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Efforts to curb junk food marketing to kids have been repeatedly thwarted by commercial interests, says ex-CDC director

Although federal efforts have led to “modest improvements” in food quality and marketing practices in recent years, “commercial interests have consistently overridden the health concerns of children”, according to one...

Can 7-Eleven's own-label snacks compete with premium brands?

Convenience chain 7-Eleven has developed an organic better-for-you snack range to retail alongside premium brands – an interesting move but one that needs to be executed cleverly, warns an analyst.

‘We’ve slashed the salt, now where's the credit?’

Bradford-based Seabrook crisps has slashed its products’ salt levels by 20% – but its boss says the industry as a whole is not getting the credit is deserves for undertaking...

RTE cereals: The childhood obesity culprits?

Manufacturers of high-sugar ready-to-eat cereals are misleading and confusing kids in child-targeted TV advertising, researchers claim.

Ireland calls for EU max limits on folic acid in bread

Voluntary folic acid fortification of bread is sufficient but maximum limits should be set and the market carefully monitored, a public health expert says.

The market for after school snacks is untapped, says Mintel

UK food makers have been focused on the lunchbox trend but have failed to notice a gaping hole full of promise – the after school snacking occasion, a Mintel analyst says.

Fortification successful for ‘near-elimination’ of folic acid anemia

Mandatory fortification of select cereal grains with folic acid has led to the ‘near eradication’ of folate-deficiency anemia, says a new study.

No time for breakfast: Convenience is king

A new survey has revealed that far from enjoying a traditional full English each morning, many Brits are skipping breakfast because they say they do not have enough time.

Quaker oat science: The reality is, it’s just big companies that can fund this research, says analyst

Quaker's involvement in oat research does not need to be compromised by its interest in the sector and should be supported given the lack of funding from elsewhere, says an...

Study links early junk food exposure to mental problems in children

A broad new study has found that that mums with unhealthy diets of cereals and sweet drinks during pregnancy are more likely to have children with behavioural problems.

Cricket protein bar maker seeks to ‘normalize the consumption of insects’

Two young entrepreneurs have developed a high protein bar using crickets that they say have superior nutritional qualities and can go a long way in making insect consumption mainstream in...

Guest article

Does EFSA’s folate-NTD opinion open door to disease claims?

The European Food Safety Authority’s (EFSA) recent backing of folate’s (vitamin B9) ability to reduce the risk of spinal birth defects is a good thing for infant health and the...

The better the story, the bigger the serving! TV distracts us into snacking

Whether or not we are fully engrossed in a TV programme or video game's plot affects the amount we snack, research suggests.

Sleep deprivation linked to junk and snack food cravings

A lack of sleep could alter the way our brains work, making us more likely to consume unhealthy snack products than healthier options, say researchers.

Hot stuff: Special K multi-grain porridge has a competitive edge, says analyst

Promoting positive nutrition with mixed grains alongside a low fat content will give Kellogg a competitive edge in the porridge market, says analyst.

Purple rain: Purple corn craze moves from snacks to beer, bread, confectionery and popcorn

A Minnesota-based firm making waves with anthocyanin-packed purple-corn ingredients says it has had significant interest from the snack food market, but is also talking to microbrewers, confectioners, and firms manufacturing...

Sophisticated fats: Consumer awareness drives trans fat free bakery

Increased consumer knowledge on fats has underpinned a raft of bakery new product development (NPD) making ‘no trans fat’ claims, an analyst says.

News in brief

Post Foods moves into active nutrition, supplements, with $180m deal to buy Joint Juice and Premier Protein maker PNC

Ready-to-eat cereals giant Post Holdings has moved into the active nutrition and supplements market with a $180m deal to acquire Premier Nutrition Corporation (PNC) - maker of Titan and Premier...

Europe no.1 in the global bakery innovation race

Europe is driving global bakery innovation ahead of the US, representing over half of all new product launches for 2012. But what are some of the ‘most innovative’ products? 

Europe no.1 in the global bakery innovation race

Europe is driving global bakery innovation ahead of the US, representing over half of all new product launches for 2012. But what are some of the ‘most innovative’ products? 

Quaker shifts away from cereal with Jamba Juice partnership

PepsiCo’s Quaker brand sees potential in oats beyond breakfast and has struck a deal with smoothie retailer Jamba Juice.

DuPont launches new protein/fiber combo as nutrition bar demand soars

DuPont Nutrition & Health has launched a new soy nugget for nutrition bars, ticking the boxes of protein, fiber and crunch in one ingredient.

CSPI aims to bust common myth that processed snacks are cheaper than fruit and veg

Given the obesity epidemic and high rates of chronic disease in the US, consumers should replace convenience foods and snacks with cheaper options like fruit and vegetables, says the Center...

Review: The true antioxidant potential of wholegrain cereals

Digestion may impact the antioxidant potential of wholegrain cereals and more human studies are needed to confirm their true activity, according to research.

Hostess Brands president: 'The Twinkie is like Elvis - many impersonators, but only one king'

Hostess Brands may develop new cake lines with added fiber, wholegrain or even gluten-free variants and it's not afraid of competition, its president says.

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