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EnWave dehydration technology for fruit and veg


EnWave-treated dehydrated blueberries

EnWave-treated dehydrated blueberries

EnWave has signed an additional agreement with Milne Fruit Products for its Radiant Energy Vaccum (REV) technology to test and develop dried peas and corn.

If testing is successful, Milne will start commercial production for peas and corn for their Microdried line in the state of Idaho.

Milne has the right to exercise an option to license the products for a period of up to twelve months using the microwave technology transfer under vaccum.

Dr. Tim Durance, chairman and Co-CEO of EnWave, said: “They have been asked by prospective customers to develop specific Microdried products and we want to empower them as much as possible to facilitate their ability to convert these opportunities and achieve further success.”

The agreement follows one signed with dairy-firm Gay Lea Foods this month and another collaboration with Milne Fruit Products in 2011 .

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