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We Sell Chia Seeds -

16-Oct-2014 - AgroBolivia is a Chia Supplier foremost for chia grown in Bolivia. We are a Novel Food Approved company for Chia Seeds and Organically certified by the Organic Federation. We would like to share the many benefits CHIA have to health and well being.  All our efforts are designed...
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Analysing texture in gluten-free food - Stable Micro Systems

13-Oct-2014 - The demand for gluten-free food is growing globally. Quality control remains paramount to optimise recipes and ensure consumer appeal. Download this free white paper to find out how texture analysis can help formulate superior gluten-free products.
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Battle of the Buzz: Food Fears vs. Fact in the Digital Age - CRA

24-Sep-2014 - Food fears have been dominating consumer news and social media. But what does that really mean for your company? Should you reformulate? Update your product FAQs? When it comes to certain food ingredients, recent research suggests consumer news outlets may...
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Is this the world's best microwave-mix cake? - Palsgaard

23-Sep-2014 - Microwave cake mixes don’t always deliver the pleasurable, convenient experience consumers hope for.Now, food manufacturers can take advantage of ingredients producer Palsgaard’s latest research results to develop an entirely new level of cake quality with comparatively few ingredients....
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Is this the world's best microwave mix cake? - Palsgaard

23-Sep-2014 - Even the best of today’s microwave cake mixes don’t always deliver the pleasurable, convenient experience consumers hope for. In fact, consumers experimenting with new mixes are all too often disappointed. It’s not because microwave ovens can’t be used for the...
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A superior hydration and recovery ingredient - Kyowa Hakko

01-Sep-2014 - Need an ingredient that can deliver serious hydration, endurance and recovery benefits for your next sports bar or beverage?  Vegetarian, tasteless, odorless, highly stable and the only GRAS L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine -- learn about the benefits of Sustamine®.
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Moments Matter: Motivations Behind Snack and Breakfast Bar Occasions - Almond Board of California

03-Jul-2014 - Consumers are now snacking more than ever1, so successful product development depends largely on understanding the motivations that drive purchase among your target audience. Based on new research that delves into consumers’ snacking and breakfast behaviors, Dave Lundahl of InsightsNow...
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Switching Sweeteners: A Recipe for Rising Bread Sales? - CRA

19-Aug-2014 - That’s what one major bread manufacturer thought when it removed HFCS from one of its main brands four years ago. However, rather than rising, sales dropped despite a dramatic increase in promotion. Learn why switching sweeteners failed to inspire a...
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Increase yield with the highest accuracy for ash in the industry - Foss

04-Aug-2014 - We’ve helped millers save over $100,000 annually with accuracy improvements in their production. How?  The advanced hybrid spectroscopy technology behind the NIRS DS2500 allows you to measure ash and other key parameters such as moisture, protein, fiber, starch and color...
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Zeelandia Innovation: XFresh - Zeelandia is creating new possibilities in the world of baking

30-Jul-2014 - Improve cake freshness with XFresh, by ZeelandiaXFresh prolongs shelf life and improves the freshness of cake. Consumer tests and professional panels show that applications based on XFresh improve the perceived freshness of cakes by up to 50%. XFresh is also...
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Sports Drinks: Does Sweetener Choice Add Energy to Sales? - CRA

10-Jul-2014 - Think your consumers are thirsty for a sweetener switch? That’s what one major sports-drink maker thought when it changed sweeteners in 2010. Find out whether its sweetener strategy turned into a sales success when you download this free case study...
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Baking Science into Success with Dow - Dow Pharma & Food Solutions

09-Jul-2014 - Dow Pharma & Food Solutions offers a broad range of ingredients for the bakery market. This white paper reports on experiments carried out in the first half of 2014 investigating how our METHOCEL™ and WELLENCE™ gluten free portfolios help to...
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Take a Bite Out of the Healthy Snack Category - Ganeden Biotech

10-Jun-2014 - We like to snack.  A lot!  Snack food sales increased by nearly 30 percent from 2007 to 2012, according to research firm Mintel. But when and how we snack is changing.From on-the-go snacks to more health-conscience snacks to mini-meal snacks,...
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The bakery holy grail? Ingredients & technologies for tasty health - William Reed Business Media

24-May-2014 - Fat, salt and sugar reduction in bakery isn’t new, but do formulation capacities and potential match up to ever-growing demands from both consumers and governments?Overcoming technical hurdles has become the norm in bakery reformulation, and some ingredients and technologies work...
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Marketing healthy bakery: What does the consumer really want? - William Reed Business Media

24-May-2014 - How do you convince a consumer to buy your fat-free donut on impulse when the full-fat, extra chocolate version is on display too?The global bakery sector has developed an array of better-for-you products, overcoming lots of technical hurdles to get...
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The Roundtable -‘Is self-regulation sufficient?’ - William Reed Business Media

24-May-2014 - Should fat, salt and sugar reduction in bakery be regulated – or is industry doing enough?Bakery manufacturers face increasing pressure to develop healthier variants as global obesity and diet-related illness spiral. Industry has been making efforts and R&D continues to...
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Viogerm® and your truly wholegrain product - Hochdorf Nutrifood Ltd

15-May-2014 - The high content of unsaturated fatty acids in wheat germ limits its shelf life, so the wheat germ is removed during flour production. This means that “whole grain flour” is deprived of its richest component, the wheat germ. Using a...
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Gluten-free made easy - Nordic Sugar

15-May-2014 - Let Fibrex® sugar beet fibre transform your gluten-free baking. This natural, healthy and multi-functional ingredient  will improve any gluten-free formulation.  Through more stable structures and with a unique water-holding capacity that prolongs softness.
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Caramelised sugars, pure value for bread - Buisman Ingredients B.V.

06-May-2014 - The Caramelised sugars from Buisman Ingredients have high value as an ingredient in bread for their rich aroma and golden brown colour. During its unique process several aroma’s are formed varying from sweet roasty suitable for off white breads, to...
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Perfecting texture in baked goods - Stable Micro Systems

07-Apr-2014 - Quality control in the baked confectionery market is vital for consumer appeal. Download this free white paper to find out how texture analysis can ensure efficiency, optimise recipes and guarantee consumer satisfaction.

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