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China to extend anti-dumping duties on potato starch


This week, China will extend for another five years its anti-dumping duties on potato starch that is imported from the European Union.

Potato starch is widely used in the food industry to make industrial materials, such as emulsifiers, as well as food products like instant noodles.

The duty rates will range from 12.6% to 56.7%, the Ministry of Commerce (MOC) announced in an online statement.

According to the statement, further dumping by EU producers might harm the domestic industry if the duties were to be scrapped. 

China first imposed a five-year policy of anti-dumping duties on imported potato starch from the EU in 2007.

Once the policy had expired in January, the MOC subsequently launched a review of its anti-dumping measures at the request of the China Starch Industry Association.

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