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The Cornish Bakery puts a meaty twist on Easter

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Gill Hyslop

By Gill Hyslop+


For a limited period, The Cornish Bakery is selling Cornish pasty easter eggs. Pic: The Cornish Bakery
For a limited period, The Cornish Bakery is selling Cornish pasty easter eggs. Pic: The Cornish Bakery

The Cornish Bakery has created the world’s first Cornish Pasty Easter Egg.

The high-end bakery, which has shops located throughout the UK, specializes in the traditional British Cornish pasty, a hardy meat and potato pie that was originally made for Cornish miners working in tough conditions below ground.

Steve Grocutt with The Cornish Bakery's pasty easter eggs

According to founder Steve Grocutt, over the Easter 2017 period, the company’s outlets will be stocking a Traditional PGI-Protected Pasty – containing a mix of steak, swede, potatoes and onions – in the shape of a chocolate Easter egg. The novel-shaped pie includes the crimped ‘crescent’ shape of the traditional pasty.

Replacing chocolate

“We are continually innovating, so have created our pasty Easter egg for those customers who do not want to forsake their daily pasty for chocolate,” said Grocutt.

Apart from its traditional Cornish pasty, the bakery has created pasties in different sizes and containing contemporary flavor combinations, such as Pork, Apple and Cornish Cider; Thai Chicken; and Spicy Chickpea and Potato.

In the past, miners would often find half the pasty contained the savory meaty filling, while the other half contained sweet dessert ingredients, like fruit and jam.

“The mixed ancient pasty option of half savory and half sweet is also an option that we may consider for future Cornish Bakery Pasty Easter Eggs. There’s so many places we could go with this new product line,” added Grocutt.

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Love This!

innovation is key and keeping it a fresh experience! If these were available in the USA I would buy them!

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