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Gluten-free & Allergens

Gluten-free & Allergens

Demand for gluten-free and non-allergenic bakery, snack and cereal products is continuing to surge. This is being fueled by consumers with celiac disease, other allergies and intolerances and also a consumer sentiment that free-from is healthier for you. There is a pressing need for industry to step up the challenge of providing safe foods that also taste good.

No cuts to gluten free food prescriptions, say dieticians

The British Dietectic Association (BDA) has backed calls to provide free gluten free staples on prescription in the UK.

Frito-Lay plans its own gluten-free symbol

The world’s largest snack firm Frito-Lay has announced plans to use its own gluten-free symbol on labels in North America after validating products as gluten-free through two celiac organisations.

Industry insider on challenges of gluten-free bakery asks a gluten free specialist how long it will take to achieve the elusive gluten-free bread that is on par to conventional wheat loaf.

Gluten free ‘does not have long term legs’, says trend expert

The popularity of gluten free foods is set to taper off within the next two or three years, claimed Dr. Elizabeth Sloan, president of Sloan Trends, at the recent Research...

News in brief

Mislabeled milk allergen sparks US cream puff recall

US firm Crème Curls Bakery has recalled some of its vanilla cream puff products because the source of sodium caseinate, a milk derivative, is not labelled on the product, putting...

Gluten free bakery potential for Solanic’s potato protein isolates after SA GRAS approval

Dutch ingredients firm Solanic has achieved self-affirmed generally recognised as safe status (SA GRAS) in the US for its natural potato protein isolates and claims the protein can help manufacturers...

Tannins show promise for allergen-free peanut products

The use of tannic acid could help to reduce the allergic potential of products that contain peanut proteins, say researchers.

CODEX-sanctioned gluten testing method may ‘underestimate’ values in hydrolysed foods such as beer, researcher claims

Spanish researchers claim to have developed a cheaper, faster and more accurate method for detecting gluten levels in hydrolysed foods, and found that numerous products tested, including beers, using their...

Gluten free diets may be unnecessary for many, suggest researchers

Nonceliac gluten sensitivity has become an increasingly prevalent diagnosis in the United States, but many Americans may needlessly be limiting their diets as there is no accepted definition of the...

News in brief

Kellogg launches gluten-free Rice Krispies in Canada

Kellogg has introduced Rice Krispies Brown Rice gluten-free cereal across Canada to complement the original variety.

Manufacturers should use pulse flours to fill nutrient gaps in gluten-free products, says dietician

Using pea or bean flour instead of rice flour in gluten free products could significantly improve their nutritional profile, according to one expert on celiac disease.

General Mills boosts natural foods portfolio with gluten free snacks deal

General Mills has boosted its presence in the natural foods market with the acquisition of Massachusetts-based gluten free snack foods firm Food Should Taste Good for an undisclosed sum.

Tereos claims protein-rich wheat gluten gives added chew for healthy cereal bars

Using wheat gluten as a texturiser in cereal bars can produce products high in protein that are fit for the healthy snacking market, according to ingredients firm Tereos Syral

Push for universal gluten-free symbol in Europe

The Association of European Coeliac Societies has adopted Coeliac UK’s gluten-free symbol as it looks to standardise gluten-free labelling across Europe.

Potential for reduced glycaemic breakfast cereals with alternative flours, finds study

Using amaranth, millet or buckwheat flour to replace traditional flours can lower the glycaemic response in extruded breakfast cereals spelling opportunities for manufacturers, according to a study.

EC gluten-free labelling regulations enter full force

A European Commission regulation requiring products labelled ‘gluten-free’ to contain below a maximum gluten content level came into full force yesterday.

Warburtons coy on expansion plans as growth in gluten-free and Eastern Europe booms

British bakery firm, Warburtons, has announced plans to invest and diversify its business over the next ten years, both in the UK and abroad as it sees strong performance in...

Chickpea flour plugs nutritional gap in gluten-free products

A new long-life flour ingredient derived from chickpeas enables gluten-free ready meals, biscuits, pastry, bakery, snacks and cereals, claims developer Limagrain Céréales Ingrédients (LCI).

Gluten-free flour enhances dough hydration for premium bakery – National Starch

Ingredients firm National Starch has launched a gluten-free flour that it claims can boost dough hydration and improve functionality compared to gluten-free starches typically used in premium bakery goods.

Gluten-free products drive growth for Finsbury Foods

UK bakery firm Finsbury Foods has announced improved revenues in its annual report stimulated by gluten-free offerings and a wider fresh bakery portfolio.

Stratum introduces whole-fruit clean label fat substitute for baked goods

Speciality ingredients firm Stratum Nutrition has launched a kiwifruit pectin paste it says can replace up to 90% of fats in baked goods and other foods.

Mass spectrometry will cover ineffective allergen testing: food safety expert

The first commercially available mass spectrometry (MS) multi-allergen screening system will cover the “inefficiencies” of current methods, according to a food safety expert.

Xanthan gum may boost quality of gluten free cakes: Study

The addition of xanthan gum may improve the quality of gluten free cakes, leading to improved bakery products for celiac patients, according to a new review.

Guar gum could boost potential for chestnut flour in gluten free foods, says study

The addition of thickeners and stabilisers such as guar gum could help to boost the usage chestnut flour in gluten free breads, according to new research.

Jowa invests CHF 5m in gluten-free baking

Swiss bakery firm Jowa, a subsidiary of Migros, is investing more than CHF 5, (EUR4.1 million) in a production centre in Huttwil for gluten-free bakery and pasta products.

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