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KP Snacks plugs value needs on popular Space Raiders brand


Multi-pack to target value demands, KP says
Multi-pack to target value demands, KP says

KP Snacks has launched a multi-pack of its beef flavored Space Raiders to cater to increased demands for the soaring brand and plug value needs, it said.

The UK snacks firm – in the process of being acquired by Intersnack – has launched a 10 pack variant across the country.

The Space Raiders brand is now worth £10.5m ($16.4m) in retail sales value and growing by 30% year on year, KP Snacks said.

“There is a clear demand among consumers for a nostalgic and adventurous snack,” it said.

George Johnston, marketing director of KP Snacks, said: “This new addition to the Space Raiders range highlights the increased importance consumers are placing on the value offered by the brand. In order to capitalize on the incremental sales this new format will bring, retailers should stock up to take advantage of the double-digit growth the brand is experiencing.”

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