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Late-night snacking popular in the US

1 commentBy Kacey CULLINEY , 04-Jan-2013
Last updated on 04-Jan-2013 at 15:01 GMT

Snacking occasions in the US occur more frequently in the afternoon, evening and late-night hours, according to the Hartman Group.

A recent online survey of members, conducted between September and November last year, found that 56% of consumers snack between 2pm- 5pm and 51% between 5pm-midnight.

This compares to 17% in the early morning (12am-6am), 34% during the morning (6am-11am) and 31% at lunchtime (11am-12pm).

Asked what prompted snacking, 28% said it was when they ‘want an indulgent treat’ and 27% said ‘it’s an impulse’.

Survey findings suggested that while more than half (57%) of respondents said that healthy snacking is important, unhealthy snacks like chips were most-often mentioned.

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universal carbohydrate craving time

Our MIT research 20 years ago showed that snackers tend to eat between 4-5 pm or 8-10. They had 24hr access to a vending machine stocked with protein and carbohydrate snacks but each volunteer snacked at a specific time and only on carbohydrates related to a drop in serotonin

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Posted by Judith J Wurtman
04 January 2013 | 19h11

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