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Using Barley to Formulate Healthy Food Products

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Learn about the health advantages of barley. A flavourful whole grain, barley is an excellent source of β-glucan soluble fibre, which can lower cholesterol and reduce blood glucose levels key to the prevention and management of diabetes. Both the U.S. and Canada permit a heart-health claim for foods containing barley. Formulating foods that meet health claim requirements will be discussed. Eating barley also increases satiety, which aids in weight management. A good source of protein, both soluble and insoluble fibre, vitamins and minerals, barley is bursting with nutrition.



    Technical Advisor

    Alberta Barley

  • Linda Malcolmson

    Food industry consultant

    LM FoodTech Solutions

  • Nancy Ames

    Cereal Research Scientist

    Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada