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Reducing total ingredient costs through egg alternatives

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Reducing total ingredient costs through egg alternatives

Flour, fat, sugar and, of course, eggs – the basic formula for any traditional cake. But despite the simplicity of the recipe, bakery manufacturers are increasingly under pressure to create fresh, tasty and wholesome baked goods in the face of rising costs. 
Things look set to get ever more challenging now, following implementation on 1 January 2012 of The Welfare of Laying Hens Directive, concerns over potential egg shortages and price increases. 
As a result, smart bakers are looking for solutions, and many are now turning to egg replacement ingredients as a viable solution to address market volatility. These alternatives to eggs can help bakers contain costs while creating innovative, healthier products and better controlling their supply chain for the long term.


  • Soren Norgaard

    Soren Norgaard

    Senior Manager