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Gluten-free & Allergens

Demand for gluten-free and non-allergenic bakery and snacks is continuing to surge. This is being fuelled by consumers with coeliac disease, other allergies and intolerances and also a consumer sentiment that free-from is healthier for you. There is a pressing need for industry to step up the challenge of providing safe foods that also taste good.

Acidic ingredient yields rice flour bread with better texture, study

Adding monosodium phosphate to dough increases the volume of gluten-free bread based on rice flour and hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (HPMC) and improves its texture, claims new research.

Celiac disease may have little influence on soaring gluten free market

Packaged Facts says the US market for gluten free products is growing faster than expected – but few consumers buy gluten free foods to address celiac disease or dietary intolerances.

Fermented wheat flour may be safe for celiac patients, suggests study

Baked goods made from wheat flour fermented with certain micro-organisms may be tolerated by celiac disease patients, according to new research.

Gluten-free bakery proving earner for Penford

Gluten-free bakery ingredients had a strong quarter for US supplier Penford, which had a decline in overall profit for its first quarter 2011 but a rise in consolidated sales to...

Corn protein a step toward ‘holy grail’ for gluten-free bread, say researchers

Defatted corn protein could be used for making gluten-free bread with a crumb structure and texture closer to that of wheat bread, according to chemists at the USDA’s Agricultural Research...

Warburtons invests £2.5m in dedicated gluten-free plant in Newburn

Warburtons has pumped more than £2.5m into building a dedicated facility in Newburn to support the launch of a new eight-strong range of gluten-free products.

Gluten-free buckwheat crackers pass taste quality test

Gluten free crackers enriched with buckwheat flour may offer functional benefits without affecting sensory properties or product quality, according to a new study.

Peanut, milk, egg allergen thresholds expected in 2012

Significant progress on defining action levels/thresholds for the unintentional presence of allergens such as peanuts, milk and eggs is expected in 2012.

In line image analysis can enhance gluten-free biscuit production, study

Computer vision offers benefits over conventional colour-measuring instruments for biscuit manufacturers in that it enables the analysis of the whole biscuit surface, and can effectively determine surface cracks and other...

Industry warned over nutritional content of gluten-free products

Baked goods and food manufacturers should focus on boosting the nutritional content of gluten-free products as well as enhancing texture and taste at the formulation stage, argues a leading nutritionist.

AKFP applies for patent for gluten-free cassava flour

American Key Food Products (AKFP) has applied for a patent for the production process of its gluten-free cassava flour and has begun initial production at its manufacturing facility in Brazil,...

Baker Perkins line could cut allergen cross-contamination risk

A line of cookie, cracker and biscuit forming equipment has been upgraded to allow for different levels of hygiene requirements to suit various cleaning approaches and to eliminate the risk...

Cassava starch may improve gluten free bread

The addition of starch to sorghum dough could improve certain negative characteristics of gluten-free sorghum bread, according to researchers.

Coeliac sufferers may benefit from buckwheat enhanced gluten-free bread

Enhancing bread formulations with buckwheat flour could create high quality, antioxidant rich products for the gluten-free sector, says new research.

Sourdough may enable amaranth-based gluten-free bakery

Amaranth-based gluten-free products may be edging towards wider acceptance after German scientists provided key information on preparing amaranth-based sourdoughs.

‘Novel and competitive’ starter cultures identified for gluten-free sourdoughs

Scientists in Ireland have identified ‘novel and competitive’ starter cultures for gluten-free sourdoughs, a result that may enable the industrial scale production of the cereal products.

Gluten-free chestnut flour could add nutritional value

Chestnut flour could be used in gluten-free breads to give nutritional and health benefits, according to a new study from Turkey.

Sorghum flour for economical gluten-free nutrition

Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) introduced its sorghum flour and whole grain sorghum flour at IFT in Chicago last week, intended to provide lower cost in use for gluten-free and whole...

Datamonitor advises caution in gluten-free growth

Germany continues to lead strong growth in the European market for gluten-free products, finds a new report by Datamonitor, although the analyst notes that manufacturers must approach the market with...

Bean starch may offer gluten-free opportunities

Modified starch from beans may improve the quality of fresh gluten-free bread, suggests new European research that promises improvements for products known for their crumbly texture.

Gluten enhancer could upgrade low protein flour

A complex of protein fractions and enzymes that augments the effect of the gluten contained in wheat can upgrade low protein flour for use in bread and rolls, claims its...

Xanthan–guar gum blend may boost gluten-free rice cake quality

Both xanthan and xanthan–guar gum blend incorporated into rice cake production can help manufacturers overcome some of the structural challenges involved in gluten free bakery, claims a new study.

Common protein could boost gluten-free rice bread: Study

The volume and texture of rice bread may be enhanced by simply adding glutathione, a protein and safe food additive, and offer better gluten-free products to a growing market, says...

Health Canada seeks comments on gluten-free labeling revision

Pure, uncontaminated oats do not cause adverse reactions in most people with celiac disease and gluten-free labeling guidelines should be revised to reflect this, Health Canada has suggested.

Improved gluten-free and with oats and enzymes: Study

The next generation of gluten-free products may be achieved with sourdough technology and better processing of oats, according to the EU’s HealthGrain project.

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