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Fruit flours: A new nutritional and sustainable gluten-free alternative?

Gluten-free foods could benefit from highly fibrous fruit flours developed from the by-product of juice and cider production, according to a senior researcher.

Dr. Schar bites into giant US gluten-free market with new facility

Gluten-free specialist Dr. Shar will bite into the sizeable gluten-free market in the US with its new manufacturing facility that will produce breads, bagels and frozen goods.

Summer innovation in the snacks arena: Bold, flavoursome and healthy

Snacks and bakery firms have been busily investing in new flavours, textures, packaging and concepts to entice consumers towards their products in the heavily populated snacks aisles. 

ConAgra introduces wholegrain white flour with stronger gluten for reduced-cost baking

ConAgra Mills has introduced a new wholegrain white flour that reduces added gluten requirements, is more absorbent, and has high mix tolerance, thereby cutting costs for bakers, the company claims.

Functional gluten-free biscuit developed using ancient cereal

Researchers have developed a functional biscuit from the ancient cereal teff flour that it claims is suited to celiac patients and sportsmen.

Lupin ‘super’ cereals: A new trend on the horizon?

A new high-content lupin cereal holds huge potential for the global health and gluten-free markets, according to its Australian developers.

Gluten-free: Room for education and innovation

The snowballing gluten-free trend holds extensive opportunities for ingredients firms but education and innovation is needed to secure the future of this segment, an industry expert has said.

No single ingredient the solution for boosting gluten-free bread quality, finds review

Neither enzymes, starches, hydrocolloids or sourdough can be used alone to replace gluten to improve the quality of gluten-free breads, according to a recent study review.

Sprouted soybean paste to plug gluten-free, low carb gap

Hungarian start-up Fitorex has a patented sprouted soybean paste that enables gluten-free, high protein and low carb bakery formulation; a market gap with high demands, it said.

Dispatches from Israel

GreenLite targets Europe with gluten free products

Israel's bakery firm GreenLite is taking its gluten free products to the European market for the first time later this year, premiering at trade show Sial.

Halal specialist's chickpea snacks hold health appeal

US Halal specialist American Halal has launched a new chickpea snacks line under its Saffron Road brand that it says holds appeal to the ‘natural foods’ consumer as well as...

Canadian government invests in controls for gluten-free foods

The Canadian Celiac Association has received a C$245,000 investment from the Canadian government to help enhance food safety systems and develop specific controls for gluten-free foods, in an effort to...

Inulin can up nutritional profile of gluten-free bakery if water binding can be mastered – study

Researchers claim to have found the key to preventing dough modification from inulin addition for functional gluten-free bakery.

Gluten free furore highlights inaccurate reporting

A recent expose of the cost of gluten free products on the National Health Service (NHS) drew on inaccurate reports, according to ‘free from foods’ authority Foods Matter.

No cuts to gluten free food prescriptions, say dieticians

The British Dietectic Association (BDA) has backed calls to provide free gluten free staples on prescription in the UK.

Frito-Lay plans its own gluten-free symbol

The world’s largest snack firm Frito-Lay has announced plans to use its own gluten-free symbol on labels in North America after validating products as gluten-free through two celiac organisations.

Industry insider on challenges of gluten-free bakery asks a gluten free specialist how long it will take to achieve the elusive gluten-free bread that is on par to conventional wheat loaf.

Gluten free ‘does not have long term legs’, says trend expert

The popularity of gluten free foods is set to taper off within the next two or three years, claimed Dr. Elizabeth Sloan, president of Sloan Trends, at the recent Research...

News in brief

Mislabeled milk allergen sparks US cream puff recall

US firm Crème Curls Bakery has recalled some of its vanilla cream puff products because the source of sodium caseinate, a milk derivative, is not labelled on the product, putting...

Gluten free bakery potential for Solanic’s potato protein isolates after SA GRAS approval

Dutch ingredients firm Solanic has achieved self-affirmed generally recognised as safe status (SA GRAS) in the US for its natural potato protein isolates and claims the protein can help manufacturers...

Tannins show promise for allergen-free peanut products

The use of tannic acid could help to reduce the allergic potential of products that contain peanut proteins, say researchers.

CODEX-sanctioned gluten testing method may ‘underestimate’ values in hydrolysed foods such as beer, researcher claims

Spanish researchers claim to have developed a cheaper, faster and more accurate method for detecting gluten levels in hydrolysed foods, and found that numerous products tested, including beers, using their...

Gluten free diets may be unnecessary for many, suggest researchers

Nonceliac gluten sensitivity has become an increasingly prevalent diagnosis in the United States, but many Americans may needlessly be limiting their diets as there is no accepted definition of the...

News in brief

Kellogg launches gluten-free Rice Krispies in Canada

Kellogg has introduced Rice Krispies Brown Rice gluten-free cereal across Canada to complement the original variety.

Manufacturers should use pulse flours to fill nutrient gaps in gluten-free products, says dietician

Using pea or bean flour instead of rice flour in gluten free products could significantly improve their nutritional profile, according to one expert on celiac disease.

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