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Web based monitoring


Sensor Wireless has partnered with WebTech Wireless to provide a new GPS tracking and web based monitoring system aimed at the food and beverage industries.

Sensor Wireless integration hardware allows WebTech's GPS technology capability to detect, receive and record data provided by replica dynamic real-time motion (impact/vibration) and temperature-detecting sensors. Data is then transmitted in unison with existing tracking and transportation data.

"This powerful combination of proven sensing technology will revolutionise in-transit monitoring", claims Wayd McNally, SWI president. "Global Vu provides a real time look inside the container, right from the perspective of the product itself."

The Quadrant System combines the Internet, GPS, and wireless networks (GSM/GPRS & Satellite) through the WebTech Network Operations Centre (NOC).

Vehicle data (location, Jbus data etc.) gathered by the WebTech in-vehicle wireless device is transmitted to the NOC, a central hub that collects and processes the vehicle data and messaging. Any Internet enabled PC then has password access to Quadrant Online where access to services such as GPS fleet tracking and two-way messaging capability are available.

The users can define customised features using online software and will be alerted to incidents of harmful handling issues or temperature changes which are detected as being outside normal or preferred operating parameters. In addition to already existing data supporting truck location, mileage, etc., this added value technology aims to improve the ability of fleet management, shipping and distribution systems to limit and improve the level of shrinkage and loss currently experienced throughout the freight industry.

Sensor Wireless specialises in wireless diagnostic technology for instant real time detection of handling influences in food and beverage environments. The company's technology is designed to recover lost revenue from product losses in agrifood applications and assisted with the monitoring, measurement and validation of processing and packaging efficiencies in the value-added food and beverage sectors.

WebTech Wireless converges wireless communications and the Internet with global positioning (GPS) technology to link vehicles to wireless vehicle services. The company's Quadrant Wireless Vehicle System (Quadrant System) is capable of powering the four key areas of mobile workforce applications: location, Internet, communication and telematics services.

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