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Product launch – G.U.B.E, an innovative platform for low-energy density snacks

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The new Rousselot gelatine-based platform called G.U.B.E. allows low energy density snacks featuring unusual textures and flavours. It offers new possibilities for the snack industry now focused on innovative products lighter in sugars, fats, salts and calories.

The development of the new platform required several months of research. The texture and the stability targeted could not be achieved with the simple use of gelatine. The addition of pectin allowed to quicken the jellification and drying processes and to improve the stability over time. A blend of a specific gelatine and pectin at a well defined ratio now constitutes the G.U.B.E platform.

The AperoMallow™ - achieved from this platform - is an example of application made out of G.U.B.E. It was nominated at the FIE Awards 2009.