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Kids' cereal waddles into plantable packaging

By Jenni Spinner+

Last updated on 14-May-2014 at 16:17 GMT2014-05-14T16:17:32Z

The outer carton for Little Duck Organics' Mighty Oats cereal contains seeds that sprout when the paperboard is planted.
The outer carton for Little Duck Organics' Mighty Oats cereal contains seeds that sprout when the paperboard is planted.

Little Duck Organics’ Mighty Oats single-serve cereal cups boast an outer carton that, when planted in the garden, sprouts tasty vegetables from the seeds in the paperboard.

Compostable paperboard cartons are not distinctive. What stands out with the Mighty Oats carton is the plant seeds mixed into the fiber—once the cereal is consumed, the carton is soaked in water, then buried in the dirt; soon after, tomatoes, carrots, or lettuce emerge from the earth.

Seedy carton

The seeded carton is the creation of UFP Technologies, a specialty packaging producer. UFP printed and die-cut the cartons using its MF Plantable Packaging seed card technology.

Maura Galligan, business development representative for UFP Technologies, told FoodProductionDaily the packaging is a good match for Little Duck Organics, whose products have a natural, sustainable bent.

This is our first packaging project with LDO,” she said. “They wanted to have a green solution to match their organic food.”

MF Plantable Packaging is fiberboard made from 100% recycled, recyclable materials. The carton can be enhanced with a range of vegetable, herb, and flower seeds, depending on the needs of the food brand owner.

Seeds are introduced mid process so they are not crushed or overheated, which will allow for easy germination,” Galligan told FPD.

Natural image

The Mighty Oats brand fits in snugly with the company’s healthful, sustainable image. The cereals contain organic ingredients, no added sugars, and the single-serve cups are constructed of compostable resin (which, according to the company, break down in six months).

The cereal is made from a range of grains—ancient grans like quinoa and chia, along with good old-fashioned oats. It is offered in three flavor varieties: Strawberry Vanilla, Blueberry Cinnamon, and Coconut Banana.

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