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The US ‘all things fiber’ trend trumps calorie counting in Europe, Beneo finds

The US trend for ‘all things fiber’ has steadily entered Europe with intake now considered more important than calorie counting among consumers, a Beneo research manager says.

Garuda International gets GRAS approval for oat beta-glucan

Garuda International has received GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) approval for its oat beta-glucan ingredient.

Don’t forget mental health when targeting seniors, says Leatherhead

Fortified breads, snacks and cereals targeting mental health in older consumers is an avenue of opportunity for manufacturers, a Leatherhead analyst says.

Delicious and nutritious: Resistant starch may boost fiber content & taste of cookies

Replacing wheat flour with resistant starches may improve the nutritional profile of cookies that are also tastier than ‘conventional’ cookies, says new research.

Fortified wheat-rye bread could aid diabetes and obesity prevention, study

Wheat-rye bread fortified with cereal dietary fiber, beta-glucan hydrogel and sourdough starter culture could be used in diabetes and obesity programs, a study suggests.

JM Smucker: Misguided trans-fat lawsuits are forcing manufacturers to undergo ‘wasteful’ litigation

JM Smucker has urged a California judge to dismiss the third in a “trilogy of trans-fat lawsuits” it claims are just money-grabbing exercises “forcing food manufacturers to undergo wasteful, expensive...

CFBAI kids’ cereals: Out with the bad, in with the good

Cereal firms with products targeted at children have invested in sodium and sugar reductions and nutrient fortification in balance, according to the vice president of the Children’s Food and Beverage Advertising...

Dispatches from the Whole Grains on Every Plate conference

Whole grains and health: Where’s the evidence?

Epidemiological studies reveal a clear association between increased wholegrain consumption and a reduced risk of colorectal cancer, cardiovascular disease, elevated blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and weight gain.

The power of organic: Turning snacks into health foods?

Organic snack purchases are on the rise across the US but consumers do not associate this branding with health, new research finds.

‘Snacks and health seem mutually exclusive’: Analyst

When it comes to snacking, consumers will always put indulgence over health and this puts pressure on healthy snack manufacturers, says an analyst.

Quaker thrives in China with traditional medicine cereal fortification

PepsiCo’s investment to localize its Quaker brand in China with traditional herbal medicine fortification and texture adaptations has enabled it to thrive, an analyst says.

Nestlé breakfast cereal reformulation needs tact, warns specialist

Cereal Partners Worldwide’s reformulation plan for 20 of its Nestlé breakfast cereal brands must happen gradually and unobtrusively to succeed, warns a nutrition policy specialist.

CHOICE Australia says kids’ cereals are nutritionally disappointing

The nutritional value of breakfast cereals marketed to children in Australia is disappointing, with high sugar and salt content and low fiber levels, the country’s consumer watchdog CHOICE says.

Dispatches from IBA 2012

Nu-Tek Food Science takes ‘unique’ salt replacer to Europe

Nu-Tek Food Science has struck a partnership to bring its patented potassium-based salt replacer to Europe.

Barley baking mix enables blood cholesterol health claim

Bread manufacturers can make health claims on blood cholesterol with a newly developed barley bakery pre-mix from DeutscheBack.

Dispatches from IBA 2012

White and brown bread fusion with Backaldrin's 2-in-1 concept

Backaldrin has introduced a bread mix that combines both brown and white bread.

High-fiber breads: Clean label and sensory pitfalls plugged, says DuPont

Ingredients giant DuPont has developed an enzyme blend to meet consumer demands for improved sensory quality and clean label in wholemeal, wholegrain and added-fiber breads, it said.

Dispatches from IBA 2012

Control raising agents for sodium reduction, says Campden BRI

Bakers can reduce sodium by controlling raising agents used in products, according to UK research institute Campden BRI.

Dispatches from IBA 2012

Vacuum cooking film slashes formulation costs: Multivac

A new, vacuum film pack enables bakery firms to slash formulation costs and increase shelf-life when cooking products, Multivac says.

General Mills: New Nature Valley protein bars will be as big as Fiber One brownies in year one

New Nature Valley protein bars will be as big as Fiber One brownies in their first year, General Mills has predicted as consumers replace “mindless munching” with healthier snacking options.

Natural antioxidant offers shelf-life boost for extruded cereals

Rosemary extracts can deliver a significant reduction in the formation of hexanal - a marker for oxidation in foods - without the bitter off-flavors associated with other natural antioxidants, tests...

Millions of Europeans still at heart disease risk from trans fat

Millions of Europeans are still at increased risk of heart disease due to consumption of artificial trans fatty acids, according to a new pan-European review published in BMJ Open.

Fibre-enrichment formulation challenges: Study

Enriching breads with wheat bran, resistant starch and locust bean gum results in favourable tasting products but can reduce volumes and lengthen mixing times, study finds.

‘We unlock the power of wheat’: Kampffmeyer

Kampffmeyer Food Innovation has developed a highly nutritious wheat aleurone that plugs a market demand for healthy, good-tasting baked goods, according to its product manager.

Regulation change could help turn bread into key source of vitamin D

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has amended food additive regulations to allow bakers to significantly increase levels of vitamin D in bread and make ‘High’, ‘Rich In’ or ‘Excellent...

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