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Ancient Grains

In light of surging health trends and allergen demands many manufacturers are swiftly shifting from traditional to ancient grains as an ingredient in baked goods. Amaranth, quinoa, spelt and teff among others are increasingly featuring in products and the body of science behind them is growing too. 

Millet promise stopped short by processing shortfalls, review

Millet is nutritionally superior to wheat and other gluten-free grains, yet a lack in novel processing technologies at a commercial level is holding industry use back, a new review finds.

Puffed and toasted ancient grains plug unique texture and flavor demands, says ConAgra Mills

Puffed and toasted ancient grains fulfill consumer demands for unique texture and flavor in baked goods and snacks, says developer ConAgra Mills.

Kamut International: ‘We believe our ancient wheat can become a culture and not a fad’

With some of the nation’s biggest organic brands already among its customers, Kamut International is anticipating even more growth as it expands the science behind its ancient grain to target...

Packaged Facts on the hottest food trends of 2013: Pulses, popped whole grains, quinoa, almonds and high-protein breakfasts

Expect more products containing beans and lentils, new quinoa-packed soups and entrees, high-protein nut and seed-based spreads, and more popped whole grains in US grocery stores this year, predicts market...

Big breakthrough in ancient, organic grains? Researchers make ‘great strides’ in health benefits of ancient wheat

A new study that reports the potential antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity of Khorasan wheat, an ancient grain, has been hailed as ‘making great strides in documenting the significant health benefits...

Canada needs more standardized whole grain labeling, say researchers

Canada needs a more standardized whole grain labeling system to better inform consumers on content and limit premium targeted marketing, researchers say.

Barley bread has great potential but there are formulation challenges, say researchers

Barley has great potential to leach the charge in a new era or functional bread products, but more needs to be done in understanding the key formulation challenges, warn researchers.

FAO urges greater use of ‘neglected’ grains

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has urged greater use of neglected traditional grains, saying that there is global overreliance on just a handful of staple foods.

Buckwheat benefits linked to d-fagomine content

A diet rich in buckwheat products would provide a daily dose of the sugar d-fagomine linked to benefits in the range of the active dose seen in supplemental studies, says...

Buckwheat flour improves nutrition and texture in gluten-free bread, study

Buckwheat flour significantly improves the nutritional and textural properties in gluten-free bread formulations, a study has found.

Some quinoa varieties may be unsuitable for strict gluten-free diets, study suggests

A new study has questioned advice to include quinoa in gluten-free diets for those with celiac disease, finding that some varieties may trigger symptoms.

Fruit flours: A new nutritional and sustainable gluten-free alternative?

Gluten-free foods could benefit from highly fibrous fruit flours developed from the by-product of juice and cider production, according to a senior researcher.

Tight chia supply? Not us, says Australia’s Chia Co., as it continues global expansion

The much touted tightness in the chia supply is not being experienced by all suppliers, with Australia’s The Chia Company extending its growing area 100% year-on-year to satisfy demand.

Functional gluten-free biscuit developed using ancient cereal

Researchers have developed a functional biscuit from the ancient cereal teff flour that it claims is suited to celiac patients and sportsmen.


Ingredia takes chia to natural-focused China

China’s trend towards natural ingredients with health benefits should ensure the success of Ingredia’s chia product for bakery, the firm has said.

News in brief

Allied Bakeries sees superfood potential with chia bread launch

Allied Bakeries has launched a chia seed bread in the UK though its Burgen business as it looks to capitalise on the nutritional benefits from the seeds and a consumer...

Company lauds potential of chia seeds in Europe following positive novel foods opinion

Chia has the potential to become the bestselling health food ingredient in Europe, according to the company looking to secure extended EU novel foods approval for the seed considered a...

Millet, amaranth, and quinoa deemed gluten free: Study

Research investigating the immune reactivity of tef, millet, amaranth, and quinoa has confirmed their safety in the diet of celiac disease patients.

Finger millet flour may boost bakery nutrition: Study

The use of finger millet flour in bakery products may help to boost their nutritive profile without affecting quality or taste, according to new research.

Industry demand prompts new buckwheat allergen test, RSSL

Reading Scientific Services Ltd (RSSL) said it has expanded its analytical capability to take into account the growing industry need for screening of food products for the presence of buckwheat...

FSA novel foods approval sought for chia seeds in baked goods

The UK Food Standards Agency is canvassing views on the use of chia seeds after a novel foods application from the Chia Company to market them in baked goods, breakfast...

Antioxidant properties of ancient organic grain can protect against oxidative stress, study

Kamut Khorasan wheat, an ancient and organic grain, has antioxidant properties which protect against oxidative stress suggests a new study.

Gluten-free buckwheat crackers pass taste quality test

Gluten free crackers enriched with buckwheat flour may offer functional benefits without affecting sensory properties or product quality, according to a new study.

Coeliac sufferers may benefit from buckwheat enhanced gluten-free bread

Enhancing bread formulations with buckwheat flour could create high quality, antioxidant rich products for the gluten-free sector, says new research.

Researchers find that buckwheat flour could be fat replacer in cakes

Steam jet-cooked buckwheat flour can be used to partially replace shortening in baked goods including cakes, with no detrimental impact on texture or volume, claims new research from Korean and...

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