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Big interview: Josh Tetrick, founder and CEO, Hampton Creek Foods

Plant egg entrepreneur: ‘We’re not in business just to sell products to vegans in Northern California’

Egg replacers have been around for years, acknowledges the entrepreneur who has persuaded everyone from Bill Gates to the co-founder of PayPal to part with some serious cash to fund...

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Plastic contamination scare prompts General Mills Pillsbury recall

General Mills has issued a voluntary recall on refrigerated Pillsbury iced cinnamon rolls due to risk of plastic contamination.

Hummingbird Bakery seeks licensees for branded food products

London’s US-style store chain Hummingbird Bakery is seeking firms interested in making Hummingbird branded ice cream, confectionery, and long shelf-life bakery.

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Cronut trademark scramble

Hot new trend? Not so new, says an Ohio baker who claims to have been making doughnut-croissant hybrids since 1991.

The robotic icing on the cake

Quasar Automation has completed the development of its 3D vision and laser robot that is set to shake up the previously labor intensive manual operation of icing cakes.

Health awareness and scares behind rise of non-dairy toppings in India

Fueled by growing health concerns and new-found awareness of lactose intolerance among the consumers, India’s non-dairy toppings segment is growing in strength. 

Scientist: Humans cannot optimize bakery efficiency without mathematics

Mathematical sequencing created using algorithms will improve the efficiency of any bakery, a scientist says.

Machinery firm says Japan is 15 years ahead in cake innovation

North America and Europe can learn a lot about cakes from Japan – a market that is significantly advanced in terms of innovation in the field, says cake machinery firm...

FDA's time is up for Obama safety law, rules judge

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been refused more time to enact the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), signed into law by President Obama in January 2011.

'More needs to be done to drive imaginative packaging'

Manufacturers need to be aware of the advances science and the imagination can bring together for innovative food packaging.

General Mills’ Betty Crocker same-sex marriage support is risky but smart, says analyst

General Mills’ iconic home-cooking brand Betty Crocker is supporting same-sex marriages - a risky but smart move for an essentially conservative brand, an analyst says.

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FDA stretches FSMA rule comment period

The US Food and Drug Administration is extending the comment period for four proposed food-safety manufacturing rules by 60 days, until mid-November.

Purple rain: Purple corn craze moves from snacks to beer, bread, confectionery and popcorn

A Minnesota-based firm making waves with anthocyanin-packed purple-corn ingredients says it has had significant interest from the snack food market, but is also talking to microbrewers, confectioners, and firms manufacturing...

Gluten-free foodservice sales could be ‘pretty spectacular’, says Boulder Brands as top coffee and donut chains bid for a slice of the action

Boulder Brands, the firm behind two of the biggest names in gluten-free, Udi’s and Glutino, is talking to one of America’s largest coffee chains, and one of its largest donut...

Sophisticated fats: Consumer awareness drives trans fat free bakery

Increased consumer knowledge on fats has underpinned a raft of bakery new product development (NPD) making ‘no trans fat’ claims, an analyst says.

Europe no.1 in the global bakery innovation race

Europe is driving global bakery innovation ahead of the US, representing over half of all product launches for 2012. But what are some of the ‘most innovative’ products?

Europe no.1 in the global bakery innovation race

Europe is driving global bakery innovation ahead of the US, representing over half of all new product launches for 2012. But what are some of the ‘most innovative’ products? 

Maternal 'junk food diet' may alter baby's brain development

Eating a junk-food filled diet during pregnancy may affect the development of brain pathways in developing babies, permanently altering responses to foods that are high in fat and sugar, say...

Is azuki the next big bean?

The azuki bean, also known as adzuki and aduki, is more commonly found in Japanese kitchens, yet has recently been creeping into the European culinary consciousness. With its high nutritional...

Review: The true antioxidant potential of wholegrain cereals

Digestion may impact the antioxidant potential of wholegrain cereals and more human studies are needed to confirm their true activity, according to research.

Hostess Brands president: 'The Twinkie is like Elvis - many impersonators, but only one king'

Hostess Brands may develop new cake lines with added fiber, wholegrain or even gluten-free variants and it's not afraid of competition, its president says.

Bunge: Our PhytoBake ingredient adds nutritionally beneficial phytosterols to bakery, and it can also delay staling in microwave pizza – who knew?

Bunge’s award-winning functional shortening has allowed manufacturers of bakery products to boost the nutritional profile of formulations, but a surprise discovery has led to a new application: Microwave pizza.

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Dunkin’ Brands cashing in on Royal baby hype

Dunkin’ Brands has launched two products to cash in on celebrations surrounding the birth of the Royal baby.

Japan remains undecided on lifting US wheat ban after GMO scare

There are no clear plans yet to lift Japan's ban on US western white wheat, a Japanese government official says following a meeting between its ministry and the USDA last...

Bimbo Bakeries USA unfazed by Hostess re-entry, says president

Bimbo Bakeries USA (BBU) will rise to the challenge of increased market competition following the re-entry of Hostess Brands last week, its president says.

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