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Quinoa and buckwheat top nutrition tables for gluten-free

The polyphenol content of quinoa and buckwheat flours may enhance the nutritional profile of gluten-free formulations, and may be a better option than amaranth, says a new study.

Datem may boost gluten-free formulations

Datem emulsifiers with carefully chosen gums like xanthan may enhance the formulation of rice bread for the gluten-free market, says new research.

New cassava-based flour boost for gluten-free bakers, says AKFP

A cassava-based wheat flour replacement will appeal to bakery manufacturers keen to develop a wide selection of gluten-free products when it becomes available later this year, claims the US ingredient...

Oats may boost nutritional profile of gluten-free diets

Adding oats to a gluten-free diet may enhance the nutritional values of the diets, particularly for vitamins and minerals, as well as increasing antioxidant levels, say two studies from Scandinavia.

Egg foam may enhance gluten-free sourdoughs

Egg white foam may boost gluten-free sourdoughs enhance the structure of the resulting baked goods and extend the range of gluten-free products, says a new study.

Maltodextrin boosts quality of gluten-free bread: Study

Formulating gluten-free bread with maltodextrin may beneficially impact on bread volume and boost crumb hardening during storage, says a new study from Poland.

GFF builds united front on gluten-free

The Grain Foods Foundation (GFF) has distributed information to food manufacturers and marketers to help them deal with media enquiries about gluten-free diets and foods.

Enzymes could enhance oat-based gluten-free breads

Specific enzymes could lead to better quality oat-based bread for the burgeoning gluten-free market, says a new study from Ireland.

Strain breakthrough points to gluten-free sourdough

German scientists have identified two strains to produce amaranth-based sourdoughs, potentially opening the way towards new gluten-free formulations.

New gluten to offer formulation enhancements

A low-salt, low-fat gluten ingredient is being developed in Australia, with the potential to offer formulators a product with a lighter colour and enhanced texture.

Big retail backs gluten-free

More demanding consumers and opportunity-hungry retailers are driving innovation in the gluten-free market, according to the chief executive of British charity Coeliac UK.

Chickpea crackers offer iron-rich gluten-free options

Crackers made from the flour of chickpeas may contain between 3 to 6 times more iron than existing products, offering nutrient-rich options to the burgeoning gluten-free market.

Emulsifiers delay staling in gluten-free bread: Study

Formulating gluten-free breads with common emulsifiers may delay the staling of the products, leading to longer shelf-life, according to new research from Germany.

Clean-label starches tackle texture for gluten-free bakery

National Starch has moved into gluten-free bakery solutions with a new range of clean-label starches for use in gluten-free products for the North American market.

Dispatches from IFT

Ancient grain blend to plug gluten-free nutrition gap

ConAgra Mills has developed a gluten-free flour that claims to have superior nutritional qualities to white rice, potato and corn flours, made with a blend of ancient grains.

Gluten-free diet not friendly to gut bacteria: Study

Following a gluten-free diet may be detrimental to gut health, which may also affect immune health, according to a new study from the Spanish National Research Council.

General Mills extends gluten-free formulations to five more snacks

In pace with growing consumer demand for gluten-free foods, US snack firm General Mills will roll out five new gluten-free formulations in the summer.

ELISA kits make allergen testing easier, claims Oxoid

European food manufacturers can now use the ELISA Systems range of food allergen tests kits alongside the regular range of microbiological tests from Oxoid, according to the diagnostics company.

Fibre-enriched gluten-free bread gets formulation boost

Oat and corn fibre may boost the fibre content of gluten-free bread and enhance the colour, texture and volume of the loaves, says a new study from Greece.

Amaranth may extend gluten-free bread shelf-life: Study

An extract from amaranth may extend the shelf-life of both gluten-containing and gluten-free breads, according to new research from Italy.

Polyphenols could lead to allergen-free peanut butter: Study

Adding polyphenols compounds to liquid peanut butter may reduce the level of proteins in the product responsible for peanut allergy, suggests a new study.

Chewing the Fat: How big is gluten-free?

The Chewing the Fat series has the FoodNavigator team getting its teeth into food issues. The gluten-free market is set to continue its expansion in the coming years, fuelled by...

Gluten-free baguettes get formulation boost

Combining buckwheat flour and guar gum could lead to the gluten-free French bread with “improved quality attributes”, says a new study from France.

Opportunities for growth in gluten-free foods

New gluten-free rules from Brussels may well incur incremental costs for bakers and snack manufacturers but with one in a hundred UK consumers estimated to be gluten intolerant, unlocking...

New gluten-free labelling could mean extra costs for bakers

New rules from Brussels implemented this week on the labelling and formulation of gluten-free foods could signal a rise in costs for the bakery industry.

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