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Food tech centre seeks ‘foodwatchers’ to spot new trends for industry

Spanish food research technology centre AZTI-Tecnalia is developing an international community of ‘foodwatchers’ to detect trends and business opportunities for the food and beverage industry.

New report is an ‘opportunity to put confusion behind us’ in the GM debate

The publication of a new report on GM foods is an opportunity for industry, consumers, and policy makers to put aside the confusion of the past and ‘take a fresh...

Fruit fortified snacks appeal to children, finds study

Fruit powders incorporated into extruded snacks improve the nutritional profile and are well accepted by children in terms of taste and appearance, finds study.

High fibre diet ingredient IP6 backed for prostate cancer prevention

The compound believed to one of the ‘active ingredients’ in a high-fibre diet could have clinical potential to control the progression of prostate cancer in patients diagnosed in early stages...

Reducing bran compound can help make a tastier whole wheat loaf, say researchers

Controlling levels of a bran compound known as ferulic acid could help to improve the taste and smell of whole wheat bread products, researchers suggest.

Quantifying the fat: Different detection methods have conflicting results

Three main methods to determine fat levels in bakery show up conflicting results in the same commercial samples, say researchers who warn that measurement and labelling of fat may be...

Onion skin waste ups antioxidant activity in bread, finds study

Onion skins that are normally consigned to waste bins could be used to up antioxidant activity in wheat bread without affecting consumer appeal, according to researchers.

B vitamins may boost colorectal health: Study

Increased intakes of vitamin B6 and riboflavin (B2) are associated with a 20% reduction in the risk of colorectal cancer, says a new study.

Frito-Lay technology slashes potato chip oil content by a third

Frito-Lay North America has filed an international patent for a method it has developed to reduce the oil content of potato chips by around a third.

‘Snack foods’ linked to even higher cancer risk in susceptible people

Consumption of junk food and snacks could significantly increase the risk of certain cancers in people with a pre-defined high risk due to a genetic condition, warn researchers.

Innovation key ingredient in cost-cutting recipe, says expert

Food companies are looking for new ways to appeal to frugal consumers while cutting their own costs – and ingredient companies are coming up some innovative answers.

Celiac-safe wheat? Traditional grains may have gluten-free potential despite negative study findings

The production of celiac safe food products from non-commercial, traditional wheat strains has great potential, despite a recent study suggesting some are not suitable, say researchers.

General Mills on a quest for all-natural label-friendly yeast and mold inhibitors

General Mills is seeking label friendly ingredients that prevent the growth of yeasts and molds in dry packaged fruit-based foods.

United Biscuits pumps big bucks into 2013 NPD after KP Snacks sale

United Biscuits has injected huge efforts into new product development (NPD), range extensions and flavor variants as it heads into 2013 minus its flagship snacks arm KP Snacks.

Special edition: Fiber

Can fiber continue its upward trajectory to rock star status?

Consumer demand for fiber-rich products is predicted to continue to sky rocket, with some industry observers claiming fiber will have ‘rock star’ status for the food and nutrition industries.

News in brief

Whole grains, fiber and less sugar: Kellogg unveils new breakfast products

Kellogg has unveiled a series of new breakfast products with an emphasis on whole grains, fiber and reduced sugar.

Barley bread has great potential but there are formulation challenges, say researchers

Barley has great potential to leach the charge in a new era or functional bread products, but more needs to be done in understanding the key formulation challenges, warn researchers.

Particle size important for GMO detection in bread, finds study

GMO content is harder to quantify in breads made from maize flour than maize semolina because the grain has a smaller particle size and has been processed more, a new...

Cholesterol lowering bread: Researcher reveals method using whole grain oats

A new way to produce heart healthy bread from whole grain oats could help industry create a new area of functional bread products backed by EU health claims, according to...

Industry is only at the ‘tip of the iceberg’ with fiber enrichment, report

Bakery and snack manufacturers are only at the ‘tip of the fiber-enriched product iceberg’ and novel ingredients present opportunities to drive the sector further, according to a new report.

Flaxseed shows blood pressure-lowering potential: Study

Daily consumption of flaxseed-fortified bakery products may reduce blood pressure levels in patients with peripheral arterial disease (PAD), suggests new data presented at the November American Heart Association 2012 Scientific Sessions.

Sweeteners linked to higher weight gain: Rat study

Consumption of non-nutritive sweeteners such as saccharin and aspartame could lead to increases in weight, according to new data in rats.

Scientists develop obesity-combating bread wheat

Researchers have developed modified bread and durum wheat that they claim could combat obesity and diabetes using a non-genetically modified technology known as ‘TILING’.

Organic claims leave a sour taste when it comes to functional health, says study

Organic logos and claims generally have positive effects on consumers, but even the most positive supporter has negative inferences towards organic products when they are judged on functional health benefits,...

Could a corn by-product provide industry with new ‘stealth health’ ingredient?

Dried distillers grain, produced during ethanol processing has until now only found use in animal feed. But that could soon change after US researchers developed a way to turn this...

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