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Nutraceutical company targets bakery sector


Nutraceutical Clinical Laboratories International Incorporated (NCLII) has begun selling its NuPreserv product to one of the leading US bakery groups. The natural ingredient is designed to help maintain the freshness of bakery products and extend their shelf-life.

NCLII said that since the freshness of baked goods was vitally important, bakeries usually maintain non-disclosure agreements with companies that assist them in preserving the freshness of their products, and that as a result it was unable to disclose the name of the bakery.

NCLII sells and distributes all its products to the bakery industry through R & S Bakery Services.

"We are pleased that NuPreserv is now an ingredient in the cakes of one of the leading bakeries in the country," said Gary Harrison, president of NCLII. "It started in just one of their products several months ago, but now it is included in several of its baked goods products. The use of NuPreserv is increasing as this large bakery becomes familiar with its capabilities," he added.

NCLII also confirmed that it has begun a testing programme with other leading bakeries to incorporate NuPreserv into various bakery products including breads, rolls, cookies, pizza dough and pretzels. These testing programmes are scheduled to last between 30 and 180 days depending on the product. The testing programme gives NCLII the opportunity to demonstrate the viability of NuPreserv in the different bakery goods.

"We are now expanding beyond preserving cakes and are working to be included in all products under the bakery umbrella," said Harrison. "These test programmes give us an opportunity to expand our business. We feel confident that NuPreserv will improve quality and extend shelf life throughout the bakery industry."

NCLII has three main operations - the production and marketing of nutraceuticals, preservatives for the food industry and medical products.

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