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RSSL extends allergen testing capability

Reading Scientific Services Ltd (RSSL) has announced that it has validated new methods to test for the presence of fish and molluscs in food products.

AHD launches chia flour for gluten-free bakery

AHD International has expanded its range of chia products to include chia seed flour, a gluten-free, heart-healthy alternative to white flour in bakery products.

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New US snack company to produce gluten-free bean-based crisps

The founder of American snacks company Guiltless Gourmet has announced the launch of a new company called Right Brothers Foods in Austin, Texas, which aims to tap into demand for...

Study pinpoints cashew allergens which survive processing

Researchers at Florida State University have found that key proteins in cashew nuts survive even after processing, which may lead to more accurate detection of allergens in mixed ingredient food...

New plant: Pava accelerates supplies of wheat gluten and starches

Ambitious Russian grain processor PAVA spears higher margin value-added ingredients, announcing plans to break ground on a grain fractionation plant for the production of wheat gluten, starches and syrups.

Cost impact on bakers for gluten-free rules, food watchdog investigates

Costs to the bakery industry imposed by proposed rules from Brussels on gluten-free foods come into focus with the UK's Food Standards Agency (FSA) calling on views from stakeholders.

Resistant starch raises fibre in gluten-free bread: study

A new study has concluded that partially replacing corn starch in gluten free breads with tapioca and corn resistant starch can raise dietary fibre significantly, but without having a great...

Gluten-free bakery gets boost from enzyme: study

Baking gluten-free breads for the ever-growing coeliac population may be possible using brown rice and buckwheat flours and adding the transglutaminase enzyme, according to results of a European project.

FDA requires bakery group allergen-action

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has given a natural baked goods manufacturer 15 days to provide information on changes made to its allergen labelling policy for some of...

Ulrick & Short launches non-allergenic glaze for baked goods

Ulrick & Short's ready to use Eziglaze for bakery products offers a clean label alternative to egg- and milk-based ready-to-use glazes, and can help a baker's bottom line, according to...

General Mills cereal goes gluten-free

Global food manufacturer General Mills last week said its US Rice Chex cereal will from now on be gluten-free, as part of the firm's plans to target the ever expanding...

Finsbury acquires gluten-free bakery firms

Finsbury has strengthened its position in the UK gluten-free bakery market with the acquisition of two manufacturers in the country - Yorkshire Farm Bakery (YFB) and A&P Foods.

New application for enzyme saves gluten costs

Rising wheat prices have led AB Enzymes to promote a new application for Veron HF, which it says can be used to replace gluten in bakery products.

Weekly comment

Allergen-free: time for clarity

Claiming 'free from' is not a light statement to make. Lives depend on it. As scientific progress questions the validity of such claims, it is time to establish exact guidelines...

Scientists create stronger wheat with gluten fortification

Researchers in Texas are working on the development of stronger gluten flours, designed for use in more resistant bread products.

Process eliminates allergens in peanuts, claims scientist

Details remain unclear about the claims by a North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University researcher that he has developed a process to make allergen-free peanuts.

Gluten-free opportunities in the spotlight at IFT

With the market for gluten-free products growing rapidly around the world, many opportunities are opening for industry, but work still needs to be done on taste and texture, experts told...

Marigot mineral complex improves gluten-free bread texture

Irish mineral specialist Marigot's Aquamin complex appears to have benefits beyond enhancing the mineral content of certain specialist bakery products: it has also been seen to improve the texture of...

Researchers develop new nut allergen test

A research laboratory has developed new tests that enable processors to identify pine nuts and chestnuts in food, which could help protect consumers with allergies.

Weekly Comment

Allergens: no room for mistakes

It would be a mistake for governments and industry to misinterpret the recent progress in food allergen labeling as a final solution: there is much that yet remains to be...

Gluten-soy protein's potential for carb replacement

A gluten-soy protein isolate combination has significant potential as a carbohydrate replacer in cookies aimed at the low-carbohydrate diet sector, say researchers.

Gluten-free bread promises improved texture, taste

Scientists have developed a new variety of gluten-free bread suitable for consumers suffering from coeliac disease and boasting a longer shelf-life, increased nutritional value and better texture than products already...

Peanut gene breakthrough may lead to allergen free nuts

Scientists have identified a new gene in peanuts that codes for a protein with no apparent allergic effects, research that opens up the possibility of allergen-free GM nuts.

Fungus enzyme could lead to supplements for coeliacs

A newly identified enzyme can break down gluten molecules before they reach the small intestine, Dutch researchers have shown, and may offer hope for the management of coeliac disease using...

New on-site gluten test targets specialty food firms

A new credit-card sized gluten testing kit that can be used on site claims to provide food firms with a quick and cheap way to test for both low and...

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