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ISM 2013 Cologne

Convenience, shelf-life and health: Gourmet fruit range plugs all, says Taura

Taura Natural Ingredients’ newly launched gourmet fruit inclusion range plugs convenience, shelf-life and health for the artisanal baker, its marketing manager says.

Small snack packs are smart and satisfying, say researchers

Smaller and larger snack portions are equally effective in decreasing cravings and feelings of hunger, say researchers.

Kellogg launches new ‘on-trend’ frozen breakfast options

The Kellogg Company has launched new frozen breakfast options under its Special K and Eggo brands that it claims are ‘on-trend’ with consumer needs.

Fun and convenience: The drivers behind ConAgra’s pop up popcorn bowl

The success of ConAgra’s Orville Redenbacher’s pop up bowl has been underpinned by fun and convenience, a company brand manager says.

Snacking on Super Bowl ideas with Euromonitor

Super Bowl 2013 snackfest: Chips to dip, bigger packs and flavors to pair with hot wings and beer…

With Super Bowl 2013 just a ball’s throw away, beefed up pack sizes, ridged potato chips for easy dipping and well-paired flavors for hot wings, beer and pizza are set...

Wondering about Wonder Bread? ‘Brand equity is the best thing going for it by a long shot’, says analyst

Brand equity is the best thing Wonder Bread has going for it by a long shot and future business strategies should hinge on this, an analyst says.

Own label trumps brands in the soaring UK home baking market: Mintel

Brand owners must invest heavily in product development and target niche consumer groups to have a slice of the lucrative UK home baking pie, an analyst says.


Scratch bakery is a shift into super-artisanal, says analyst

The rising trend of scratch bakery in stores indicates a shift into super-artisanal and super-premium, an analyst says.

Americans chomp through the English sandwich

The English-born sandwich is a stern favorite with American consumers; consumed by a vast majority at least once a week, the Grains Food Foundation says.

Dispatches from IBA 2012

Quality is core in convenience, says WP Food

Convenience is a hyper-trend, with quality a top priority for consumers that is shaping industry development, the WP Food sales director says.

Swift, portable oven profiling kit to fulfil needs of travelling engineers

US bakery systems firm, Reading Thermal, has designed a portable R&D kit to enable travelling engineers to efficiently and quickly profile ovens.

Convenience trend boosts Japanese processed food investment opportunities

Changing demographics and a shift in demand has opened up new opportunities for foreign investment in the once difficult to enter Japanese processed food market, says a US Government report.

Dispatches from HIE 2010

Physically optimised flours signal clean-label shift in convenience foods

With a clear clean-label trend affecting food formulation across Europe, one of the key sectors is core commodities such as flour, where so-called physically optimised (heat treated) flours are gaining...

Portable snack strips packer said to cut factory footprint

Ishida Europe has launched a portable version of the packaging machine it launched last year for the packaging of bags of snacks and sweets into strips for retail hanging displays.

Baxters launches new convenient packaging for soup

UK soup company Baxters is set to roll out new microwaveable pots for its soup brands across the country, hoping to ride the trend for snack foods that are both...

Anuga fair focuses on health and convenience

Industry eyes will be on the Anuga food fair in Germany this week, as organisers focus on the growing health and nutrition market and the desire for novel products, such...

Convenience top reason for snacking, new study

Consumers choose convenient "on-the-go" foods over factors such as health, price and taste, according to a new US study.

Keep up with healthy convenience, says Datamonitor

Healthy foods in convenient packaging is a consumer need that is growing in momentum, according to Datamonitor, with 59 per cent of European and US consumers seeking a combination of...

Cadbury team up with bakers to target convenience trend

UK snack maker Kitchen Range Foods has launched a new range of individually packaged chocolate doughnuts, created using the iconic Cadbury confectionery brand.

Companies offer cup filling and packing service for convenience market

Two companies have teamed up to provide a cup filling and packing service for processors looking to quickly cash in on the public's growing appetite for convenience foods.

Best-selling product list confirms nutrition, convenience trends

A diet plan, a beer and 'light' snacks have come top of the list of best selling products for this year, according to Information Resources Inc (IRI), which said its...

Kraft to target health, convenience and premium trends

US manufacturer Kraft Foods has announced a "fewer, bigger, better" policy, concentrating on crucial brands in key areas as the firm suffers from lagging performance.

Mega-trends: convenience food and health to double in ten years

Ten mega trends stretching from age to individualism will determine the success and shape of any new products to hit the market in the near future, claims market analysts Datamonitor.

Openings in product development for convenient breakfast foods

There are rich pickings for food makers focusing on innovative products for the breakfast market, as a UK think tank finds less than one in five consumers actually enjoys the...

NPD focus for convenience snacks

Britons spends four times as much on snacks as their Spanish counterparts, eating their way through €17.3 billion a year, finds a new report highlighting the ongoing opportunities for players...

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