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Cholesterol lowering bread: Researcher reveals method using whole grain oats

A new way to produce heart healthy bread from whole grain oats could help industry create a new area of functional bread products backed by EU health claims, according to...

Industry is only at the ‘tip of the iceberg’ with fiber enrichment, report

Bakery and snack manufacturers are only at the ‘tip of the fiber-enriched product iceberg’ and novel ingredients present opportunities to drive the sector further, according to a new report.

Flaxseed shows blood pressure-lowering potential: Study

Daily consumption of flaxseed-fortified bakery products may reduce blood pressure levels in patients with peripheral arterial disease (PAD), suggests new data presented at the November American Heart Association 2012 Scientific Sessions.

Sweeteners linked to higher weight gain: Rat study

Consumption of non-nutritive sweeteners such as saccharin and aspartame could lead to increases in weight, according to new data in rats.

Scientists develop obesity-combating bread wheat

Researchers have developed modified bread and durum wheat that they claim could combat obesity and diabetes using a non-genetically modified technology known as ‘TILING’.

Organic claims leave a sour taste when it comes to functional health, says study

Organic logos and claims generally have positive effects on consumers, but even the most positive supporter has negative inferences towards organic products when they are judged on functional health benefits,...

Could a corn by-product provide industry with new ‘stealth health’ ingredient?

Dried distillers grain, produced during ethanol processing has until now only found use in animal feed. But that could soon change after US researchers developed a way to turn this...

Kraft designs production method for shelf-stable whole grain flour

Kraft Foods has filed a patent for a new method for a shelf-stable, nutritional whole grain flour for use in cookies, crackers and snacks.

‘Innovation is the life lead of snacks’, says Kellogg as it looks to 2013

Innovation is the ‘life lead’ of Kellogg’s snacks arm and efforts will be pumped into new product development and flavor additions to set the segment soaring in 2013, the president of...

Green tea and coffee extract in donuts slashes acrylamide: Study

Donuts fortified with green tea and green coffee extract have heightened antioxidant properties and lower acrylamide levels, a new study finds.

It’s a public health tragedy that PepsiCo’s baked chips are not taking off, expert

PepsiCo’s baked potato chips are an outstanding example of fat reduction in a popular snack and from a public health perspective it is a tragedy they are not a mainstream...

Delicious and nutritious: Resistant starch may boost fiber content & taste of cookies

Replacing wheat flour with resistant starches may improve the nutritional profile of cookies that are also tastier than ‘conventional’ cookies, says new research.

Scientists report 'guidelines' for tagatose use in food and beverages

Using tagatose to sweeten food and drink products has taken a step forward as Korean scientists report the ‘first quantitative data on the relationship between the sweetness of tagatose and...

Fortified wheat-rye bread could aid diabetes and obesity prevention, study

Wheat-rye bread fortified with cereal dietary fiber, beta-glucan hydrogel and sourdough starter culture could be used in diabetes and obesity programs, a study suggests.

Buckwheat benefits linked to d-fagomine content

A diet rich in buckwheat products would provide a daily dose of the sugar d-fagomine linked to benefits in the range of the active dose seen in supplemental studies, says...

Rice bran shows potential to enhance gluten-free formulations

Adding rice bran to a rice flour-based gluten-free bread recipe could boost fiber content and improve the sensory acceptance and shelf life, according to researchers.

Fibre-enrichment formulation challenges: Study

Enriching breads with wheat bran, resistant starch and locust bean gum results in favourable tasting products but can reduce volumes and lengthen mixing times, study finds.

Could soy protein boost frozen dough quality?

Adding soy protein to the formulation recipe for dough may enhance the quality of the product after freezing, suggests new research from Ohio State University.

Ginseng doesn’t bake favourably: Study

Ginseng powder used in bread and cookie formulations adds nutritional punch but significantly reduces end product size and volumes, a study finds.

The healthy bread loaf: Review

Fibre, prebiotics, quinoa and omega-3 are just some of the ingredients manufacturers are formulating into bread as health commands a hold on the sector.

Study backs addition of fibre in partially baked breads

The addition fibre to partially baked and frozen breads could help to improve functional characteristics whilst meeting consumer demand for healthy foods, according to new research.

Study finds lentil flours require careful formulation in cakes

Lentil flours can be successfully incorporated into sponge cake formulations but flour particle size is crucial to the end quality of the product, finds a new study.

Buckwheat flour improves nutrition and texture in gluten-free bread, study

Buckwheat flour significantly improves the nutritional and textural properties in gluten-free bread formulations, a study has found.

Celiac disease may vary by ethnicity, study suggests

Prevalence of celiac disease in the United States may vary by ethnicity, with the highest prevalence among non-Hispanic whites, according to a new study published in The American Journal of Gastroenterology....

Stevia as partial sugar replacer in muffins can up fibre content four times – study

Researchers claim to have found a stevia muffin formulation that has all the qualities of a sugar muffin and gives four times the amount of fibre content.

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