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Less salt, less fat or rich in added vitamins – great aspirations, but it’s more work to make a product that still tastes good. Although the industry has been making strides towards achieving reformulation targets, big technical challenges remain.


Ingredia takes chia to natural-focused China

China’s trend towards natural ingredients with health benefits should ensure the success of Ingredia’s chia product for bakery, the firm has said.

New Zealand iodised salt policy has improved deficiency problem, report

Mandatory use of iodised salt in bakery across New Zealand has improved iodine deficiency levels in children, according to a ministry report.

Halal specialist's chickpea snacks hold health appeal

US Halal specialist American Halal has launched a new chickpea snacks line under its Saffron Road brand that it says holds appeal to the ‘natural foods’ consumer as well as...

Ohio judge sides with Cleveland City Council on trans fat ban

An Ohio judge has sided with the city of Cleveland in its attempt to ban the sale of certain products containing trans fats in the city.

Ensuring quality in nutritional pulse based pitas: Study

Navy and pinto beans are the best suited when making pita breads with pulse flours in place of wheat but substitution must be minimised to 25% if quality is to...

Mineral oils linked to health risk not present in UK bread formulation, says Federation of Bakers

The Federation of Bakers has said that mineral oils which EFSA has cited as a possible health hazard are not found in UK bread by any processing method.

Resistant starch balances texture in reduced-fat biscuits, study

Replacing some flour content with resistant starch (RS) in short-dough biscuits is a good way of balancing out the detrimental effects of fat replacement on texture, according to a study.

Novel fiber paves way for next generation of heart healthy baked goods

The firm behind a novel fiber claimed to reduce oxidized LDL cholesterol - an emerging risk factor for heart disease - is in talks with bakers about using it in...

ConAgra Foods snaps up Kangaroo Brands’ private label pita chips business

ConAgra Foods' buying spree has continued with the acquisition of Wisconsin-based Kangaroo Brands’ private label pita chips business - its fourth deal in the 2012 fiscal year.

Biscuit sector driven by health and indulgence

Global biscuit manufacturers are responding to consumers’ contradictory demands by launching new products targeting both health and indulgence, according to market research firm, Innova Market Insights.

EU article 13 health claims register

222 EU health claims become law; experts predict “tsunami of cheap innovation”

It’s official. Companies have six months – until December – to comply with the controversial European Union article 13, general function health claims register which today won final approval from...


Vitafoods: EU nutra space wriggles into new health claims clothes

Vitafoods celebrates its 15th birthday next week. It’ll be my 11th consecutive May visit to Geneva for the jamboree and promises to be one of the most intriguing chapters with the (partial...

Swedes debut oat protein on price-reliability premise

Swedish company Biovelop International AB has debuted an oat-based protein it says offers price competitiveness and supply benefits.

Biothera: ‘Using vitamins and minerals alone to support immune claims is not enough’

US food and beverage manufacturers have not been put off making immunity claims despite the fact that they have plunged several big brands into legal hot water, according to immune...

ConAgra to FDA: There is ‘ample evidence’ to support qualified health claim on whole grains and type II diabetes

ConAgra Foods says there is “ample scientific evidence” to support a qualified health claim about whole grain consumption and a reduced risk of type II diabetes.

PepsiCo targeted in new class action lawsuit over ‘improper’ nutrient content claims

PepsiCo is facing another class action lawsuit in California – this time accusing it of making a nutrient content claim (0 grams trans fat) on Frito-Lay snacks, without adhering to...

Enzyme can prolong bread shelf life up to two weeks, claims Mühlenchemie

German firm Mühlenchemie has developed a baking enzyme that it claims can increase the shelf life of bread by up to two weeks.

March 21 article 13 health claims list: ‘Pass it’ says FDE; ‘to the bin’ says ANH

Europe’s premier food industry body, FoodDrinkEurope (FDE), is backing next week’s European Parliament (EP) vote on the controversial 222-strong health claim register, as opponents rally last-minute veto support.

DuPont champions alternative hydrocolloids as guar replacers

Amid sky-high prices and shortages of guar gum driven by an unprecedented surge in demand, food formulators have renewed focus on finding replacers and DuPont is championing use of alternative...

Alternating taste intensities could help cut sugar and salt levels: NIZO

The development of foods that contain alternating levels of taste intensity in the mouth could lead to reductions in sugar and salt levels, while retaining the same perception as with...

Senomyx CEO hints at PepsiCo interest in enhancer to cut HFCS

Flavour ingredients house Senomyx has hinted at PepsiCo’s interest in its work on developing an enhancer to reduce high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) levels in beverages and foods by up...

Trans fats linked to stroke incidence: Study

Older women whose diets include a substantial amount of trans-fats are more likely than their counterparts to suffer an ischemic stroke, a new study suggests.

General Mills files motion to dismiss fruit snacks lawsuit: ‘We never said they were healthful and nutritious’

General Mills has filed a motion to dismiss a class action lawsuit accusing it of presenting products that were “little better than candy” as “healthful and nutritious”.

Functional Technologies’ yeast to take acrylamide prevention into non-bakery

Proprietary yeast technology may help reduce acrylamide levels in finished foods that do not usually include yeast to ‘near non-detectable levels’, say the developers of the ingredient.

Sonneveld responds to Dutch salt cap on bread

Increasing aromas and using oxidised enzymes can help bread manufacturers reduce salt as a Dutch cap on salt content looms, according to ingredients firm Sonneveld.

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