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Sugar analysis


UK chemical analysis company Burkard Scientific has developed a compact package for accurate and user-friendly sugar analysis, the company claims this week.

Multi-channel, flow analysis systems are available with the choice of Segmented Flow Analysis (SFA) or Flow Injection Analysis (FIA), depending on the analysis to be undertaken and the speed required. The FIAflo 2000, based on colorimetric and UV detection, provides: two to six channel instruments; up to four simultaneous heated methods; and a wide choice of detectors for maximum performance.

Burkard claims that the state-of-the-art flow injection analyser provides the widest choice of analytical methods using the additional techniques of ion selective electrodes, chemiluminescence or fluorescence, and is equally suitable for the small sample user as well as for routine analysis work.

The modular SFA-2000 system has been constructed for ease of use in both small and large throughput laboratories. It provides: multi-channel simultaneous analysis; fully automatic and results presentation; and an expandable system.

The FIAflow 2000 and SFA-2000 are equipped to handle and operate a number of methods:- sugar: polarimetry; total carbohydrates: anthone; total sugars (glucose + fructose + sucrose): p-hydroxybenzoic acid, neocuproine/invertase or ferricyanide/HCl; reducing sugars (glucose + fructose): neocuproine, ferricyanide or dinitrosalicylic acid.

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