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Health conscious consumers drive UK oat sales

Hot cereals such as porridge and oatmeal are benefiting from a revival among Britain's health conscious consumers, according to Mintel.

GM potato no threat to health, says EFSA

A genetically modified potato product with altered starch composition poses no threat to human health, according to an EFSA panel ruling.

Kraft to target health, convenience and premium trends

US manufacturer Kraft Foods has announced a "fewer, bigger, better" policy, concentrating on crucial brands in key areas as the firm suffers from lagging performance.

Healthy eating creates dilemma for the food industry

Food companies are facing a business conundrum in the wake of the consumer stampede towards healthier eating, according to a new report from JPMorgan: continue going against the grain with...

'Direct evidence' that cocoa benefits heart health

A team of international researchers claims to have 'direct evidence' for a cocoa flavanol improving blood vessel relaxation.

Barley products to carry heart health claim

US Manufacturers of products containing barley are allowed to claim that they may help reduce the risk of heart disease, according to the Food and Drug Administration, which has approved...

ConAgra strengthens health profile as it slices trans fats

ConAgra is to remove all trans fats from its whole grain microwave popcorn snack lines starting February 2006, marking the next step in the company's attempt to link itself with...

Improved low trans fats target healthy baked goods, says ADM

Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) has expanded its range of low trans fats, which it claims will allow manufacturers of baked goods to produce healthier formulations with good functionality.

Fiber market set to surge, but products must stress health benefits

Demand for fiber in the US is forecast to more than double in the next six years, with food manufacturers set to "tap into regions with very few competitors but...

New low sugar high fiber cranberry targets healthy food applications

US cranberry co-operative Ocean Spray is launching a low sugar, high fiber sweetened dry cranberry product designed for use in a variety of health positioned food applications including baked goods...

Health is key to growing food bar market

Health is a key driver for sales of food bars, which look set for an annual increase of around 9.9 percent over the next five years, according to new market...

UK bagel market boosted by health appeal

With the UK bagel market witnessing rapid growth in recent years, BakeryAndSnacks spoke to two of the nation's bagel manufacturers at the Anuga food show in Cologne last week to...

Kraft launches healthy Nabisco snack line

Leading US food manufacturer Kraft Foods has taken another step in the direction of health and wellness, launching a new line of wholegrain snack products under its Nabisco brand.

Kellogg launches cereal and exercise health initiative

Leading cereal maker Kellogg is to introduce a programme in the US designed to help families get fit and keep healthy. The programme involves a daily bowl of cereal combined...

Nestlé to invest in becoming healthier

Global food manufacturer Nestlé is to invest €500m in developing its health and wellness image, the company announced today.

Kraft targets kids' advertising as part of health and wellness campaign

On the back of growing consumer interest in healthy eating, leading US food maker Kraft Foods is focusing on its increasingly successful health and wellness segment, announcing plans to further...

Tate & Lyle cereal ingredients target health market

Food ingredients giant Tate & Lyle has launched two new cereal ingredient solutions designed to enhance the nutritive qualities of food and beverages without compromising on taste or texture.

ADM innovations tap health and regulation concerns

ADM's promotion of two innovative ingredients at the IFT conference this week illustrates how health awareness and regulatory concerns have shot up the industry's priority list, writes Anthony Fletcher.

Fibre-enriched cocoa products raise health stakes for confectionery firms

A new low-carb cocoa, being launched by Spanish firm Natraceutical this month, will help confectionery makers lift the fibre levels and lower the glycaemic response of their products, reports Dominique...

New lab taps potential of healthy ingredients

A new laboratory designed to improve the quality of barley and oats could have major implications for makers of breakfast cereals, beverages and bakery goods.

More fines for bakeries neglecting health and safety

Another UK bakery faced a heavy fine this week after neglecting to ensure a safe working environment, leading to a worker losing his arm in an accident with a dough...

Scientists to design health-packed 'super-sorghum' cereal

While food scientists are keen to promote the gluten-free benefits of sorghum in food formulations, African scientists are set to design a genetically engineered 'super sorghum' packed with vitamins and...

General Mills attacked for misleading health ads

A controversial national ad campaign from General Mills looks likely to run into trouble with the health lobby, writes Anthony Fletcher.

Britons go nuts for natural health booster

The health benefits of nuts, and their promotion as part of the so-called 'GI diet', are boosting sales in the UK to record levels.


Highway to health

Parked on the hot coals of public opinion, the food industry can lose no time in proving how healthy its products are.

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