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Special edition: Free-from foods (gluten-free, dairy-free)

The rise and rise of gluten-free: But can the meteoric growth continue?

Gluten-free marketers have a habit of drawing a series of concentric circles when they are trying to describe their target market - and the potential size of the prize.

PARNUTS update: Specialist foods reforms due for EU lawbooks

Revision of the laws governing specialist food products like sports foods, infant foods and gluten-free foods is set for a final vote in the European Parliament in December or January,...

Dispatches from the Whole Grains on Every Plate conference

Gluten-free myth busting: There is no biomarker for gluten sensitivity, says researcher

One of the liveliest sessions at last week’s Whole Grains on Every Plate conference in San Antonio was a myth-busting presentation from Pamela Cureton, clinical research dietitian at the Center...

Dispatches from IBA 2012

Gluten-free bakery insights from Campden BRI

UK research institute Campden BRI says that getting the baking temperature right is almost as important as selecting the right ingredients in achieving high quality gluten-free products.

News in brief

General Mills issues voluntary recall on granola bar amid allergen label mishap

General Mills has issued a voluntary recall on a single day’s production of Almond Nature Valley Sweet & Salty Nut Granola Bars as it may contain unlisted allergens.

Functional flours plug new gluten price concerns: Mühlenchemie

Mühlenchemie's line of functional flours enable vital gluten reduction as prices begin to soar and availability becomes limited, its R&D manager says.

Rice bran shows potential to enhance gluten-free formulations

Adding rice bran to a rice flour-based gluten-free bread recipe could boost fiber content and improve the sensory acceptance and shelf life, according to researchers.

Taste, local and health hold keys to success for sorghum products

The success of sorghum grain products could be dependent on emphasizing health benefits, local sourcing, and the sensory profiles, suggests new data from Kansas State University.

Maize-based nut substitute targets allergen-free market

Limagrain Céréales Ingrédients (LCI) has introduced a maize-based nut substitute ingredient to add a nutty taste and texture to food products without introducing nut allergens to food facilities....

‘No evidence’ that gluten-free diet benefits general population, says researcher

Stronger efforts are needed to educate the public about reasons for adopting a gluten-free diet, as many Americans are cutting gluten in an effort to lose weight, says Arizona State...

Buckwheat flour improves nutrition and texture in gluten-free bread, study

Buckwheat flour significantly improves the nutritional and textural properties in gluten-free bread formulations, a study has found.

Air-dried fruit crisps plug a healthy snacks gap, says founder

An air-dried, gluten-free fruit crisps line aims to tap into the healthy snacks arena, marking an interesting and innovative addition to the sector, according to the company founder.

Celiac disease may vary by ethnicity, study suggests

Prevalence of celiac disease in the United States may vary by ethnicity, with the highest prevalence among non-Hispanic whites, according to a new study published in The American Journal of Gastroenterology....

Gluten-free gluttony? Industry inspiring and pushing hard

Amid a mushrooming US gluten-free market, manufacturers are upping investments in media-savvy marketing pushes as they battle for sector space and cash returns in the increasingly lucrative sector.

Chickpea flour backed for gluten-free bread success

Bread made with chickpea flour could help to make gluten-free breads more acceptable, according to new research.

Penford R&D to plug soaring reduced formulation bakery demands

Penford Food Ingredients is injecting R&D efforts into allergen reduction and fat replacement formulations amid a soaring, lucrative ‘better-for-you’ US market.

News in brief

Penford egg replacer to plug allergen and pricing concerns

Penford Food Ingredients has launched a starch-based blend egg replacer targeting the ‘better for you’ bakery sector amid snowballing health and wellness demands and volatile egg prices.

Some quinoa varieties may be unsuitable for strict gluten-free diets, study suggests

A new study has questioned advice to include quinoa in gluten-free diets for those with celiac disease, finding that some varieties may trigger symptoms.

Finsbury Food’s sales rise on cake exports and gluten-free growth

UK-based bakery firm Finsbury Foods has announced improved sales in a trading update for the full financial year today as exports in its cake division are helped by its European...

Fortify gluten-free bread with calcium without quality loss, say researchers

Calcium salts can be added to gluten-free breads with the addition of inulin without affecting product quality, according to a study.

Fruit flours: A new nutritional and sustainable gluten-free alternative?

Gluten-free foods could benefit from highly fibrous fruit flours developed from the by-product of juice and cider production, according to a senior researcher.

Dr. Schar bites into giant US gluten-free market with new facility

Gluten-free specialist Dr. Shar will bite into the sizeable gluten-free market in the US with its new manufacturing facility that will produce breads, bagels and frozen goods.

Summer innovation in the snacks arena: Bold, flavoursome and healthy

Snacks and bakery firms have been busily investing in new flavours, textures, packaging and concepts to entice consumers towards their products in the heavily populated snacks aisles. 

ConAgra introduces wholegrain white flour with stronger gluten for reduced-cost baking

ConAgra Mills has introduced a new wholegrain white flour that reduces added gluten requirements, is more absorbent, and has high mix tolerance, thereby cutting costs for bakers, the company claims.

Functional gluten-free biscuit developed using ancient cereal

Researchers have developed a functional biscuit from the ancient cereal teff flour that it claims is suited to celiac patients and sportsmen.

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