack Food Association (SFA).

RTE cereals can help close ‘chronic’ US fiber gap: Study

Only one in ten US consumers gets the recommended amount of fiber, but fibrous whole grain ready-to-eat (RTE) cereals can boost daily intake by around 14%, a new study finds.


Frugal foodies, quick serve competition and health quests: Snack firms take heed…

Snack firms must battle with frugal consumers, expanded competition and the challenge to remain innovative, exciting and healthy, a leading sector analyst says.

‘Veggie snacking has seen tremendous growth’, says General Mills

General Mills has thrown its weight behind mainstream veggie snacking  with two new snack lines under its Green Giant brand.

New technology supports heat-sensitive nutrients in snacks and biscuits

Biosciences firm Carritech Research has developed a processing and formulation technology to manufacture snacks and biscuits with heat-sensitive nutrients and vitamins.

EU margarine industry sets stricter trans fat standards

The trade association representing margarine and vegetable fats makers in the EU has tightened its Code of Conduct for the third time since 1995, in an effort to reduce trans...

African yam bean RTE breakfast cereal holds promise for diabetics: Study

Ready-to-eat (RTE) breakfast cereal made using African yam bean, maize and coconut extract holds promise for diabetics, researchers say.

Health with a dash of color: Sunsweet Bakery launches plum-infused purple baked goods

Sunsweet Bakery has launched a new line of purple colored plum-infused baked goods that offer a tasty, new experience with a ‘myriad of health benefits’, it says.

Snacking on global brand ideas with Euromonitor

The big eat: A shared global snack vision

A snack is a snack in every market making global brand building easier, a Euromonitor analyst says.

Ultra-fine wheat bran plugs health and can improve texture and structure, says Limagrain

Limagrain Céréales Ingrédients (LCI) has extended its fibre range with a new ultra-fine wheat bran ingredient that it says can improve structure, texture and nutrition in a broad range of...

Taura confident ingredients knowledge will aid shift into finished snacks development

Knowledge on ingredients and formulation puts Taura Natural Ingredients in good stead as it ventures into developing and manufacturing fruit snacks for selected partners, its marketing manager says.

Ireks sees ‘superfood’ demand in UK as it launches chia seed bread mix

German baking ingredients firm Ireks has launched a new chia seed bread mix for the UK that it claims will appeal to British consumer demand for “superfoods”.

Vietnamese banana snack maker eyes expansion beyond health stores

Contract manufacturer Natur Boutique wants to shift its organic dried banana snack beyond health stores and is in talks with major retailers.

Hi-Maize resistant starch may replace flour in foods with minimal sensory impact

Resistant starch can effectively replace flour in foods like muffins, focaccia bread, and chicken curry to boost the fiber content without affecting the sensory characteristics, says a new study from...

EU health claim winner

Cross-Atlantic choline team banks on EU health claim conversion

US supplier Balchem has joined with Dutch firm Van Eeghen Functional Ingredients (VEFI) to develop the European choline foods and food supplements market, after the nutrient won three EU health...

Bread with sliced carb content targets strict diet stage

Contract manufacturer Laboratoire PYC has sliced carbohydrate content by 80% in its latest dietetic whole grain bread product to target the ‘strict diet stage’ in weight management, it said.

Allied Bakeries invests in ‘healthy white’ bread

UK firm Allied Bakeries has launched a high fiber white bread loaf and roll line under its Allinson brand to target huge opportunities in the healthier white segment, its brand...

ISM 2013 Cologne

Convenience, shelf-life and health: Gourmet fruit range plugs all, says Taura

Taura Natural Ingredients’ newly launched gourmet fruit inclusion range plugs convenience, shelf-life and health for the artisanal baker, its marketing manager says.

Small snack packs are smart and satisfying, say researchers

Smaller and larger snack portions are equally effective in decreasing cravings and feelings of hunger, say researchers.

Kellogg launches new ‘on-trend’ frozen breakfast options

The Kellogg Company has launched new frozen breakfast options under its Special K and Eggo brands that it claims are ‘on-trend’ with consumer needs.

Study: Yeast beta-glucan boosts cold-fighting potential 25%

Yeast beta-glucan increases the body’s ability to fight pathogens, and showed a 25% better record of cold-fighting compared to placebo in a new German study.

Prebiotics can battle obesity (by influencing genetic behaviour): Researchers

Prebiotic fibres like oligosaccharides can help ease gut ‘dysbiosis’ common among the obese and overweight, say Belgian researchers.

EU novel foods wrap: Clubmoss, omega-3 oils and zeaxanthin

The UK Food Standards Agency is assessing two novel food applications for clubmoss sporopollenin shell extracts and a novel omega-3 and omega-6 oil; while DSM is lauding the official EU...

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