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AB Enzymes

AB Enzymes is a biotechnology company with a long tradition. We develop and sell enzyme products on a worldwide scale. The product range includes food enzymes, enzymes for animal feed and technical enzymes. 
 We have specialised in areas that call for a high degree of application know-how. We market successfully speciality products in these fields based on our many years of experience. 
 A Traditional Company with a Spirit of Innovation. In 1907, Otto Röhm developed Oropon, the first commercially available tannery enzyme, later followed by Burnus, the first enzymatic detergent on the market. This made Röhm the first company to develop and sell industrial enzymes. 
 AB Enzymes furnished further proof of its innovative potential in the field of juice enzymes, and holds a patent for xylanase with baking activities, for example. Main Product Lines are Baking Enzymes, Beverage Enzymes, Textile Enzymes, Feed Enzymes, Pulp & Paper Enzymes.

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