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ADM R&D head: Bakers should start from scratch when formulating with whole grains

Incorporating whole grains into bakery formulations dramatically impacts functionality and so it is easier if bakers start from scratch, says the director of R&D at Archer Daniels Midland.

Is that toast I smell? Federation of Bakers grabs attention with perfume

The Federation of Bakers has designed a toast-scented fragrance in a ‘quirky’ marketing ploy to encourage young women to think differently about bread, its director says.

Sustainable sorghum: USAID funds scientific project to develop hybrids

The US Agency for International Development (USAID) has pledged $4.98m to a project working with new genomics tools to develop drought and heat-tolerant sorghum hybrids and promote sustainable farming in...

IBIE teaser: You’re never too old, or big, to learn…

IBIE 2013 has a fantastic educational program lined up from tips for gluten-free and whole grain use, to insight on food safety regulations and labeling laws. BakeryandSnacks takes a look...

British oat prices plunge 40%

The price of British oats has plummeted after the largest crop since the late 1970s; good news for manufacturers, a grains analyst says.

Kudos Blends posts 85% US sales increase on strong sodium reduction demand

Amid growing awareness in the US about reducing sodium in baked products, UK-based baking powder specialist Kudos Blends hopes to maintain strong growth across the pond with its zero-sodium potassium...

Sweet findings: Prebiotic sugar replacers pack nutrition, improve gluten-free bread

The incorporation of prebiotic sugar substitutes can optimize nutrition and improve the eating quality and consumer acceptance of gluten-free bread, research finds.

FDA permits qualified health claim about whole grains and type 2 diabetes, but is the wording so qualified no one will use it?

The FDA says it will permit qualified health claims on the relationship between eating whole grains and a reduced risk of type 2 diabetes, but is the wording it has...

Wasted cassava stem starch could help feed 30 million

Utilising wasted cassava stem starch could provide food for an extra 30 million people without using additional arable land, researchers say.

Think you know your celiac consumer? Think again… value for money is their top priority

Celiac consumers care first and foremost about value for money; significantly ahead of sensory properties like taste and texture, finds new Leatherhead research.

‘It’s a classic’: Flowers goes retro with Wonder bread roll-out

Flowers Foods is bringing Wonder bread back to shelves with retro pack designs in a bid to spark consumer nostalgia in the US, its vice president of marketing says.

Premier Foods: another boss quits

Premier Foods’ executive director and chief financial officer (cfo) Mark Moran is to leave the firm, in what City analyst Panmure Gordon called further evidence that “the revolving door continues to...

International salt reduction: Local tailoring is crucial, warn researchers

Understanding and behaviours on salt consumption differ hugely from market to market across the globe – something manufacturers must take heed of when reducing levels, researchers warn.

News in brief

Manufacturing capability shortfalls prompt Bimbo Bakeries plant closure

Bimbo Bakeries USA (BBU) will close a Californian bakery and shift production elsewhere after careful analysis showed shortfalls in the infrastructure and manufacturing capabilities, the regional vice president said.

Biorigin joins European beta-glucan bandwagon

The Brazilian company Biorigin has announced plans to develop its position in the European beta-glucan market after winning EU novel foods approval; meanwhile the EU health claim scramble continues.

Ireland calls for EU max limits on folic acid in bread

Voluntary folic acid fortification of bread is sufficient but maximum limits should be set and the market carefully monitored, a public health expert says.


On the up: Dry harvest means British wheat quality back on track

The latest wheat harvest in Britain is of good quality which should spell less need for manufacturers to import, a cereals analyst says.

Flowers Foods has fighting hope for ex-Hostess ‘powerhouse brand’ Wonder

Flowers Foods will ignite growth in new markets and pick up lost volumes with its newly acquired ex-Hostess brand Wonder – a product its president and CEO describes as a...

Another blow: Tesco Express stores drop Hovis breads

This week brings another blow for Hovis as Tesco drops two of its bread brands from its express stores in favor of Kingsmill, so what does the future hold for...

Kefir grains sourdough bread shelf life properties discovered

Researchers say they have figured out why kefir grains extend the shelf life of sourdough bread.

One-third of Chinese faced with excess aluminium consumption

Alum-based baking ingredients are to blame for almost one-third of Chinese people consuming quantities of aluminium above the recommended maximum safe level in their diets, according to new research.

Hovis strike sheds light on zero-hours contract uncertainty

A Hovis bakery strike has shed light on the practice of zero-hours contracts, whereby workers are “on-call” as opposed to having fixed hours and must take work when they are...

‘Weak gluten is a problem globally’, says DeutscheBack

Bakers across the globe face the challenge of working with weak wheat glutens, but this can be addressed, says DeutscheBack.

Scientist: Humans cannot optimize bakery efficiency without mathematics

Mathematical sequencing created using algorithms will improve the efficiency of any bakery, a scientist says.

FDA's time is up for Obama safety law, rules judge

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been refused more time to enact the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), signed into law by President Obama in January 2011.

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