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Millet promise stopped short by processing shortfalls, review

Millet is nutritionally superior to wheat and other gluten-free grains, yet a lack in novel processing technologies at a commercial level is holding industry use back, a new review finds.


Room to grow: Bakery sector fiber health claims

The bakery industry may prefer nutrition content to genuine health claims - a state-of-affairs that reflects the relative few claim-backed nutrients available to breads, cereals, bars and other baked products...

Sorghum: The next big gluten-free grain?

Leading scientists have hailed sorghum as a highly nutritious and cost-effective gluten-free grain, but said industry use remains nascent.

Sorghum is celiac-safe: Study

The cereal grain sorghum is a safe food for consumers with celiac disease and therefore ideal for gluten-free formulations, new research finds.

Mary’s Gone Crackers to expand after majority stake sale

Gluten-free and vegan snack specialist Mary’s Gone Crackers will be able to expand across the US and globe after a majority stake purchase by Kameda USA, its CEO says.

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30% of US adults trying to cut down on gluten, claims NPD Group

Almost a third (30%) of American adults say they are trying to reduce or exclude gluten from their diets, according to The NPD Group , which conducted a consumer survey in January...

Coarser flours give best volumes in gluten-free maize bread: Study

Maize flours with coarser particle size are the most suitable for making gluten-free bread, a study finds.

Pea protein favored for starch based gluten-free bread: Study

Pea is the ‘most acceptable’ protein for starch based gluten-free bread, finds new research.

Scientist: Increase in celiac disease is not a result of wheat breeding

The rise of celiac disease is not a result of higher gluten content from wheat breeding but more likely a result of increased per capita consumption of wheat flour and...

Mixing has ‘major influence’ on gluten-free bread quality – study

Researchers have claimed that mixing has a much bigger impact on the quality of gluten-free bread than was previously understood and have found variations depending on levels of hydration in...

Post Foods snaps up natural cereal specialist Attune Foods

Post Foods has acquired natural and organic cereal maker Attune Foods for an undisclosed sum.

New egg white replacer to benefit gluten-free formulators, says Penford Ingredients

Penford Ingredients has developed an egg white replacer that cuts costs, improves quality and plugs non-allergenic requirements in gluten-free bakery formulations, it says.

Gluten free ‘most popular approach to weight loss’ for 2013 (but it doesn’t work, say dietitians)

Despite strong evidence to the contrary, the belief that a gluten-free diet will help you lose weight and improve your health - even if you don’t have celiac disease -...

Gluten-free festive bake-off: Quality vs nutrition has put together a ‘festive bake-off’ scouring all the science and research from 2012 on gluten-free products to see how efforts to improve quality and up nutrition compare.

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Pepsi-Chicken chips winging-it in China

PepsiCo has launched Pepsi Cola and chicken-flavored potato chips in China and cited the popularity of cola chicken in China, with consumers tossing chicken wings with cola.

Celiac-safe wheat? Traditional grains may have gluten-free potential despite negative study findings

The production of celiac safe food products from non-commercial, traditional wheat strains has great potential, despite a recent study suggesting some are not suitable, say researchers.

European gluten-free thresholds are working to protect coeliacs, study finds

A maximum threshold of 20 mg of gluten contamination per kilogram of food marketed as gluten-free has been successful in protecting coeliac consumers in Europe, according to a new study...

Special edition: Free-from foods (gluten-free, dairy-free)

Mary’s Gone Crackers founder: ‘There’s enough gluten-free junk on the market already. I want to make something I would want to buy…’

With many manufacturers in gluten-free notching up growth rates rivals in the center of the store can barely dream of, you’d assume the burgeoning category is a hotbed of recipe...

Special edition: Free-from foods (gluten-free, dairy-free)

The rise and rise of gluten-free: But can the meteoric growth continue?

Gluten-free marketers have a habit of drawing a series of concentric circles when they are trying to describe their target market - and the potential size of the prize.

PARNUTS update: Specialist foods reforms due for EU lawbooks

Revision of the laws governing specialist food products like sports foods, infant foods and gluten-free foods is set for a final vote in the European Parliament in December or January,...

Dispatches from the Whole Grains on Every Plate conference

Gluten-free myth busting: There is no biomarker for gluten sensitivity, says researcher

One of the liveliest sessions at last week’s Whole Grains on Every Plate conference in San Antonio was a myth-busting presentation from Pamela Cureton, clinical research dietitian at the Center...

Dispatches from IBA 2012

Gluten-free bakery insights from Campden BRI

UK research institute Campden BRI says that getting the baking temperature right is almost as important as selecting the right ingredients in achieving high quality gluten-free products.

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General Mills issues voluntary recall on granola bar amid allergen label mishap

General Mills has issued a voluntary recall on a single day’s production of Almond Nature Valley Sweet & Salty Nut Granola Bars as it may contain unlisted allergens.

Functional flours plug new gluten price concerns: Mühlenchemie

Mühlenchemie's line of functional flours enable vital gluten reduction as prices begin to soar and availability becomes limited, its R&D manager says.

Rice bran shows potential to enhance gluten-free formulations

Adding rice bran to a rice flour-based gluten-free bread recipe could boost fiber content and improve the sensory acceptance and shelf life, according to researchers.

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