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Mushroom waste can boost fibre and lower glycaemic response in extruded snacks, says study

Spent mushroom compost could help regulate the glycaemic response of snacks and boost the nutritional profile, according to a study.

Resistant starch for functional bakery impacts consistency – study

A study in Korea has added to the growing body of research that says adding functional ingredient resistant starch (RS3) affects the rheological properties of wheat flour.

Lactic-acid-bacteria enriched bread enhances health effects – study

Adding lactic acid bacteria to sourdough can improve the nutritional value of white bread without hampering product appeal, according to a study.

Increasing yeast in frozen sweet bakery improves quality, says study

Double yeasted dough (DY) has been found to improve the quality of sweet bakery products in research which used the Central European marble cake Kougelhopf.

Trans fats linked to stroke incidence: Study

Older women whose diets include a substantial amount of trans-fats are more likely than their counterparts to suffer an ischemic stroke, a new study suggests.

Natural mouthfeel is key for reduced-calorie formulations: Givaudan

Swiss flavor giant Givaudan has launched a new programme aimed at developing reduced-calorie products that do not compromise on taste or mouthfeel.

Inulin could help slash fat in cakes, say researchers

Replacing fats and oils with fibre in the form of inulin could lead to 70% reductions in fat, whilst maintaining good taste and functionality, in bakery products, according to new research.

Cutting out ‘unperceived’ salt could slash sodium in snacks: Study

Altering the release profile of salt in crisps and snacks could help to lower levels of ‘unperceived’ sodium without affecting taste, say researchers.

Nestlé study shows 'on-the-go' eating habits on the rise in Germany

‘On-the-go’ food and drink consumption has increased significantly in recent years in Germany, finds new research from Nestlé.

Bread does not cause bloating, claims study

The British Nutrition Association has said that there is insufficient evidence that bread causes bloating and gastrointestinal discomfort.

Fiber may boost pancreatic health: Study

Increased intakes of fiber may reduce the risk of pancreatic cancer by 60%; with both soluble and insoluble forms offering benefits, suggests a new study from Italy.

Potential for reduced glycaemic breakfast cereals with alternative flours, finds study

Using amaranth, millet or buckwheat flour to replace traditional flours can lower the glycaemic response in extruded breakfast cereals spelling opportunities for manufacturers, according to a study.

Plant ‘nourishing’ gene could help boost global crop yields

The discovery of a 'nourishing gene' that controls how nutrients are distributed in plants and crops could offer hope for improved crop yield and increased food production, say researchers.

No increased disease risk by eating refined grain foods - study review

Consuming up to 50% of all grain foods as refined grains will not lead to any increased disease risk, according to a study reviewing all relevant literature from the Noughties.

Western Parsley has antioxidant potential in fatty foods – study

The culinary herb western parsley (WP) can boost antioxidant activity in fatty foods and improve stabilisation over a long storage period, according to a study by Japanese researchers.

Lupin flour can improve nutritional value of muffins, study finds

Replacing wheat flour with lupin flour by up to 30% can increase protein and dietary fibre content without affecting taste, colour, texture and flavour, according to researchers in Australia.

Ethanolic extracts from herbs can boost antioxidant levels in cookies – study

Supplementing cookies with a mixture of the ethnologic extracts of medicinal herbs can raise antioxidant activity in cookies and reduce chemical spoilage, according to a study from Serbian researchers.

Long term studies needed before dark chocolate health link established – study

The flavonoid epicatechin that is present in dark chocolate could be used to treat human diseases, but studies to date have been too small and longer controlled tests are required,...

European consumer favours consistent quality in bread brand choice – study

European consumers prefer bread with soft and springy qualities that deliver consistent quality, according to a study commissioned by bakery ingredients firm Novozymes.

Xanthan gum may boost quality of gluten free cakes: Study

The addition of xanthan gum may improve the quality of gluten free cakes, leading to improved bakery products for celiac patients, according to a new review.

Study: children expect familiar snack foods to be more filling

A new study led by psychologists at the University of Bristol has found that when children are familiar with a snack food they will expect it to be more filling,...

Bleaching flaxseed meal improves food ingredient uses: Study

Lightening the colour of protein rich flaxseed meal by bleaching it with hydrogen peroxide will improve the potential for using it as an ingredient in foods, say researchers.

Grape and clove extracts may slash acrylamide: Study

Extracts from grape seeds or clove buds may prevent the formation of acrylamide in potato-based food products by over 60%, suggests a new study.

Guar gum could boost potential for chestnut flour in gluten free foods, says study

The addition of thickeners and stabilisers such as guar gum could help to boost the usage chestnut flour in gluten free breads, according to new research.

Fad or real need: UK research aims to get behind 'free from' foods trend

New research is hoping to determine whether the rising demand for ‘free from’ foods is driven by a real need or a fad, while also identifying the potential opportunities for...

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