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Amcor wants customers to ‘N-Gage’

Simone Hellyer

By Simone Hellyer

Last updated on 22-Aug-2014 at 16:11 GMT2014-08-22T16:11:50Z

N-Gage lidding films for APET base packaging
N-Gage lidding films for APET base packaging

Amcor Flexibles has created a mono material pack called Amcor N-Gage.

The pack consists of a peelable lidding film which seals directly onto an APET tray and is suitable for sliced meat and cheese products.

The company designed a lidding film which can be fully recycled, reduces packaging weight and reduces costs throughout the supply chain.

According to Amcor, N-Gage offers cost savings for manufacturers in change-over time, waste, transport and Green Dot (the European, industry-funded licence symbol for recycling) charges.

Amcor claims it contributes up to 60% carbon footprint reduction when compared to standard packaging.

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