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ADM R&D head: Bakers should start from scratch when formulating with whole grains

Incorporating whole grains into bakery formulations dramatically impacts functionality and so it is easier if bakers start from scratch, says the director of R&D at Archer Daniels Midland.

Is that toast I smell? Federation of Bakers grabs attention with perfume

The Federation of Bakers has designed a toast-scented fragrance in a ‘quirky’ marketing ploy to encourage young women to think differently about bread, its director says.

Porridge goes trendy as top breakfast choice

Porridge is proving a top breakfast choice, enjoyed by nearly half (49%) of British consumers, with nearly a quarter eating a bowl almost daily, reveals new research from Mintel.

IBIE teaser: You’re never too old, or big, to learn…

IBIE 2013 has a fantastic educational program lined up from tips for gluten-free and whole grain use, to insight on food safety regulations and labeling laws. BakeryandSnacks takes a look...

Popcorn lung: Diacetyl butter flavour alternatives may also carry risks

Butter flavour alternatives touted as replacements for the potentially harmful popcorn butter flavour diacetyl may be just as unsafe, warn researchers.

New-generation snacks boom: Think pulses, beans, rice and seaweed…

The traditional snacks category has veered off course with pulses, beans and veg being favored over potato and corn. But what does this mean for old favorites? 

Liquid margarine aligns with EU saturated fat recommendations, says DuPont

European recommendations to reduce and label saturated fats have prompted DuPont to develop a liquid margarine with 60% less saturated fat for use in cakes.

Chip makers can slash sodium by reducing salt crystal size, say researchers

Smaller salt crystals give a faster, more concentrated perception of saltiness in potato chips, offering a viable sodium reduction strategy, researchers say.

Urban, young office workers in Asia could energize cereal bar category

The cereal bar category in Asia is on the cusp of a boom with young urbanites a ripe target, particularly in India, says an analyst.

Nestlé files flax omega-3 cereal fortification patent

Nestlé claims to have overcome disadvantages in omega-3 fortification of breakfast cereals by using fatty acids derived from flaxseed and incorporating antioxidants for shelf-life.

Sweet findings: Prebiotic sugar replacers pack nutrition, improve gluten-free bread

The incorporation of prebiotic sugar substitutes can optimize nutrition and improve the eating quality and consumer acceptance of gluten-free bread, research finds.

General Mills files patent for improved RTE cereal fortification

High levels of fiber and/or calcium can be incorporated into a ready-to-eat (RTE) cereal without impacting eating quality by pelletizing the ingredients, General Mills says.

General Mills files patent for improved RTE cereal fortification

High levels of fiber and/or calcium can be incorporated into a ready-to-eat (RTE) cereal without impacting eating quality by pelletizing the ingredients, General Mills says.

Tyrrells forays into ‘permissible indulgence’ with apple crisps

UK-based Tyrrells has expanded its premium, hand-cooked chip portfolio with the launch of two apple varieties – taking the brand into permissible indulgence territory, its marketing manager says.

Live from the 20th International Congress of Nutrition

Prof: 'GI can be more powerful obesity-fighting tool in Asia than the west'

Prebiotics and other fibres have a big role to play in curbing spiraling obesity, diabetic and pre-diabetic rates in emerging economies like India and China, according to one respected nutrition...

International salt reduction: Local tailoring is crucial, warn researchers

Understanding and behaviours on salt consumption differ hugely from market to market across the globe – something manufacturers must take heed of when reducing levels, researchers warn.

Food labeling bill proposes radical changes to 'natural' claims, wholegrain labels, added sugars; but chances of success are slim, say lawyers

A bill proposing sweeping changes to food labeling laws covering everything from ‘natural’ claims to whole grain statements has been welcomed by consumer groups, but stands little chance of success,...

General Mills has ‘unwavering faith’ that cereal is an adaptable category

The US breakfast cereal category can be bolstered by unlocking neglected brands and pushing deeper into the natural segment, the head of cereals at General Mills says.

Small snack makers create better personal connections, says Packaged Facts

The healthy snacking boom has created a storm that small, boutique snack makers are benefiting from as their personal, niche products connect with the enthusiasm of consumers, Packaged Facts finds.

Efforts to curb junk food marketing to kids have been repeatedly thwarted by commercial interests, says ex-CDC director

Although federal efforts have led to “modest improvements” in food quality and marketing practices in recent years, “commercial interests have consistently overridden the health concerns of children”, according to one...

Can 7-Eleven's own-label snacks compete with premium brands?

Convenience chain 7-Eleven has developed an organic better-for-you snack range to retail alongside premium brands – an interesting move but one that needs to be executed cleverly, warns an analyst.

‘We’ve slashed the salt, now where's the credit?’

Bradford-based Seabrook crisps has slashed its products’ salt levels by 20% – but its boss says the industry as a whole is not getting the credit is deserves for undertaking...

RTE cereals: The childhood obesity culprits?

Manufacturers of high-sugar ready-to-eat cereals are misleading and confusing kids in child-targeted TV advertising, researchers claim.

Ireland calls for EU max limits on folic acid in bread

Voluntary folic acid fortification of bread is sufficient but maximum limits should be set and the market carefully monitored, a public health expert says.

The market for after school snacks is untapped, says Mintel

UK food makers have been focused on the lunchbox trend but have failed to notice a gaping hole full of promise – the after school snacking occasion, a Mintel analyst says.

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