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Small stuff: Corn processing machines geared toward the little guys

By Jenni Spinner+


The Hughes Equipment Fresh Cutter, and its companion the Fresh Husker, are geared toward low-capacity processing operations.
The Hughes Equipment Fresh Cutter, and its companion the Fresh Husker, are geared toward low-capacity processing operations.

Hughes Equipment is offering two small-scale corn processing machines designed for operations with lower capacity and smaller footprint than other processors.

The Fresh Husker and Fresh Cutter (produced by Hughes Equipment) are corn-processing machines with lower capacity and smaller size compared to other equipment.

Customer demand

Ross Lund, president of Hughes Equipment, told FoodProductionDaily processors have been clamoring for corn-processing equipment suitable for smaller-scale operations.

After consulting closely with growers and processors on their needs for smaller capacity units, our design engineers came up with two reliable pieces of equipment the market is sure to embrace,” said Ross Lund, company president. “We’re confident both food processing units will reduce labor costs and help local producers increase profits.”

Operational efficiency

Lund added the machines can provide improved operational efficiency and profitability for those smaller processing operations.

The Fresh Husker and Fresh Cutter will help growers and processors get a better return on their products and will especially be valued by processors serving the expanding fresh market and the fresh frozen market,” he said.

Husk removal

The Fresh Husker is geared toward husk removal to prepare corn for sale as fresh or fresh-frozen product. According to Lund, the machine can process 20 to 30 ears per minute, varying by corn type and conditions.

The husker reportedly can be operated by one person; locking casters keep the 650-lb machine in place during operation. In addition to husking corn, the machine can remove tops and other unwanted debris from beets, carrots, onions, potatoes and radishes.

Corn cutting

The Fresh Cutter, which acts as a companion to the Fresh Husker, is suitable for smaller operations looking for a cutter with basic features. The machine cuts kernels off of cobs for fresh or fresh-frozen products.

The 540-lb machine reportedly handles as many as 100 ears per minute. Husked ears are fed into the cutter for removal with a rotating, six-knife cutting head.

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