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Post strengthens natural offerings with Hearthside buy

A second acquisition will further strengthen Post Holding’s position in the high-growth natural cereal segment, its CEO says.

Symphony Consulting: Growth rates of key label claims - organic, natural, gluten-free - are leveling off

Growth rates of several individual label claims under the health & wellness umbrella have started to level off, according to new research from Symphony Consulting.


‘It’s quite a challenge to satisfy consumers’: Puratos R&D head

Consumers want the best of everything and the challenge for bakery manufacturers is to address complicated paradoxes, says the head of research and development (R&D) at Puratos.

Cain Foods partners with Nu-Tek to slash sodium in bakery

The US bakery sector can now reduce salt levels by up to 50% with access to Nu-Tek technology, says Cain Foods Ingredients.

Kraft drops its MilkBite milk and granola bars. But were they doomed from the start?

In February 2012, Kraft unveiled a category first: MilkBite milk and granola bars for the refrigerated dairy aisle combining “real milk” (and as much calcium as an 8floz glass of...

Gluten-free app could drive nutrition innovation, says research fellow

A gluten-free scanning app in Australia could prompt industry to improve nutritional content and label on-pack, says a research fellow from the George Institute for Global Health.

Pushing the boundaries: Can we take salt reduction to the next level?

Is industry at the limit of what it can realistically achieve in lowering salt levels, or will a new wave of scientific developments and innovative technologies help to push the...

‘Spice is a way to bring nuts and seeds mainstream’: Analyst

European consumers have got a taste for exotic flavors and a desire for healthier snack alternatives which means spiced nuts and seeds have enormous potential, an analyst says.


Room to grow: Bakery sector fiber health claims

The bakery industry may prefer nutrition content to genuine health claims - a state-of-affairs that reflects the relative few claim-backed nutrients available to breads, cereals, bars and other baked products...


The hunt for that ‘added extra’: Pushing beyond a health claim

The health-conscious yet frugal consumer is increasingly difficult to convince, even when presented with a plethora of health and nutrition claims on pack. So, just how can manufacturers prompt that...


How are market-leading kids’ cereal firms tackling health claims?

Use of health and nutrition claims on kids' cereal is widespread, but manufacturers are using them with caution and the majority favor nutrient content claims.


Omega-3 bread: Health claims, sources and dosage gives a snapshot of the omega-3 bread market and unearths the best source of omega-3, the claims bakers can make on products and how much you need to have...

High fructan barley holds wholegrain promise, says CSIRO

A barley variety high in fructans and positively linked to improved gut health holds promise for wholegrain foods, according to the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO).

Sorghum: The next big gluten-free grain?

Leading scientists have hailed sorghum as a highly nutritious and cost-effective gluten-free grain, but said industry use remains nascent.

RTE cereals reduce BMI in obesity-prone minority, low-income kids: Study

Obesity-prone minority US children from low-income families could reduce their body mass index (BMI) by prolonged consumption of ready-to-eat (RTE) breakfast cereals, new research suggests.

Fibrous barley and mushroom beta-glucans reduce glycemic response of extruded snacks: Study

Fiber content of extruded snacks can be upped while the glycemic response is lowered with the inclusion of beta-glucan fractions from barley and mushrooms, finds new research.

Flaxseed may offer improvements for obese pre-diabetics

Adding flaxseed to the diet may decrease insulin resistance in pre-diabetics and help reduce the risk of developing type-2 diabetes, suggests new data from the US and Canada.

CHOICE Australia slams ‘alarmingly’ high salt levels in kids’ snacks and cereal

CHOICE Australia has slammed industry on high sodium levels in snacks and breakfast cereal targeting kids and has called for tougher action towards change.

NJ firm launches ‘world’s first low fat, low calorie, snack nuts’. But are they better for you?

A New Jersey-based firm is seeking to patent the process behind the ‘world’s first commercial low fat snack nuts’: nuts that have been pressed using a novel high-speed process that...

Seaweed is unexploited and brimming with prospects for snacks, says expert

Seaweed is an extremely nutritious yet unexploited food ingredient that holds huge prospects for snack makers, a research expert says.

Nestlé targets coconut water frenzy with new frozen snack

Nestlé says its newly launched coconut water-based frozen snacks will hold great appeal among US consumers.


Demand for fat, sodium and sugar testing in snacks mounts, specialist

There is more demand from snack makers to quantify ingredients with a bad name given new labeling requirements like front-of-pack nutrition panels, says a testing specialist.

Innovation and new markets: How snack firms can ride the recessionary wave

Snack makers must continue to innovate and develop new markets to succeed in a tough and increasingly competitive marketplace, says the president of the Snack Food Association (SFA).

RTE cereals can help close ‘chronic’ US fiber gap: Study

Only one in ten US consumers gets the recommended amount of fiber, but fibrous whole grain ready-to-eat (RTE) cereals can boost daily intake by around 14%, a new study finds.


Frugal foodies, quick serve competition and health quests: Snack firms take heed…

Snack firms must battle with frugal consumers, expanded competition and the challenge to remain innovative, exciting and healthy, a leading sector analyst says.

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