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Less salt, less fat or rich in added vitamins – great aspirations, but it’s more work to make a product that still tastes good. Although the industry has been making strides towards achieving reformulation targets, big technical challenges remain.

Slovenian firm reaps rewards of “huge” health claims investment

Valens, the Slovenian ingredients and supplements manufacturer, is celebrating its barley beta-glucan, LDL cholesterol-lowering health claims victory, it says would not have been possible without a “huge investment”.

‘Uncertainties’ but no specific health risk over mineral oil migration from packaging - UK

There are no specific food safety concerns regarding leaching of mineral oils and ink chemicals from carton board packaging into food and consumers do not need to change their eating...


Lobbyists, start your engines: Can a new health claims formula be won in the European Parliament?

Five years ago the European Union nutrition and health claims regulation (NHCR) became law. Around the bloc, hopeful EU healthy foods and supplements stakeholders submitted more than 44,000 health claim applications.

Ulrick & Short launches new functional fibres

UK-based clean label ingredient specialist Ulrick & Short has launched a new range of functional specialist fibres targeted specifically at the dairy industry, and based on wheat and oats.

Nu-Tek claims 30% sodium reduction for bakery salt offering

US ingredients firm Nu-Tek has conducted a study for its potassium chloride that it said showed its product can cut sodium in baked goods by around a third.

News in brief

Britannia taps into Indian healthy snacks market with product launches

India-based biscuit manufacturer Britannia Industries has launched two new snacks to its NutriChoice brand aimed at the health conscious.

‘Cost-saving’ dairy bulking agent for chocolate and bakery to go global

Arla Foods Ingredients has announced that a dairy bulking agent for chocolate and bakery formulation that it said offers cost savings on sweet whey powder (SWP) is set for global...

Caravan targets donut frying oil for unhealthy fat reduction

Caravan Ingredients has added a new application for its Trancendim range of diglycerides to reduce saturated fat content and eliminate trans fat in donut frying oil.

Tate & Lyle signs agreement for salt reduction technology

Tate & Lyle has announced an exclusive, worldwide license agreement with Eminate Ltd for its novel salt reduction technology Soda-Lo.

Kellogg’s to boost vitamin D levels to 25% RDA in its cereals

Kellogg’s UK “evolving fortification” policies have led to a commitment made today to boost vitamin D levels in a range of children’s breakfast cereals to 1.25 micrograms – or 25%...

Bleaching flaxseed meal improves food ingredient uses: Study

Lightening the colour of protein rich flaxseed meal by bleaching it with hydrogen peroxide will improve the potential for using it as an ingredient in foods, say researchers.

New plant to double Dutch healthy bar maker capacity to 300m

Europe’s leading specialist healthy bar manufacturer – VSI – will open a new facility in January 2012 that will double its capacity to 300m bars per year.

Hungarian ‘chips tax’ wrecks Intersnack investment

Hungarian snacks firm Chio Magyarország – owned by German giant Intersnack – has slammed the country’s new ‘chips tax’ for ruining its chance of winning funding for new popcorn and...

Nutrient powerhouse baobab attracts cereals big gun

Baobab – the African superfruit packing an unparalleled nutritional punch – is being tested by a major player in the cereals sector and is set to feature in a clutch...

Baptista’s expansion plan taps into the trend for healthier snacks

Baked snacks manufacturer Baptista’s Bakery plans to double the size of its factory in Franklin, Wisconsin, in a move that taps into the trend for better-for-you snacking.

Scientists find way of producing good quality breads with prebiotic effect

A new study has shown that rye or wheat bran fortified breads treated with a particular xylanase can yield good quality breads with a prebiotic effect.

‘Substantial variations’ in the use of trans-fats still exist, says research

Although the content of trans-fat in is generally declining, substantial variations are still present in certain product categories, according to new research from Germany.

CASH recognises bread industry efforts on salt reduction

New UK research has found supermarkets’ unlabelled in-store bakery bread is generally higher in salt than the supermarkets’ packaged bread, with differences of more than half a gram between similar...

Breakfast cereals boost nutritional intake in low income populations: Study

Breakfast cereals make a significant contribution towards the micronutrient intake of the low-income UK population, according to new research.

Folate fortification linked to lower colon cancer risk

Increased intakes of folate following the introduction of fortification in the US was associated with a reduction in the incidence of colorectal cancer, says a new analysis.

Raisio H1 EBIT jumps 73%

Finnish supplier Raisio has turned in a bumper half-year with earnings before interest, tax and depreciation (EBIT) surging from €10.3m to €16.2m – a 73% rise.

EFSA health claim opinion

Kraft on positive glycaemic health claim opinion: “We are only halfway through the process”

Kraft Foods Europe is “delighted” to have become only the second company to win an article 13.5 health claim but is focusing now on how the opinion will be viewed...

Analysts predict 6-7% sucralose growth for Tate & Lyle

UK analysts are forecasting 6-7% growth in sucralose for Tate & Lyle Splenda version of the sweetener which leads the segment globally.

EFSA health claim opinion

Kraft chews on article 13.5 glycaemic health claim win

Kraft Foods Europe is the second company to win a positive article 13.5 proprietary and emerging science health claim opinion from the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) with a submission...

GLG granted Stevia patent in China

A fully owned subsidiary of GLG Life Tech Corp has been granted a patent in China for its stevia extraction process.

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