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Perfecting texture in baked goods - Stable Micro Systems

07-Apr-2014 - Quality control in the baked confectionery market is vital for consumer appeal. Download this free white paper to find out how texture analysis can ensure efficiency, optimise recipes and guarantee consumer satisfaction.
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Microalgae - the future of foods? Take baked goods... - Roquette

28-Mar-2014 - Our distant ancestors, microalgae have played a major role in the development of life on Earth.Today their exceptional properties – nutrition, renewability, functionalities – point to a future of great importance to humankind: involvement in feeding a growing world population. Find...
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Clean and natural: getting to the heart of it - Zeelandia

14-Mar-2014 - One of the lead drivers among retailers and producers of bakery products is ‘clean label’. Similarly hot topics are ‘natural’ and ‘organic ’. These stem largely from consumer demand. Developed markets, including Western Europe, have created a culture of label...
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Maximise protein enrichment for your baked goods - Roquette

04-Mar-2014 - Protein enrichment is one the most fast-growing trends for baked goods. Roquette’s NUTRALYS® vegetable protein range includes both pea protein (NUTRALYS® BF) and hydrolyzed wheat protein (NUTRALYS® W). The latter cost-effectively boosts protein content in your biscuits and bread. NUTRALYS®...
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Insights from the Bakery Market Report - WRBM

18-Feb-2014 - British Baker presents expert opinion and discussion on the retail bakery market, offering an insight into its forthcoming Bakery Market Report. The experts will discuss trade over the past year; changes to the bakery retail scene and will look at...
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Various range of fillings, for all application. - Materne Industries

01-Sep-2013 - Materne Industries propose traditional, innovative and trendy fillings, suitable for cereal products (breakfast cereal, biscuits, cakes, pastries, chocolate,…)  :-          Fruitty : Strawberry, Pear, Raspberry, Apricot,…-          Chocolate : Dark chocolate & Coconut, Milk chocolate,…-          Creamy : Vanilla, Speculoos, Caramel,…-          Innovative :...
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Get your products in shape with Trancendim® - Corbion Caravan

10-Feb-2014 - Looking for a way to remove partially hydrogenated oils from your formulations without increasing the saturated fat level? Trancendim from Corbion Caravan can deliver by providing structure to healthy, unsaturated oils while maintaining the taste and functionality your consumers demand....
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Replace Your Eggs with OptiSol® 3000 - Glanbia Nutritionals

03-Feb-2014 - OptiSol® 3000: Winner of the 2013 IFT Food Expo® Innovation AwardOptiSol® 3000 is a functional, nutritional, and economical solution for the problem of egg replacement in bakery. Owing to a unique formulation of flaxseed and whey protein, OptiSol® 3000 replaces...
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The Next Generation of Clean Label Functional Flours for Additive-Free Bakery Formulations - KAMPFFMEYER Food Innovation

16-Oct-2013 - The demand of European consumers for natural and additive-free products is higher than ever before.But removing additives from food is a big challenge because reformulation always has an impact on the characteristics of the end product.Imagine an entirely new generation...
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Take a fresh new look at your business performance - Puratos

02-Oct-2013 - Discover what links cake freshness and business performance. The Puratos white paper targets manufacturers who wish to capture the maximum value of the freshness trend. In this white paper, you’ll learn: Why freshness is a consumer trend that’s here to stay Puratos’...
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Download must-read fresh thinking from Puratos! - Puratos

02-Oct-2013 - Cake science is allowing major progress in extending the freshness and shelf life of packed cakes. Certain manufacturers are taking full advantage of this progress. What do they know that allows their cakes to retain freshness long after other cakes...
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The ideal cake emulsifier – one product does it all - Palsgaard

09-Sep-2013 - Emulpals® 110 is a unique emulsifier designed to meet the needs of both bakers’ mixes, industrial cake mixes and retail mixes. Offering min. 2 years of shelf-life and excellent batch-to-batch stability this product also offers excellent opportunities for fat reductions...
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Beyond the Bowl: Bring Cereal Into New Dayparts - Almond Board of California

17-Jun-2013 - Breakfast items are becoming popular meals beyond the morning daypart, so why is cereal left behind at the breakfast table? Trend forecaster Suzy Badaracco & food scientist Kantha Shelke will present simple solutions to power up your cereal products.
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NEW ‘Fruit Juice Drops’ for chocolate panning, fruit snacking or baking applications - Paradise Fruits (Paradies Früchte)

20-May-2013 - Made using only the best fruit ingredients available, Paradise Fruit’s new Fruit Juice Drops feature 80% fruit juice content for a naturally ‘better-for-you’ product positioning.FEATURES:-          High Fruit Content-          Clean Label-          Unique Rounded ‘Drop’ Shape-          Pectin Gel Structure-          No High Fructose...
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Boost your bakery offering with Ingredion Europe - Ingredion

15-May-2013 - Stand out from the crowdToday’s bakery industry is diverse and highly competitive. With extensive experience in bakery, Ingredion has the tools, teams and consumer insights to help you succeed in the markets you serve: Go gluten-free – deliver optimal textures and...
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Short on natural Improvers in your bakery toolbox? - Arla Foods Ingredients

13-May-2013 - As a baker, you probably already use a variety of additives to give your bakery products the functionality you seek. But do you ever wish there were more natural tools in the toolbox? Nutrilac® Natural Improvers are made from functional milk...
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Going gluten-free? It’s easy with Ingredion - Ingredion

20-Mar-2013 - The European gluten-free market is booming, with turnover expected to reach $1 billion by 2015. Meet growing consumer demand with the support of the Ingredion group of companies.HOMECRAFT® Create GF 20 enables manufacturers to create bread and a vast range...
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SGS Complimentary White Paper on GFSI - SGS

11-Feb-2013 - Download the white paper "Comparing Global Food Safety Initiative Recognized Standards". It discusses the similarities & differences between the requirements, benefits & certification processes for each of the GFSI benchmarked food safety standards.
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Assessing bakery functionality - Stable Micro Systems

12-Nov-2012 - Perfect texture is essential for baked goods to succeed in today’s competitive market. Download this free whitepaper to learn how objective texture analysis can accelerate NPD, ensure consistent quality and maximise your product‘s consumer appeal.
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Be the first to taste the vanilla revolution - SOLVAY AROMA PERFORMANCE

08-Oct-2012 - Vanilla is one of the world's most sought after and best loved flavors, not only for its unique sensory qualities, but also for its ability to bring out the best in other flavors.Govanil™, our new generation of vanilla flavors, offers...

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