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AMERIPEN appoints new president

Last updated on 21-Dec-2011 at 15:39 GMT2011-12-21T15:39:34Z

AMERIPEN appoints new president

ConAgra Foods’ Gail Tavill has been announced as president of the American Institute for Packaging and the Environment (AMERIPEN).

Tavill, who was formerly AMERIPEN vice president, will succeed Joan Pierce as president of the industry organisation.

AMERIPEN, which works to promote environmentally, economically and socially responsible measures in the US packaging sector, announced Tavill’s appointment along with Pierce’s retirement.

“Joan was a driving force in helping to get AMERIPEN launched and running,” said Tavill.

“All of us sincerely thank her for her time, passion, and commitment to effect positive change in the packaging industry and we wish her all the best in this next chapter of her life.”

Founding members of the organisation, which was formed earlier this year, include Coca-Cola, Con Agra Foods, Tetra Pak and the Ball Corporation.

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