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Less salt, less fat or rich in added vitamins – great aspirations, but it’s more work to make a product that still tastes good. Although the industry has been making strides towards achieving reformulation targets, big technical challenges remain.

Voluntary bread folate policy hailed by industry

Industry leaders have hailed New Zealand’s decision for voluntary folic acid fortification in bread.

FDA to probe consumer understanding of fortification

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has said it intends to examine consumer understanding of fortified foods, to work out whether people consider generally unhealthy snack foods to be healthier...

Industry must educate consumers on fibre intake: Sensus

Consumers understand the health benefits of consuming fibre but knowledge on recommended daily consumption levels is low and industry must work to educate in this area, Sensus says.  

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Raisio’s Brands division healthy UK hopes

Raisio’s healthy snacks Brands division pulled in €85.6m for the second quarter (Q2) with the UK its biggest market with most opportunity.

Healthy food should be cheaper, argues Israeli lobbyist

Healthy food should be made cheaper and a ‘fat tax’ should not be treated simplistically in Israel, the head of the public health lobby in Israel’s parliament has told FoodNavigator....

Healthy snacks for stressed workers – new opportunity

Food manufacturers looking for a growth market should investigate producing healthy snacks for stressed workers.

Filipino legislator seeks trans fats law rewrite

A Philippines lawmaker has introduced a new bill in the country’s Congress that would make it mandatory for food makers to label food products containing industrial trans-fatty acids (TFAs).

Fibre-rich bakery goods: An on-going industry challenge

On-going quality issues with high-fibre baked goods mean consumer acceptance of such products remains low, despite increased demands for healthy products, say researchers.

Penford R&D to plug soaring reduced formulation bakery demands

Penford Food Ingredients is injecting R&D efforts into allergen reduction and fat replacement formulations amid a soaring, lucrative ‘better-for-you’ US market.

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Penford egg replacer to plug allergen and pricing concerns

Penford Food Ingredients has launched a starch-based blend egg replacer targeting the ‘better for you’ bakery sector amid snowballing health and wellness demands and volatile egg prices.

Reducing sodium needs increased knowledge: Review

A scientific review has suggested that wider knowledge on the role of sodium chloride in baked goods is needed should industry wish to reduce levels successfully with little disruption to...

China driving snacking market, with healthy snacking leading the charge: Blue Diamond

Global demand for almonds is increasing, with snacking driving a lot of opportunities. China is the premier snack growth region, says Bill Morecraft, General Manager of Blue Diamond Almonds Global...

Bunge North American CEO: 'Who would have thought Bunge would be involved in cooking and kitchens a few years ago?'

Milled grains and edible oils specialist Bunge is now walking the talk when it comes to collaboration with the launch of a new state-of-the-art culinary center at its Ingredient Innovation...

Arcor Group diversifies into healthy, lucrative Argentina cereal sector

A surging Argentinian cereal market, underpinned by a health shift among consumers has prompted food group Arcor to launch a new cereal line in the country via its Danone joint...

Fortify gluten-free bread with calcium without quality loss, say researchers

Calcium salts can be added to gluten-free breads with the addition of inulin without affecting product quality, according to a study.

Biothera CEO: It’s public knowledge that today’s immune system is not as developed as it was decades ago

Manufacturers of everything from bread to sports supplements are now incorporating beta glucan-based ingredient Wellmune WGP into their products as consumer demand for immune health products grows, says brand owner...

EU health claims may spell global opportunities: National Starch Food Innovation

National Starch Food Innovation has been granted health claims for its maize and barley ingredients and the firm’s EU regulatory manager said this should drive business within Europe and beyond....

Mandatory flour fortification in Africa needs educational support, says Mühlenchemie

Mandatory flour fortification across most of francaphone Africa is fuelling business opportunities for enrichment specialists, but education at ground-level will be crucial to the sector’s future, says Mühlenchemie.

Industry hits back at salt report critics

Trade groups have hit back at critics of their view that the UK food industry is reaching the limits of salt reduction, following a report published today on the topic.

Britannia to launch healthier breads in India

Indian food giant Britannia Industries will target the healthy foods segment for its next stage of growth, starting with healthier bread.

Summer innovation in the snacks arena: Bold, flavoursome and healthy

Snacks and bakery firms have been busily investing in new flavours, textures, packaging and concepts to entice consumers towards their products in the heavily populated snacks aisles. 

Nestlé study claims multi-micronutrient fortified cereal pros

Cereal and milk fortified with multiple micronutrients beyond simply iron can reduce iron-deficiency anaemia in children, according to Nestlé commissioned research.

Nutrient profiling debate reignites

DG Sanco has reignited the nutrient profiling debate by initiating a consultation with other parts of the European Commission to test support for it to set nutrient profiles under health...


Ingredia takes chia to natural-focused China

China’s trend towards natural ingredients with health benefits should ensure the success of Ingredia’s chia product for bakery, the firm has said.

New Zealand iodised salt policy has improved deficiency problem, report

Mandatory use of iodised salt in bakery across New Zealand has improved iodine deficiency levels in children, according to a ministry report.

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