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Bread mold delayed with prawn by-product chitosan, find Teagasc researchers

The polymer chitosan acts as an antimicrobial agent in bread to inhibit mould and rope formation, according to new research by scientists at the Irish Agriculture and Food Development Authority...

PepsiCo examines potential of unripe bananas, plantains as natural gluten substitutes, sugar replacers, binders, fibers

PepsiCo has been experimenting with ingredients from unpeeled heat-treated green bananas and plantains to serve as everything from a gluten substitute to a sugar replacer in products from oatmeal to...

More time-pressed Brits are skipping dinner

Nearly a quarter of British adults skip dinner at least once a week, with many saying that they lack the time to prepare a meal, according to a new report...

Kefir grains sourdough bread shelf life properties discovered

Researchers say they have figured out why kefir grains extend the shelf life of sourdough bread.

Sorghum gene sequencing may offer crop improvement potential

New genomic sequencing research has shown that sorghum has much more genetic variation than previously believed - paving the way for further breeding and improvement.

No time for breakfast: Convenience is king

A new survey has revealed that far from enjoying a traditional full English each morning, many Brits are skipping breakfast because they say they do not have enough time.

Trimming the trans fat: Kraft-backed research proposes novel cellulosic gel replacer

A novel food-grade oleogel made of cellulosic polymer, surfactant and oil could be used to substitute trans fats in foods, according to new research backed by Kraft Foods.

Uneven distribution increases saltiness of hot snacks: Study

Leyered or otherwise uneven distribution of salt is a 'powerful strategy' to compensate for salt reduction in hot snack foods, and will help manufactures design healthier products while optimising taste,...

The better the story, the bigger the serving! TV distracts us into snacking

Whether or not we are fully engrossed in a TV programme or video game's plot affects the amount we snack, research suggests.

Isolated growth could boost microbial production efficiency, say researchers

A new method that uses emulsion technologies to isolate and grow single microbes could help increase production efficiencies, say researchers

Sleep deprivation linked to junk and snack food cravings

A lack of sleep could alter the way our brains work, making us more likely to consume unhealthy snack products than healthier options, say researchers.

Medical foods: Joint efforts are needed on low-protein cereal

There is a great market opportunity for industry and food technologists to collaborate with medical nutrition specialists in order to provide new and improved low-protein cereal-based goods for people with...

Front-of-pack nutrition labels have little impact on consumer choice: Study

Front-of-pack nutritional information, in any format, has a very limited impact on the way consumers choose products in a retail setting, according to new data.

Maternal 'junk food diet' may alter baby's brain development

Eating a junk-food filled diet during pregnancy may affect the development of brain pathways in developing babies, permanently altering responses to foods that are high in fat and sugar, say...


Is the clamour for publicity making a mockery of real scientific progress?

The need for scientific celebrity seems to have spread like wildfire in recent years, and it’s making a mockery of real scientific progress.

Ancient grains can improve extruded snacks: Study

Gluten-free grains amaranth, quinoa and kañiwa can be used to develop novel corn-based extruded snacks with improved expansion and softness, finds new research.

Blue lupin kernel fiber may boost colon health: RCT

Fibers from the blue lupin kernel may improve the function of the colon and potential reduce the risk of colon cancer, says a new study from Friedrich Schiller University of...

Gluten-free taste improvements spur market growth

The gluten-free foods market has continued to grow as new ingredients and technologies have significantly improved the taste of products, according to experts at the Institute of Food Technologists’ annual...

Habits, not cravings, drive food choice during times of stress

People who eat during times of stress seek out food they consume through habit - regardless of how healthy or unhealthy that food may be, say researchers.

Industry efforts to up wholegrain content means Danes consume more: Study

Wholegrain consumption in Denmark has risen significantly thanks to industry efforts to incorporate the grain into breads and other food products, according to a new study.

Sweet snacks and fizzy drinks linked to colorectal cancer: Study

Consumption of high-energy snack foods and sugar sweetened sodas may be associated with an increased risk of colorectal cancer, according to new research.

Beans, peas, lentils: From ‘poor man’s meat’ to the hottest gluten-free ingredients?

Using ingredients from chick peas, dry peas and lentils - which are richer in fiber, protein, and micronutrients than gluten-free staples rice and tapioca flour - could significantly improve the...

Good mood food? Positive emotions and moods are also an important trigger for indulgence, says study

While many studies have linked depression and bad moods to food intake, it may actually be that good moods and positive emotions are the main driving factor for food indulgence,...

Fortified bread is not enough: Study finds pregnant women need iodine supplements in addition to fortification

The levels of iodine provided by fortified breads is not enough to provide for the requirements of pregnant women and their developing babies, according to new research which recommends the...

Specially bred canary seeds celiac safe, find scientists

A new variety of hairless canary seed specifically bred for human consumption qualifies as gluten-free, scientists find.

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