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European consumer favours consistent quality in bread brand choice – study

European consumers prefer bread with soft and springy qualities that deliver consistent quality, according to a study commissioned by bakery ingredients firm Novozymes.

Xanthan gum may boost quality of gluten free cakes: Study

The addition of xanthan gum may improve the quality of gluten free cakes, leading to improved bakery products for celiac patients, according to a new review.

Study: children expect familiar snack foods to be more filling

A new study led by psychologists at the University of Bristol has found that when children are familiar with a snack food they will expect it to be more filling,...

Bleaching flaxseed meal improves food ingredient uses: Study

Lightening the colour of protein rich flaxseed meal by bleaching it with hydrogen peroxide will improve the potential for using it as an ingredient in foods, say researchers.

Grape and clove extracts may slash acrylamide: Study

Extracts from grape seeds or clove buds may prevent the formation of acrylamide in potato-based food products by over 60%, suggests a new study.

Guar gum could boost potential for chestnut flour in gluten free foods, says study

The addition of thickeners and stabilisers such as guar gum could help to boost the usage chestnut flour in gluten free breads, according to new research.

Fad or real need: UK research aims to get behind 'free from' foods trend

New research is hoping to determine whether the rising demand for ‘free from’ foods is driven by a real need or a fad, while also identifying the potential opportunities for...

Breakfast cereals boost nutritional intake in low income populations: Study

Breakfast cereals make a significant contribution towards the micronutrient intake of the low-income UK population, according to new research.

Cereal vitamin could aid sex problems, study claims

A vitamin contained in breakfast cereals could help men with impotence problems, according to new research.

Folate fortification linked to lower colon cancer risk

Increased intakes of folate following the introduction of fortification in the US was associated with a reduction in the incidence of colorectal cancer, says a new analysis.

Egg whites show gluten-free product potential: Study

Formulating gluten-free products with proteins from egg white may improve the volume of bread and enhance the overall product, suggests new research.

‘Functional’ breads not as attractive as direct health benefits, says research

When it comes to bread, products containing 'functional ingredients' are less attractive to consumers than those with a clear and direct health benefit, says new research.

Millet, amaranth, and quinoa deemed gluten free: Study

Research investigating the immune reactivity of tef, millet, amaranth, and quinoa has confirmed their safety in the diet of celiac disease patients.

Kids seeing fewer TV ads for sweets and snacks, study finds

The number of TV advertisements US children see for high-fat, salty and sugary foods and beverages has declined in recent years – but the majority of kids’ TV food advertising...

Fresh ideas to stay fresh: Bran may extend bakery shelf-life

Bran may help extend the shelf-life of bakery products like cakes, and enhance the taste profile, according to results of a new study from Greece.

Lancet paper blasts Cochrane salt study

Commentary in The Lancet, along with a new analysis of the data, has slammed the recent Cochrane review that claimed salt reduction had no effect on strokes or heart attacks.

High salt diet increases risk of CVD, death: Study

High sodium intake, especially when combined with a low potassium intake, is associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and mortality, according to new research.

Finger millet flour may boost bakery nutrition: Study

The use of finger millet flour in bakery products may help to boost their nutritive profile without affecting quality or taste, according to new research.

Study highlights potential of African grains for bread production

Non-conventional African grains show promise in producing breads with good nutritional and sensory properties, and “deserve an increasing interest in bakery industry,” according to new research.

Research gaps means cereal based probiotic benefits for infants unclear: review

Data gaps are preventing a comprehensive assessment of the risk and benefits of probiotics in processed cereal-based baby foods, finds a Norwegian food safety body, which has flagged up the...

New extraction technique leads to enriched beta-glucan: Study

Dry extraction with supercritical carbon dioxide can enhance the separation of oat beta-glucan, starch and protein in distinct fractions, meaning a higher quality final product, according to new research.

Extruded bran makes better bread: Study

Breads containing extruded bran could help to provide a better quality loaf than its non- extruded counterpart, according to new research.

Grape extract gives sourdough rye bread antoxidant shot in the arm, study

The addition of a red grape by-product to sourdough mixed rye bread increased the antioxidant content of the increasingly popular bakery product but formulators need to ensure strict dosage control,...

Taurine may inhibit acrylamide formation: Study

Taurine, an ingredient most famously linked to energy drinks, may help reduce levels of acrylamide in foods, suggests new research from China.

Folic acid unlikely to worsen B12 deficiency problems: NIH study

Consuming folic acid from supplements or fortified grain products is unlikely to exacerbate problems associated with low vitamin B12 levels, says a new study.

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