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Portion size science: There is still a lot we do not know, says review

Simply reducing portion sizes is not an easy solution to reducing energy intakes as results from laboratory based experiments do not necessarily reflect what happens in the real world, according...

Horizon Milling study: What drives consumer liking of whole wheat bread?

Although consumers vary widely in their sensory preferences when it comes to whole wheat bread, certain characteristics in whole wheat flour—such as decreased bitterness and increased sweetness—improve liking among most...

Almonds: satiating and nutritious snack without weight gain?

Snacking on almonds could fill you up and provide you with nutrients without making you put on weight, a study which looked at people with an increased risk of type...

Advertising of own-brand products 'absolutely necessary', say researchers

Increased 'brand awareness' of private label and own-brand products will help to reduce consumer perceptions of inferior quality and increased risk, therefore increasing the customer base, say researchers.

Popcorn lung: Diacetyl butter flavour alternatives may also carry risks

Butter flavour alternatives touted as replacements for the potentially harmful popcorn butter flavour diacetyl may be just as unsafe, warn researchers.

Chip makers can slash sodium by reducing salt crystal size, say researchers

Smaller salt crystals give a faster, more concentrated perception of saltiness in potato chips, offering a viable sodium reduction strategy, researchers say.

Nestlé files flax omega-3 cereal fortification patent

Nestlé claims to have overcome disadvantages in omega-3 fortification of breakfast cereals by using fatty acids derived from flaxseed and incorporating antioxidants for shelf-life.

Sweet findings: Prebiotic sugar replacers pack nutrition, improve gluten-free bread

The incorporation of prebiotic sugar substitutes can optimize nutrition and improve the eating quality and consumer acceptance of gluten-free bread, research finds.

General Mills files patent for improved RTE cereal fortification

High levels of fiber and/or calcium can be incorporated into a ready-to-eat (RTE) cereal without impacting eating quality by pelletizing the ingredients, General Mills says.

Want a winning energy bar? Go heavy, go rough, and take a pass on the fruit pieces

Connecting subtle cues consumers use to judge the quality and taste of a food with the context in which they experience those cues can help companies more closely align their...

International salt reduction: Local tailoring is crucial, warn researchers

Understanding and behaviours on salt consumption differ hugely from market to market across the globe – something manufacturers must take heed of when reducing levels, researchers warn.

RTE cereals: The childhood obesity culprits?

Manufacturers of high-sugar ready-to-eat cereals are misleading and confusing kids in child-targeted TV advertising, researchers claim.

Rye bran extract holds gluten-free promise despite industrial limitations: Study

Pentosan extract from rye bran can be used to thicken and nutritionally improve gluten-free bread but the complex processing could limit industrial-scale use, researchers find.

Could beetroot bread help lower heart disease risk?

Enriching bread with nitrate-rich beetroot could help to lower our risk of heart disease by reducing blood pressure and improving blood vessel functioning, according to new research.

Canada’s gluten-free market surges: Packaged Facts

Riding the wave of continued strong consumer demand for gluten-free food options, Canada’s gluten-free market reached $458.9 million in 2012, according to a recent report from Packaged Facts entitled 'Gluten-Free...

Kellogg: Belgian R&D facility to strengthen EU ties

Kellogg's says its new food science research and development facility in the Leuven Bio-Incubator in the Belgium will drive the company forward in terms of innovation and strengthen its existing ties...

Bread mold delayed with prawn by-product chitosan, find Teagasc researchers

The polymer chitosan acts as an antimicrobial agent in bread to inhibit mould and rope formation, according to new research by scientists at the Irish Agriculture and Food Development Authority...

PepsiCo examines potential of unripe bananas, plantains as natural gluten substitutes, sugar replacers, binders, fibers

PepsiCo has been experimenting with ingredients from unpeeled heat-treated green bananas and plantains to serve as everything from a gluten substitute to a sugar replacer in products from oatmeal to...

More time-pressed Brits are skipping dinner

Nearly a quarter of British adults skip dinner at least once a week, with many saying that they lack the time to prepare a meal, according to a new report...

Kefir grains sourdough bread shelf life properties discovered

Researchers say they have figured out why kefir grains extend the shelf life of sourdough bread.

Sorghum gene sequencing may offer crop improvement potential

New genomic sequencing research has shown that sorghum has much more genetic variation than previously believed - paving the way for further breeding and improvement.

No time for breakfast: Convenience is king

A new survey has revealed that far from enjoying a traditional full English each morning, many Brits are skipping breakfast because they say they do not have enough time.

Trimming the trans fat: Kraft-backed research proposes novel cellulosic gel replacer

A novel food-grade oleogel made of cellulosic polymer, surfactant and oil could be used to substitute trans fats in foods, according to new research backed by Kraft Foods.

Uneven distribution increases saltiness of hot snacks: Study

Leyered or otherwise uneven distribution of salt is a 'powerful strategy' to compensate for salt reduction in hot snack foods, and will help manufactures design healthier products while optimising taste,...

The better the story, the bigger the serving! TV distracts us into snacking

Whether or not we are fully engrossed in a TV programme or video game's plot affects the amount we snack, research suggests.

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