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WHITE PAPER: Simplifying Sweetness - CRA

26-Mar-2015 - “Simplifying Sweetness” is an unprecedented segmentation study of 15,000 consumers. Commissioned by the Corn Refiners Association and completed in part by Nielsen and Mintel Consulting, this study compares consumer sentiment toward sweeteners to actual purchase data, to see if consumer...
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Govanil™: at the heart of your Bakery challenges - SOLVAY AROMA PERFORMANCE

05-Mar-2015 - Govanil™, a functional generation of vanilla flavors, offers a revolutionary taste experience for customers while meeting the Bakery challenges you are facing as Professionals.Cost-in-use, off-notes masking,  taste differentiation: Govanil™ is the solution to various needs thanks to its unique combination of...
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Are You Marketing To Buzz Or Behavior? How Shifting Attitudes Toward Food Ingredients Drive Consumer Behavior - CRA

24-Feb-2015 - The 2015 Sweetener360: Are You Marketing to Buzz or Behavior?With over 15,000 consumers surveyed, we’ve validated our findings from 2014—what consumers say and what they do don’t always align. Take a look at the 2015 Sweetener360 SlideShare deck for these...
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Consumers need more fiber-enriched products - Ingredion

16-Feb-2015 - Ninety-nine percent of U.S. consumers say it’s important to get enough fiber in their diets, but most Americans fall short on consuming fiber, with average intake being 66% below what dietary guidelines recommend. You can address the growing need for fiber-enriched...
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White paper: Texture technology for hybrid bakes - Stable Micro Systems

09-Feb-2015 - From cronuts to townies, traditional sweet treats are getting a modern makeover due to strong consumer interest in novel eating experiences. Download this free white whitepaper to find out how texture analysis can help you create enticing textures.
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The challenge of bakery retail - WRBM

04-Feb-2015 - To mark the launch of the Bakery Market Report 2015, British Baker brings together a panel of experts to discuss the challenge of bakery retail in the UK. The exclusive web event will look at the trends of the past 12 months...
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Microalgae - the future of foods? Take baked goods... - Roquette

01-Feb-2015 - Our distant ancestors, microalgae have played a major role in the development of life on Earth.Today their exceptional properties – nutrition, renewability, functionalities – point to a future of great importance to humankind: involvement in feeding a growing world population. Find...
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Using Barley to Formulate Healthy Food Products - Alberta Barley Commission

05-Dec-2014 - Learn about the health advantages of barley. A flavourful whole grain, barley is an excellent source of β-glucan soluble fibre, which can lower cholesterol and reduce blood glucose levels key to the prevention and management of diabetes. Both the U.S....
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Organic, natural and clean-label: opportunities and pitfalls - Zeelandia is creating new possibilities in the world of baking

27-Nov-2014 - Clean-label requirements are here to stay and will continue to grow in importance. What if functionality, taste, price or freshness of bakery products is influenced by excluding technologically ‘functional’ additives?In order to stay on-trend and satisfy consumers, baking innovation will...
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Raising the Bar: Ingredients, Claims and Increasing Consumer Appeal - Almond Board of California

29-Oct-2014 - Consumers are snacking more frequently, and the bar category in particular has been consistently growing in terms of dollar and volume sales, making bars an area of great opportunity for manufacturers. For insights and implications on how manufacturers can increase...
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Is this the world's best microwave mix cake? - Palsgaard

01-Dec-2014 - Microwave cake mixes don’t always deliver the pleasurable, convenient experience consumers hope for. Now, food manufacturers can take advantage of ingredients producer Palsgaard’s latest research results to develop an entirely new level of cake quality with comparatively few ingredients....
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01-Dec-2014 - Maximizing Quality Protein Using Complementary Plant Proteins, co-authored by Linda Malcolmson, James D. House and Margaret Hughes, is an up-to-date survey of the market for plant proteins. As well as reviewing consumer demand and recent product launches, the white paper...
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New Sports yoghurt solution - Arla Foods Ingredients

14-Nov-2014 - New Sports yoghurt solution The tastiest way to perform your best Arla Foods Ingredients has developed a whey protein for creating ‘Sports yoghurts’ – yoghurt-based sports nutrition products that will appeal to active consumers who take their exercise seriously but prefer...
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Govanil™: Tasting the flavor of innovation - SOLVAY AROMA PERFORMANCE

13-Nov-2014 - Our functional solution opens opportunities to face low-calorie foods that deliver unique taste sensations. Explore in this white paper how Govanil™ range preserves the original taste of the “full-sugar or fat” recipes in line with the food trends. Mouthfeel booster,...
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Baking Science into Success with Dow - Dow Pharma & Food Solutions

11-Nov-2014 - Dow Pharma & Food Solutions offers a broad range of ingredients for the bakery market. Our family of METHOCEL™, WELLENCE™ Gluten-Free food ingredients help give bakery products a soft crumb structure, improved volume and enduring moistness.They also help to address...
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Bakery study: consumers ready for healthier products - Sensus

10-Nov-2014 - Based on a consumer survey, Sensus has discovered that the demand for healthy, good-tasting food is on the rise and that consumers are willing to pay a premium for it. A growing number of consumers is health-conscious and increasingly seeking...
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Worldwide Sodium Landscape: The world according to salt - Tate &. Lyle

28-Oct-2014 - Discover the opportunities and challenges of producing lower-sodium foods that deliver on taste. See the complete picture of the state of global sodium consumption and learn about sodium-reduction initiatives in countries around the world. Learn more when you read the...
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We Sell Chia Seeds -

16-Oct-2014 - AgroBolivia is a Chia Supplier foremost for chia grown in Bolivia. We are a Novel Food Approved company for Chia Seeds and Organically certified by the Organic Federation. We would like to share the many benefits CHIA have to health and well being.  All our efforts are designed...
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Analysing texture in gluten-free food - Stable Micro Systems

13-Oct-2014 - The demand for gluten-free food is growing globally. Quality control remains paramount to optimise recipes and ensure consumer appeal. Download this free white paper to find out how texture analysis can help formulate superior gluten-free products.
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Battle of the Buzz: Food Fears vs. Fact in the Digital Age - CRA

24-Sep-2014 - Food fears have been dominating consumer news and social media. But what does that really mean for your company? Should you reformulate? Update your product FAQs? When it comes to certain food ingredients, recent research suggests consumer news outlets may...

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