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‘Consumers don’t realize the difference between salt and sodium levels’: The Low Sodium Sea Salt Company

Communicating sodium reduction efforts in bakery is a challenge given consumer knowledge is often limited, says the MD of UK-based firm The Low Sodium Sea Salt Company.

Cheap white bread: ‘There is no point in having it at all’, says nutritionist

Consumers should be eating wholegrain breads, not basic white that offers little nutritional value, says a UK nutritionist.

The white bread slump: ‘It’s maybe our fault in promoting wholemeal’, says Federation of Bakers

Industry has dedicated a lot of promotional efforts on wholemeal bread and this could have contributed to the slump in white bread, says the Federation of Bakers’ (FOB) director.

Plentiful opportunities for neglected 55+ snackers, says Mintel

Consumers over the age of 55 are not well catered for in the snacks sector despite huge market potential, says Mintel.

Flavors to cut fat and salt should work on the tongue not the nose, says Givaudan

Developing flavors for reduced fat or sodium snacks needs ingredients that work on the tongue and not in the nose, Givaudan says.

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Green bull? ‘Natural energy’ grows health claim wings

The EU energy market is set to grow by €1bn by 2017 and much of that could come from ‘natural energy’, a sub-sector that has been boosted by recent health...

Home cooking: Phytosterols giant seeks category expansion

Unilever has applied to UK authorities for EU novel foods approval for its cholesterol-lowering phytosterol esters in liquid vegetable fats used in home cooking and baking.

Cereal giants to ‘review’ UK nutrition labeling scheme, expert says they will never sign

Cereal majors Kellogg and Cereal Partners Worldwide (CPW) are reviewing the UK Department of Health’s (DoH) front-of-pack voluntary labeling scheme, but one nutrition policy expert says they will never sign....

Women want indulgence and health in snacks… Scrap that stereotype, says Canadean

There is a strong stereotype that women want indulgence and health when snacking, but in the US and Europe health comes eleventh in snack motivations, according to new research from...


Counterintuitive? Healthy snack reformulation claims are decreasing, Mintel

Claims like low sodium, low fat and low calorie on snacks are decreasing which seems counterintuitive given action is being taken by manufacturers, said the director of innovation and insights...

Fiber: The golden ingredient in Japan’s promising cereal sector

Fiber is a core selling point of breakfast cereal in Japan given the low dietary intake in the country, says a Canadean analyst.

Infrared radiation cuts fat in gluten-free donuts: Study

Infrared radiation (IR) can be used in place of part of the traditional frying process to reduce fat in gluten-free donuts without impacting taste, research finds.

Special K Nourish: ‘The concept of hot cereal in the US is a cultural change’, says analyst

US consumers don’t have the habit of eating hot cereal, but they are very open to new concepts and the Special K Nourish launch should do very well, says an...

Comfort eating? Perceptions of fat are altered by mood and state of mind, finds study

People with mild depression or anxiety may have modified perceptions of how fat, sweet and bitter flavours which could result in higher consumption levels of unhealthy foods, researchers suggest.

Kellogg and General Mills RTE cereals: Sugar, sodium and fiber analysis

Kellogg and General Mills have largely slashed sugar and sodium and upped fiber in their US ready-to-eat (RTE) breakfast cereals, but in a number of products the sugar and sodium...

Bakers to battle white bread ‘misconceptions’

Plant bakers need to defend their corner more robustly in order to increase consumer awareness of bread's nutritional benefits while also battling harvest, regulatory and publicity woes.

Researchers call for mandatory EU folic acid flour fortification

The European Union must embrace a mandatory folic acid flour fortification program given the prevalence of neural tube defects (NTDs) in newborns across the region, say researchers.

Tate & Lyle dives deeper into sodium reduction with new deal

Tate & Lyle has extended its sodium reduction offerings through a new licence deal with Eminate on bicarbonate reduction technology for baked goods.

Special edition: Battling malnutrition

Time for mandatory folic acid fortification to go truly global?

Food fortification with neural tube defect (NTD)-reducing folic acid is mandatory in 75 nations, but concerns over cancer and other health issues mean Europe lags far behind  – a situation...

Plant bakers braced for more government salt reduction demands

Bread bakers should be prepared to face further reductions in salt levels when new limits are set by the Department of Health (DH) later this year – despite hitting their...

Big interview: Kevin Cleary, CEO Clif Bar & Company

Clif Bar CEO: 'The protein trend is hot for men and women right now'

Nutrition bars enter - and exit - the snacks aisle at the speed of light these days. So how has Clif Bar managed to sustain the kind of growth rivals...

How to slash oil content in sweet potato chips by 60%: Study

The oil content of sweet potato chips can be reduced by 60% if vacuum fried with an additional de-oiling mechanism, finds new research.

We should get down to 2,300mg sodium/day, but data does not support 1,500mg target, says IOM

New research supports significant reductions in sodium from where most Americans are today, but does not justify population-wide reductions below 2,300 mg per day, according to a new report from...

Plant-based protein craze drives renewed interest in peanut flour

While peanut flour has been around for years, recent interest in protein - particularly the plant-based variety - has sparked renewed interest, particularly in the nutritional bars market, according to...

Don’t dismiss industry encouragement of physical activity, says obesity expert

Food industry encouragement of physical activity in obesity prevention should be welcomed, according to an obesity expert who spoke at the European Congress on Obesity in the UK on Monday.

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