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D'Angelo acquires new facility


D'Angelo Brands, the Canadian food and beverage processor, has purchased a state-of-the-art fruit juice processing plant in Tiverton, Ontario. The purchase includes a 25,000 square foot facility located on five acres of land

The company did not announce the price it paid for the facility.

The plant has the ability to process up to 170 tons per day for production of concentrates, juices, purees and blends. The Tiverton plant will be used to process raw products for use in the various lines of D'Angelo beverages. The acquisition will enable the company to continue its expansion into the North American market.

In addition to the processing abilities of the Tiverton plant, the plant is equipped with a Cryovac packaging system as well as recently-installed micro-brewery. The brewery has a capacity of 100,000 hectolitres per year. D'Angelo plans to apply for a brewing licence which will allow it to further expand its product line.

President Frank D'Angelo said: "This acquisition is in keeping with D'Angelo's plan to vertically integrate its operations. Over the previous 12 months, D'Angelo Brands has widened its scope to now include distribution, manufacturing and processing of its key products and it will continue to grow its private label and co-packing capabilities as well."

D'Angelo Brands and its predecessor group of companies have been established for over 20 years within the Canadian food industry. The company currently has over 70 offerings within its current portfolio of food products of which 17 are patent and trademark protected. The company markets beverage products under the company name. They also produce and co-package national and international recognised brands.

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